How to choose a pool treatment plant?

For the lucky ones who have a pool at home or are building one, this means they have to check that everything is fine and ready for the hottest time of year. Having a pool is not only fun and relaxation, it also involves costs and maintenance. One of the key pieces is the pool treatment plants.

What is a pool purifier? Well, it is a device that is essential in the filtration system. Thanks to him, the water is kept clean by a filter that retains impurities. As you can see, it is essential to have a treatment plant if we want to bathe in clean water and thus avoid future pool problems. That is why we are going to talk a little about these devices and how to acquire them.

? Top 1 - The best pool purifier?

We highlight the TIP pool treatment plant for its Great value for the price and its good buyer reviews. This model has a four-way valve with different possibilities. The recommended pool size for this treatment plant is 30 square meters. As for the maximum flow, this is six thousand liters per hour. The sand filling must be a minimum of 13 kilos.


The TIP treatment plant it is quiet, space-saving and fairly easy to both maintain and clean. In addition, the pressure gauge indicates not only the current pressure, but also the degree of contamination of the filter. This model also includes a built-in pre-filter, which should extend the life of the pump.


According to some comments from buyers, the assembly of this pool cleaner is complicated and the instructions difficult to read.

Best pool treatment plants

Apart from our top 1, there are many more pool treatment plants available on the market. Next we will talk about the six best swimming pool treatment plants.

best way 58383

We start the list with this Bestway brand cartridge scrubber. It is a model economical and easy to store due to its small size. It has a filtering capacity of 2.006 liters per hour and the cartridge can be used for about two weeks as it is type II. Cleaning the cartridge should be carried out approximately every three days with pressurized water.

Monzana Water Treatment Plant Sand Filter Pump

Second is the Monzana sand treatment plant. Its volume is low and its energy consumption is low, so it can be operated for a longer time. The filtration performance is equivalent to 10.200 liters per hour and the maximum capacity is 450 watts. It has a two meter power cord.

best way 58497

We continue with another Bestway brand model, this time a sand treatment plant. It is an economical model due to the little time it takes to filter the same volume of water. Its filtering power is greater, it is capable of pumping 5.678 liters per hour. Plus, it includes a ChemConnect dispenser and easy-to-read pressure gauges. The tank is corrosion resistant and durable.

Intex 26644

The Intex brand pool treatment plant has an exclusive system from this manufacturer that improves water cleaning autonomously and without extra processes or costs. It is designed for pools up to 29.100 liters and with a maximum flow of 4.500 liters per hour. The sand used for this model is silica or glass. The dam is 25,4 centimeters in diameter and has a capacity for 12 kilos of sand or 8,5 kilos in the case of glass sand.

Deuba Blue and Black Treatment Plant

Another pool treatment plant to highlight is this Deuba model. It is capable of filtering up to 10.200 liters per hour and its sand reserve capacity is 20 kilos. The filter has a four-way valve with four functions: Rinse, filter wash, winter, and filtration. This purifier has a power of 450 watts and the volume of the tank corresponds to 25 liters.

Intex 26676

This Intex treatment plant combines sand filtration with saline chlorination, making it a suitable product for above-ground pools with a capacity of up to 32.200 liters. The valve of this treatment plant has six ways and the capacity of the tank is 35 kilos of silica sand and 25 kilos in the case of glass sand. What's more, It has a natural chlorine generation system. It is capable of producing 7 grams of chlorine per hour.

Buying guide for a swimming pool treatment plant

Before buying a pool purifier, there are several factors to consider. What is its maximum capacity? And its power? How much distance can it travel? All these questions and more should have a complacent answer when purchasing a treatment plant.


First, it is important to know the capacity of our pool in terms of the volume of water. If we divide this number by the recommended filtration hours, we will obtain the necessary filtration capacity of the purifier as a result. Generally, it is best to filter the water for about eight hours a day and with sun.


Another aspect to take into account is the power of the pool purifier. This is measured in cubic meters per hour or the equivalent in liters (one cubic meter equals one thousand liters). The greater the capacity of the pool, the more power the pump must have. In other words: The larger the pool, the longer the treatment plant must be in operation to be able to perform a complete water filtration.


Regarding the distance at which we must place the treatment plant, it must be as close as possible to the pool and also at water level. In this way you will have a shorter route so your cleaning of the water will be much better.

Quality and price

There are different ranges of filters on the market: low, medium and high range. Usually, the price usually depends on the quality of the pool treatment plant, that is, the range of the filter. Although cheap ones, or low-end ones, work well, they may have a shorter lifespan and they may be less powerful. In any case, if we don't buy them second-hand, they usually come with a warranty included in the event that they fail due to a manufacturing error.

How much does a pool filter cost?

Swimming pool treatment plants are a fundamental piece for the maintenance of the same

The price must always be taken into account and is usually very decisive when making a decision. In the case of pool treatment plants, the filters are divided into different ranges and in turn are related to the price. The better the range, the higher the price. When the filters are high-end, they are usually industrial or made of high-quality plastic. Although the price of these is higher, so are their benefits.

Mid-range filters are typically die-cast and made of polyester or plastic. They are usually good value for money. And finally, the low-end filters. These are normally made of cartridge and are common in inflatable and removable pools.

How to empty the pool with the purifier?

Typically, sand scrubbers come with a selector valve that indicates the option to drain. Before changing this valve position, the engine must always be off. When using this drainage system, the water goes directly to the drain bypassing the filter.

How does a cartridge scrubber work?

There are different ranges of pool treatment filters

This type of scrubber owes its name to the cartridge filter that they have incorporated. It is made of tissue or cellulose and serves to capture impurities in the water. The operation of the cartridge treatment plants is very simple: The water reaches them, is filtered by the cartridge and returns clean to the pool.

As for maintenance, it is easy, since you only have to clean the filter and change it after a certain time, depending on its condition and the indications given by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the filtering capacity is considerably less than in sand treatment plants. Because of this, they tend to be used rather in small pools, usually removable or inflatable.

Where to buy

Today we have many different ways to buy products. We can choose between internet platforms, physical department stores or even second-hand products. We will discuss some of the available options below.


We will start by talking about Amazon. This gigantic online platform offers all kinds of products, including swimming pool purifiers and more accessories. Order through Amazon it is very comfortable and deliveries are usually fast, especially if we are members of Amazon Prime.


In the Bricomart we can find swimming pool treatment plants of all ranges. They also offer other cleaning products such as robots or hydraulic cleaners. In addition, professional employees with experience in swimming pools can advise us there.


Among the many ways of acquiring swimming pool treatment plants, there is also the Carrefour. This huge supermarket has several pool treatment plants of different ranges for sale. It also offers other products related to swimming pools like filters, robots, chlorine, etc. It is a good option to take a look and make the purchase of the week.

Leroy Merlin

Apart from offering us a great variety of pool treatment plants, the Leroy Merlin It has many products and accessories suitable for both the pool and the garden. Another advantage that this large warehouse offers is its customer service, where we can be advised by professionals in the sector.

Second hand

If we want to save as much as possible when buying a swimming pool treatment plant, we also have the option of buying it second-hand. However, we must remember that in these cases no warranty is included, so we need to make sure it works properly before making the payment.

As we can see, pool treatment plants are essential. But we must take into account different factors such as the capacity of the pool and the power of the treatment plant. It is important to select a treatment plant that suits our pool and our economy.