Editorial team

Gardening On is a website that belongs to AB Internet, in which every day since 2012 we inform you of all the tips and tricks you need to know to take care of your plants, gardens and / or orchards. We are dedicated to bringing you closer to this magnificent world so that you can know the different species that there are as well as the care they need so that you can enjoy them from the first day you acquire them.

The Gardening On editorial team is made up of a team of plant world enthusiasts, who will advise you whenever you need it whenever you have questions about the care and / or maintenance of your plants. If you are interested in working with us, you just have to complete the following form and we will contact you.


  • Monica Sanchez

    A researcher of plants and their world, I am currently the coordinator of this beloved blog, in which I have been collaborating since 2013. I am a garden technician, and since I was very young I love being surrounded by plants, a passion that I have inherited from my mother. Knowing them, discovering their secrets, taking care of them when necessary ... all this fuels an experience that has never ceased to be fascinating.


  • Encarni Arcaya

    The passion for plants was instilled in me by my mother, who was fascinated by having a garden and flowering plants that would brighten her day. For this reason, little by little I was researching botany, plant care, and getting to know others that caught my attention. Thus, I made my passion part of my work and that is why I love writing and helping others with my knowledge who, like me, also love flowers and plants.

  • Mayka J. Segu

    Passionate about writing and plants! I have been dedicated to the world of writing for more than 10 years and I have spent them surrounded by my most faithful companions: my indoor plants. Although from time to time I have been upset by problems with irrigation or insects, we have learned to understand each other. I hope that my advice can help you to make your plants look more beautiful than ever.

Former editors

  • German Portillo

    As a graduate in Environmental Sciences I have extensive knowledge about the world of botany and the different species of plants that surround us. I love everything related to agriculture, garden decoration and ornamental plant care. I hope that with my knowledge I can provide as much information as possible to help anyone who needs advice on plants.

  • lourdes sarmiento

    One of my great hobbies is gardening and everything that has to do with nature, plants and flowers. In general, everything that has to do with "green".

  • Claudi casals

    Through family businesses, I have always been linked to the world of plants. It is very gratifying for me to be able to share the knowledge and even to be able to discover and learn as I share it. A symbiosis that fits perfectly with something that I also really enjoy, writing.

  • Thalia Wohrmann

    Nature has always fascinated me: Animals, plants, ecosystems, etc. I spend a large part of my free time growing various plant species and I dream of one day having a garden where I can watch the flowering season and harvest the fruits of my orchard. For now I am content with my potted plants and my urban garden.

  • viviana saldarriaga

    I am Colombian but I am currently living in Argentina. I consider myself a curious person by nature and I am always eager to learn about plants and gardening a little more every day. So I hope you like my articles.

  • Ana Valdes

    Since I started with my planter, Gardening has crept into my life to become my favorite hobby. Before, professionally, he had studied different agricultural topics to write about them. I even wrote a book: One Hundred Years of Agrarian Technique, focused on the evolution of Agriculture in the Valencian Community.

  • Silvia Teixeira

    I am a Spanish who loves nature and flowers are my devotion. Decorating the home with them is quite an experience, which makes you like being at home more. Also, I like to know the plants, take care of them and learn from them.

  • eric devel

    I started in this world of gardening since I bought my first plant and that was a long time ago and from that moment I was entering more and more in this fascinating world. Gardening in my life has gradually turned from a hobby to a way of making a living from it.