The best gasoline lawn mowers

Having a lawn means having to spend time taking care of it. I am not only talking about the prevention of pests and diseases, but also about keeping it at the desired height in order to prevent it from becoming an area of ​​the garden without control or order.

For that, it is important to acquire a machine that helps you make that work as comfortable as possible, such as a gasoline lawn mower. Even if you think otherwise, their maintenance is simple, so don't hesitate to take a look at the best models 😉.

The best gasoline lawn mower in our opinion

The ones we have seen so far are highly recommended, but due to its excellent quality and low price we would definitely choose this one:


  • It is ideal for gardens of up to 1400 square meters.
  • The cutting width is 46cm, and the height is adjustable in 5 levels from 32 to 70mm, so the work will be very enjoyable.
  • Its herb tank has a capacity of 55 liters, so if you don't have the composter nearby ... that's not a problem 😉.
  • The engine is gasoline and has a power of 2,17kW. This means that once both the fuel and oil tanks are full, you won't have to worry about anything else to get it to work properly.
  • It weighs 31,4kg. There can be many, but since it has wheels and a very ergonomic handle, it will be easy to carry it from one place to another.


  • For small gardens this is a model that turns out to be too large.
  • It may take a bit to get it going if you don't have a lot of arm strength.

What is the best gasoline lawn mower?

Gasoline Lawn Mower...
1.676 Reviews
Gasoline Lawn Mower...
  • The best FUXTEC petrol lawnmower with excellent test results. The best beginner lawnmower you can buy.
  • Robust sheet steel frame with EasyClean connection, side discharge and central cutting height adjustment 25-75mm.
  • Very light mower, weighing only 27 kg, so it is also suitable for areas with little slope. Powerful 146cc 2,6kW engine and front bumper with integrated carry handle
1.622 Reviews
  • Powerful 4cc 139hp air-cooled OHV 5-stroke gasoline engine with manual traction
  • 390mm diameter double-edged blade suitable for medium and small gardens
  • 35 liter collection bag
Einhell Lawn Mower ...
151 Reviews
Einhell Lawn Mower ...
  • Power - the 4-stroke engine of the Einhell GC-PM 40/2 S petrol lawnmower provides a power of 2 kW and an idle speed of 2900 rpm
  • For large gardens - the petrol lawnmower also mows large green areas thanks to the 40 cm cutting width in no time; It is recommended up to large surfaces of 1000 m2
  • Variable cutting height - the cutting height of the petrol lawnmower can be centrally adjusted in 7 steps between 25 mm and 75 mm and individually adapted to each lawn
517 Reviews
  • Extremely powerful 196 cc engine with 4,4 kW power and front bumper with integrated handle
  • Robust sheet steel deck with EasyClean connection, side discharge and central cutting height adjustment 25-75mm
  • It has an autonomous driving system with original GT transmission
407 Reviews
  • Reliable, efficient and easy to start - the 450 e series briggs & stratton 450 engine, 125 cm³, combustion engine
  • Sturdy 16 inch / 42 cm steel frame with better protection against damage and corrosion
  • Easy adjustment of the cutting height from 25 to 75 mm in 6 positions
MASKO® Lawnmower...
322 Reviews
MASKO® Lawnmower...
  • MASKO brand lawn mower is an essential part of any garden. In its versatility, the gasoline lawnmower proves to be an irreplaceable aid in optimal lawn care. Thanks to the integrated traction, you can work without problems even on larger plots.
  • Thanks to the high-quality shredding blades Thanks to the generous 65 l collection bag, large lawns of up to 1500 m² can not only be quickly managed with the MASKO petrol lawnmower, but also fuel consumption. Powerful 2,8 kW motor is extremely economical. This will not only save you a lot of time but also a lot of money.
  • 𝐅𝐔𝐍𝐂𝐈Ó𝐍 𝐃𝐄 𝐌𝐔𝐋𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐘 𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐆𝐀 𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐑𝐀𝐋: The powerful machine with 2.8 kW of power from MASKO thanks to the 2800 rpm and the switchable rear drive turns tall grass into a work of art. With the mulching and side discharge kit you can also return valuable nutrients to the lawn and thus dispense with the constant and tedious emptying of the collection bag for very large surfaces.

Our selection

Einhell GH-PM 40 P

If you are looking for a robust gasoline mower, with a tank whose capacity is high but not too much, this model will give you many joys. The cutting height is adjustable to three levels, from 32 to 62mm, and has a cutting width of 40cm, with which you can have your lawn ready in no time.

