How to choose hotels for insects?

There are many insects that can be our best allies in the garden, and also in the garden: butterflies, bees, ants, wasps, ladybugs ... All of them are pollinators, that is, they are responsible for transporting pollen from one flower to another. For this reason, what better way to make life easy for them?

One way to make them feel comfortable with us is by putting some hotels for insects scattered around the area. Since most of them are made of brown wood, they go great as they don't stand out especially but they love it, which is what counts. Would you like to know what types of models there are?

Selection of the best models

We are not going to fool you: although the models are similar, they all have something that we love. Choosing us has not been easy, but we hope you like them as much or more than we do:

double 22648e Insects Hotel

Are you looking for something that is very affordable and of quality? Then we recommend this insect hotel, made of beech wood, which is very resistant. Bees, wasps and ladybugs can stay there. In addition, it has a nice roof that will serve to protect them from the rains.

The dimensions of this product are: 15 x 8,5 x 25,5 centimeters, and it weighs 859,99 grams.

Relaxdays Hôtel à Casa for Insects

This is a nice hotel for insects like bees, butterflies and beetles that is made of burnt wood. The roof is straight, with a little overhang to prevent rain from reaching the shelters, and thus ensure that they can continue with their daily routines without complications.

The size is 13,5 x 33 x 29 centimeters, and it weighs 1,5 kilos.

Navaris Insect Hotel

This is a fantastic 5-star hotel for insectivorous fauna that wants to have a refuge in your garden, such as ladybugs, ants or bees for example. It is made of wood, bamboo and also has pine cones, all of which are natural products so that the animals feel very comfortable. In addition, it has a roof that protects them from the rain, and each section has a grill to keep predators away.

Its dimensions are 24,5 x 28 x 7,5 centimeters, and it weighs 1,48 kilos.

Wild Animal | Bee Hotel

If you are interested in having only bees, they will surely love this little house-hotel. It is made of untreated wood, very durable and resistant capable of withstanding environmental conditions. It does not have decorative elements, as it is intended to protect these insects that are essential for pollination.

The dimensions of this hotel for bees are as follows: 21,5 x 25,5 x 19 centimeters, and it weighs 1,58 kilos.

wildtier Herz | insecthotel

It is a beautiful model of luxury insect hotel that withstands the elements and will last you for years. It is made of solid wood, and it is screwed with brass screws. Its gabled roof is not only elegant, but also functional by protecting each of the shelters from the rain.

The dimensions of this hotel are 28 x 10 x 42 centimeters, and it has a weight of 1,77 kilos.

Our recommendation

Which one would we choose if we had to buy a hotel for insects? Well, this is a decision that can be made in a short time, since as we have seen there are many models that are very cheap and of excellent quality. Even so, if you want us to tell you what our top 1 is, we will undoubtedly tell you what this is:


  • It is made of durable and sturdy wood.
  • The shelters are protected with wire.
  • It is ideal for ladybugs, wasps, butterflies, bees.
  • It can be hung or kept on the floor or on some surface.
  • It is 20 x 7 x 20 centimeters in size, and weighs only 680 grams.
  • The value for money is very interesting.


We did not find any, although of course if you take into account its price and compare it with that of other models, you can think that it is high.

What is a hotel for insects and what is its use?

The insect hotel will attract beneficial wildlife

Insects are very, very important animals so that many of the plant species that we know can continue to exist. But today, due to the massive use of pesticides and fertilizers, they are in serious danger. For this reason, it is highly recommended that if you have a garden and / or an orchard, you get a hotel for insects.

This it is nothing more than a structure made of wood, which can have different sizes and shapes, as well as several shelters or panels that will each attract a different insect. There are many who have a gable roof, although there are others whose roof is flat. Also, some can be hung or have on a surface.

It has several advantages, among which we highlight:

  • They attract insects that are beneficial: bees, butterflies, bees, butterflies, etc.
  • These insects can be your allies, since in addition to pollinating the flowers, they can control pests (for example, the ladybug will keep aphids at bay).
  • They are made from natural products, specifically wood, so they go well anywhere.
  • It has a low weight and is usually small, so that it can be taken anywhere.

So why not get one?

Where to place an insect hotel?

The insect hotel must be placed in an area protected from the wind

Once you have your hotel for insects, it will be time to choose where you are going to put it. So for it to be an ideal place you should know that it is important that it is protected from strong winds, and if possible that it is on a surface. And it is that, if you leave it in the ground, it could spoil; but if you put it on top of something like for example a tree stump or similar, it will stay intact for a longer time.

As well it is advisable not to be exposed to the sun, at least not throughout the day, otherwise some insects may not be attracted.

Insect hotel buying guide

If you still have doubts about which one to choose, then we will solve the doubts that may arise:

What are the insects you want to attract?

This is the first thing you have to decide. There are hotels that are for only one type of insect, but there are others that attract 3-4 or more types. The latter have more compartments, one for each type of insect, so that they can be well.

Small or big?

It will depend a lot on where you want to put it and the space you have available. For example, the models that we have seen here are perfect to place in small gardens, since they do not occupy much and can go unnoticed, which is just what insects want. But there are other larger ones that are more recommended for spacious gardens or orchards.


Sometimes a low price is synonymous with poor quality, but this is not necessarily the case with insect hotels. For 10-15 euros you can get one whose useful life expectancy will be high. So price shouldn't be a problem.

Where to buy a hotel for insects?

If you want to buy one, you can do it from here:


Amazon has an extensive and varied catalog of hotels for insects, at prices ranging from 9 to 200 euros. There are so many that you can buy the one you like the most knowing that you have got it right the first time, since you have the option to decide on one or the other depending on its valuation. Then, you just have to think about where you are going to put it while you wait to receive it at home.

Leroy Merlin

They don't sell many models at the Leroy Merlin. The most advisable thing is go to a physical store and ask. In any case, if you find one, it will surely be of quality, although the price may surprise you.


Sometimes in the Lidl they also sell hotels for these animals. The problem is that to know when they will sell them exactly you have to be aware of their mailing lists or magazinesThey are not products that they always have in their stores.

Have you found the insect hotel you were looking for?