How to choose an irrigation box?

Many people dream of a beautiful garden where they can relax and enjoy the green of the plants. Others, on the other hand, want to have a garden where they can grow their own vegetables. However, having beautiful gardens and well-kept orchards also involves a lot of work, such as watering. In order to avoid this task, we can choose to acquire an irrigation box indicated for the connection of water both in the garden and in the orchard.

But what is an irrigation box? They are boxes with perforations that are commonly used in underground irrigation systems. Their main function is to protect the elements that make up these systems, such as valves, filters, shut-off valves, etc. In this article we will highlight the best irrigation boxes and discuss aspects to consider before buying one and where to buy them.

? Top 1. The best irrigation box?

Our top one in irrigation manholes is this model from Rain Bird. The buyer ratings, despite being few, are very good and the price of this product is very affordable. It has a corrugated structure base that gives a greater resistance and thus better protection for the valve. Thanks to the tabs for the pipe accesses, installation is quite simple and fast. This irrigation box has a length of 59 centimeters, a width of 49 centimeters and a height of 39,7 centimeters.


The most remarkable advantage of this irrigation box is its very good value for money. It is a very robust and resistant product at a very good price.


Apparently there are no disadvantages. Buyers have been satisfied with the product. The only downside we could find is that this product does not offer the benefits for Amazon Prime members.

Better irrigation boxes

There are many more models apart from our top one. Next we will talk about the six best irrigation boxes on the market.

Gardena Circular Box

We start the list with this circular model from the manufacturer Gardena. It is ideal for a small irrigation system, as it is suitable for only a 24 V valve. The maximum load that this irrigation box can bear is 400 kilos. The dimensions of this product are as follows: 17.78 x 12.7 x 5.08 centimeters. Its weight is 480 grams.

Rc Junter Standard Irrigation manhole

We continue with this rectangular model from Rc Junter. This irrigation box has a height of 22 centimeters. Its top measures 40 x 25 centimeters and the base 49 x 35 centimeters. What's more, it has a built-in shut-off key. It is made of polyethylene and has great resistance. The capacity of this irrigation box provides for three solenoid valves.

Rc Junter ARQ Irrigation manhole

We highlight another Rc Junter model, this time a round one. This one is also made of polyethylene and its dimensions are 20,5 x 20,5 x 13 centimeters. The ARQ irrigation box it also includes a manual tap valve. 

S&M 260 Round Manhole with Faucet and Swivel Elbow for underground irrigation

We continue with this S&M model 260. It is a round irrigation box that It has a 360 degree swivel elbow. It is intended for underground irrigation systems. The dimensions of this product are as follows: 17,8 x 17,8 x 13,2 centimeters.

Gardena 1254-20 Manhole

Another model to highlight this one from Gardena. This irrigation box is designed for 9 or 14 V valves. The lid of this product has a child safety lock. In addition, assembly is very easy thanks to the telescopic threaded connection. It is an ideal product for watering the garden.

Gardena 1257-20 1257-20-Manhole

Finally, to highlight this other Gardena model. It is a high quality irrigation box made of very resistant materials. However, the most important feature of this product is that offers the option of placing a total of three solenoid valves 9 or 24 V. The dimensions of this irrigation box are 36.7 x 28 x 21 centimeters and its weight is equal to 2.06 kilograms.

Buying guide for an irrigation box

Before acquiring an irrigation box, there are a series of questions that we must ask ourselves: What would be the ideal size for our orchard or garden? What types of garden boxes are there? How much can we afford to spend? We are going to comment on all these aspects below.


There are different sizes of irrigation boxes. Normally the size is chosen according to the number of solenoid valves that we have placed in the same manifold. The measures of the irrigation boxes usually vary according to the manufacturer, but usually they are adapted to be able to insert between one and six solenoid valves. However, there are also much larger models on the market for specific installations.


There is a total of three different types of irrigation boxes. First there are the round ones, which are usually quite small and are used to register a stopcock, tap or to house a solenoid valve. Then we have the rectangular ones, which are standard size and designed to house between three and four solenoid valves. The Jumbo models of the rectangular ones are somewhat larger, since they can accommodate between five and six solenoid valves. Finally there are the anti-theft irrigation boxes. They are usually rectangular or jumbo type. They differ from them by having a lid and a concrete frame. They are generally installed in public places.


Prices vary greatly depending on the size of the irrigation box. While a small round type can cost less than ten euros, the large ones of the Jumbo type can exceed fifty euros. The most important thing when looking at the price is to make sure what type and size of irrigation box we need for our orchard or garden.

How to make a manhole for irrigation?

The irrigation box is mainly used to house the solenoid valves

Generally, the irrigation boxes already come with holes made. The number depends on the inlets and outlets of the pipes connecting the valves. However, with a saw blade, for example, we can drill ourselves in the place that suits us best. Even if we have the right materials, we can make an irrigation box. It is basically a box with holes for the valves. To get what we need, we can visit stores like Bricomart or Leroy Merlin. A little tip that may be useful: There are special grates for standard rectangular type irrigation boxes that are used to clean up the ground. These have movable hooks whose function is to hold the solenoid valves.

Where to buy

Once we are clear about what we are looking for, it is time to choose where to look. Today there are many physical stores and online platforms that offer us various products. While online shopping can be very convenient and practical, seeing the irrigation manholes that interest us in person can be more informative and quick. Below we will discuss some of the options we have.


On the Amazon website we can find all kinds of irrigation boxes, with all price ranges and different accessories both for irrigation and for the garden or orchard in general. This purchase option is very comfortable, Well, we can order everything we want without having to move from home. Also, deliveries are usually quite fast. If we are part of Amazon Prime, we can also enjoy special prices and even shorter delivery times. In the event that we have questions or concerns regarding the product, we can contact the seller by private message.


Another option that we have when purchasing an irrigation box is the Bricomart. In this establishment we can find irrigation boxes of all types: Round, rectangular and Jumbo. In addition, they also offer various accessories for watering, orchard and garden. In the event that we would like to manufacture an irrigation box ourselves, In the Bricomart we can find the necessary materials for this. It also provides us with the possibility of directly asking professionals from the sector on site.

Leroy Merlin

The Leroy Merlin also has a wide range of irrigation boxes and accessories, including the grids that we mentioned before. This large warehouse is another place where we can buy the necessary materials to build an irrigation box ourselves. Apart from all the products it offers, We can also be advised by professionals in the field.

I hope this article has helped you choose an irrigation box. Now you just have to enjoy your garden or orchard to the fullest.