Yucca care as an outdoor plant

Yucca is a plant that can be outdoors

There are those who take advantage of having an interior patio or a bright room to have a potted garden in which they have planted cacti, succulents and other types of plants typical of arid or semi-arid regions. But what would happen to the cassava if it were left outside all year? This is a type of vegetable that loves the sun, so much so that it only takes a few days in the shade for its leaves to lose strength and 'hang'.

Even so, it is not uncommon to find it decorating homes, although it is not recommended, since in these conditions the light they receive is usually not enough. Therefore, so that it is really pretty, we will tell you what are the care of the yucca as an outdoor plant.

Put it in full sun

Yucca can be in the garden

Image – Wikimedia/Susan Barnum

I know, sometimes I repeat myself a lot. But for a yucca it is important to grow in a sunny place. In its place of origin, the seed takes advantage of the rains to germinate, and the king star to grow straight, developing its characteristic leathery leaves with pointed ends. For this reason, indoors it is common for it not to look as it would if it were outside, because its foliage seems to fall, to hang, as if it had lost strength.

But be careful with this, because if we have one that has never been exposed to direct light, it will burn as soon as I give it a little. To avoid this, we must be patient, and expose it little by little, taking advantage of the hours when the degree of insolation is lowest (that is, early in the morning or late in the afternoon). The rest of the day, we will have it in the shade until a few weeks have passed.

Also, I recommend starting to do this in spring or autumn, because the sun is not so intense; Thus, when summer arrives, it will surely have acclimatized enough and, even if it suffers some burn, it will be very light.

Pot or soil, which is better?

Well, in nature, there is not a single plant that grows in a pot, for the simple fact that this is a human invention. But, yes, there are many that live very well in containers: like carnivores, herbs, and many others. But this is not the case with yuccas that can exceed 3 or 4 meters in height, such as the Yucca elephantipes or the yucca aloifolia.

These develop a fairly thick pseudo-trunk, which in some cases can exceed 50 centimeters thick, so if we are interested in it growing a lot and becoming a magnificent specimen, it is best to plant it in the ground as soon as possible. Thus, in addition, we will notice that it grows somewhat faster.

But Is it possible to have it in a pot always? It's not ideal, but yes, it's possible. Today it is possible to find huge pots for sale, up to 1 meter in diameter; even if you are handy and have space, you can even make a construction site. In these containers it will not grow as much as it would if it were in the ground, but it will still make a very pretty plant.

What type of land does yucca need?

From my own experience, yucca is a plant that is not demanding at all. It grows even in poor, eroded soils that remain dry for weeks. The soil in my garden is clayey, and since it rains so little and the degree of sunshine is very high in summer, the soil compacts so much that making a simple planting hole is quite difficult if you don't moisten it first. My yucca has been growing in it since I bought it, and hasn't had any problems.

Now, if you are going to have it in a pot, I advise you to plant it in one with a specific substrate for succulents (on sale here!), or with a mixture of peat and perlite in equal parts. In this way, it will be able to take root well, something that will influence its growth and health.

Should outdoor yucca be watered?

Yucca is an outdoor plant

Image – Flickr/Adam Jones

Cassava is a plant that resists drought very, very well. This is so because in their places of origin it rains little. For this reason, it is worth wondering if you have to water it or not when you have it outside. And the truth is that the answer to that question will depend on whether we have it in a pot or if we have it on the ground in the garden.

If we have it in a pot, then we will have to water it. The amount of land it has is limited, so if it goes a long time without rain it is important that we water it once a week in summer. The rest of the year we will space out the waterings, as the soil remains moist for longer.

In the event that we have it in the garden, I do recommend watering it the first year so that it takes root better. We will do it from time to time, once a week or every fortnight.

Fertilize cassava: yes or no?

As it grows on poor soils, fertilization is not really essential for it to be beautiful. But if we have it in a pot, it is highly recommended to pay it with a fertilizer for green plants (on sale here!) or for succulents (on sale here!), following the instructions for use.

Should it be protected from frost?

The yucca withstands the cold very well, as well as frosts and snowfalls as long as they are punctual. However, they grow best in warm climates, such as dry tropical and subtropical climates, and the Mediterranean. But hey, for you to keep in mind, here we leave you a list of yucca species and their hardiness:

  • yucca aloifolia -18ºC
  • yucca baccata -20ºC
  • Yucca elephantipes -12ºC
  • Glorious yucca -18ºC
  • yucca rostrata -23ºC

For that reason, not, it will not be necessary to protect her.

Cassava is a plant that resists drought

Image - Flickr / Megan Hansen

Yucca is a plant that can be outdoors. We hope that by following these tips you can have it beautiful.

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