It works with a gasoline engine that has a power of 1600 volts, enough to have a lawn of up to 800 square meters as it touches. And its weight is 23kg.

Greencut GLM690SX

This is a lawnmower to work large gardens, of about 1000 square meters, and for those looking for a model with a good value for money. Its cutting width is 40cm, and its height is adjustable from 25 to 75mm. It incorporates a 40 liter capacity tank.

Its engine is gasoline, with a power of 3600 volts. It has a weight of 28,5kg.

Garten XL 16L-123-M3

A mower with greater power needs to be robust, have a design capable of lasting years with proper care and not difficult to maintain. The GartenXL 16L-123-M3 is like that. With a cutting width of 40cm, and an adjustable height from 25 to 75mm, it really won't be difficult for you to enjoy your lawn even more.

Its engine is self-propelled with gasoline, with a power of about 2250 volts. It weighs a total of 26,9kg.

Alpina 295492044 / A19 BL

It is a lawnmower for those who have quite large gardens, from 1000 to 1500 square meters. It has a cutting width of 46cm, and a height that can be adjusted from 27 to 80mm. As it has a 55-liter capacity tank, you will be able to work more or less wide areas without having to empty it frequently.

It works with a gasoline engine of 2,20kW of power, and weighs 28,1kg.

Murray EQ700X

The Murray EQ700X gasoline lawn mower is specially designed to work in large gardens, of about 1000 square meters without being heavy. It has a cutting width of 53cm, and an adjustable height from 28 to 92mm. It also has a 70-liter tank.

It is powered by a self-propelled gasoline engine, and weighs 37kg.

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Gasoline Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Best gasoline lawn mower

You have already made up your mind. You have or are going to have a beautiful lawn and you want it to stay that way with the help of a gasoline lawn mower. But then you start to see, to investigate ... and you realize that there are many models. Too many. How to choose the best one? 

Quiet. Below we will give you a few tips that we hope you find useful so that your purchase is the most successful:

Surface of your lawn

The first thing you have to do is know how much your lawn occupies. Once you know it, stick with that measure because when you go to buy your lawnmower you will see that each one has its own recommended surface; that is They are machines made to perform to the maximum in gardens with a certain surface.

Cutting width and height

Gasoline mowers generally They have a cutting width of around 40cm as they are designed to cut large lawns. But if you have or are going to have a more modest one, with a model of about 30-35cm cutting width and an adjustable height up to 70mm, you will surely have more than enough.

Engine power

The higher the power, the higher its performance, ... but also the noise What to do unless you have a silencer. Unless you have a lawn in a very large area, a 2000 volt motor is ideal for you.


It is also very important 🙂. Some are very cheap, and there are some that are more expensive, but think that quality is not at odds with price. If you can, read the opinions of other buyers, compare prices, ... and you will see how you find the one you are looking for.

What is the maintenance of the gasoline lawn mower?

Gasoline Lawn Mower Maintenance

Fuel tanks

The gasoline lawn mower requires maintenance that is completely different from that of the electric one, for example. The engine is different, since to work it needs gasoline, and specific oil. Each of these liquids has its own tank, which will have a limited capacity indicated in the manual.

After every X hours (they will also be indicated in the manual) you will have to clean the oil tank, simply by extracting the one inside by opening the outlet hole that it will probably have on the side.

Air filter

The air filter is nothing more than a piece of foam rubber that is in a metal box, and that is attached to the carburetor with a screw. This part, as always is wet with engine oil, it must be washed from time to time with a little detergent.

Once it is clean, moisten it with oil and then put it in place.


Blades you have to take them to sharpen every so often (depending on the frequency of use, it can be every three months or more). If you notice that they start to cut badly, do not hesitate to take them or change them.

Where to buy the best gasoline lawn mower?

Gasoline lawn mower

You can buy your gasoline lawn mower in any of these places:

Brico Depot

In this shopping center, specialized in garden tools and machinery, they do not have many models but their product sheets are very complete. You can buy yours from a physical store, since they do not sell online.


At Carrefour they sell several models of gasoline lawn mowers at very attractive prices that you can buy from their website or from any physical store.


In Wallapop you find used gasoline lawn mowers that are good. But beware read the ads in full, and ask any questions you have to the buyer. Also, take a look at the feedback it has received so that no problems arise.

We hope that it is now easy for you to choose a gasoline lawn mower 🙂.

If you want, you can also take a look at the best models of manual lawn mower, an electric lawn mower, the best lawn mower: a robotic lawnmower.

Just in case you have forgotten, we also remind you that we have a huge selection of best lawnmowers, to help you decide in your purchase process.