The best firewood holders for the garden

How much you appreciate a little fire at night or have a hot chocolate by the fireplace on cold winter days. In order to light a fire, you need wood. But where do we put so much wood? As well, There are many firewood boxes designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you are looking for firewood to decorate your home and place the firewood for your fireplace or oven, I advise you to keep reading. We will talk about the best firewood makers on the market, where to buy them and aspects to take into account.

? Top 1 - The best firewood store on the market?

We highlight this metal log holder for its low price and its beautiful vintage design. This black firewood basket is made of durable steel and painted with electrostatic paint. Its support is very stable, perfect for stacking both logs, pellets or briquettes. In addition, it has a practical handle that facilitates its transport. In this way it is more convenient to carry the firewood to a specific place, such as the oven or fireplace. In terms of size, this log holder measures approximately 40 x 33 x 38 centimeters. Assembling this product is quick and easy.


This beautiful basket for firewood has several advantages. First we must highlight its low price and its beautiful rustic and vintage design. Thanks to its aesthetics it is ideal to decorate any home. As we have already mentioned above, the assembly of this log holder is simple and fast. We can also use this beautiful basket to store other products, such as towels. Another advantage to highlight is the handle it has, thus facilitating the transport of firewood, or whatever we want to carry in the basket.


The only disadvantage that we see in this log box is its small size. It is not suitable for storing large quantities of firewood, so it is advisable to have another wood store that fulfills that function.

Best firewood holders

Today there are many different models of firewood holders on the market. The variety of designs and sizes is huge, so we can find firewood holders that are perfectly adapted to our home and our pocket. Next we will talk about six different models that we consider to be the best currently on sale.

Relaxdays Firewood Basket with Handles

We start the list with this beautiful basket for firewood. It is ideal for both storing and transporting wood or other things like magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Its rustic design makes it a perfect decorative accessory for the house. In addition, this log holder has a stable stand and is made of steel. To make it even more practical, this product has a carrying bag to carry the wood to the oven or fireplace, avoiding dirtying your clothes or hands. This bag is made of a flexible fabric capable of maintaining shape. As for the size of this firewood box, its dimensions are 32 x 43,5 x 32 centimeters.

Relaxdays Indoor Circular Wood Storage

The wood store that we will talk about now stands out mainly for its modern and rustic design at the same time. It is made of strong steel and its coating is powder-coated, which serves to extend its useful life. Its round and open shape gives a very special touch to the environment. Therefore, this log box allows you to decorate the environment while storing wood. It has approximate dimensions of 65 x 61 x 20 centimeters in which logs can be stacked. Thanks to its size, the circular inner log box can also be placed in confined spaces.

Relaxdays Firewood Cart

We continue the list with this log cart from Relaxdays. It has dimensions of approximately 100 x 41 x 42,5 centimeters. This metal log holder has two rubber wheels and bars to push it. A) Yes, the transport of firewood is much more comfortable, easy and practical. It is made of black steel and its structure is robust, ideal for stacking wooden logs. It can withstand a maximum load of up to sixty kilos.

Relaxdays indoor and outdoor woodshed

Another wood store to highlight is this model, also from Relaxdays. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The material from which this tall log holder is made is weather resistant lightweight steel. It is 100 centimeters high, while the width is 60 centimeters and the depth reaches 25 centimeters. Its open design allows for convenient and easily accessible firewood storage and storage. In addition, the assembly of this log holder is quite easy and does not require a drill.

Relaxdays Fireplace with fireplace accessories

We are also going to talk about another Relaxdays logger that comes with a fireplace accessories included. This set includes a dustpan and brush to clean the fireplace and a poker to stoke the fire. All three accessories can be hung from the same wood rack and are black with a sleek design. Apart from being useful for storing logs of firewood, it also facilitates its transport by means of two wheels. This log cart is made of steel and measures approximately 81 x 42 x 37 centimeters.

CLP Indoor Log Holder Irving Made Of Stainless Steel

Finally, we are going to present this interior stainless steel firebox. It is a modern structure whose design has a floating rib effect, giving a special touch to its surroundings. It can be placed both transversely and vertically. In the first way it can even be used as an elegant bench. Plus, this same timeless design fits into any type of style and home. To increase its quality and durability, this log holder is handmade using the best materials. Regarding the size, it has a width of 50 centimeters and a depth of 40 centimeters, approximately. Regarding the height, we can choose if we want it to be 100 centimeters or 150 centimeters. It is also possible to select the color, which would be matt black or stainless steel.

Firewood Buying Guide

Once we are clear that we want or need firewood, whether for the fireplace, the oven or other things, there are a number of aspects that we must take into account before purchasing a firewood box. We will talk about them below.


First of all, where do we want to place the log box? If the idea is to store logs in the garden, we must make sure that the woodshed is suitable for outdoor use. Depending on the material, it can withstand different weather conditions better or worse. On the other hand, if our idea is to have the woodshed inside the house, we can use any one. Generally, indoor loggers are usually smaller than outdoor loggers, as few logs of firewood are usually placed inside the house. This also implies that cheap log holders are designed for closed spaces due to their small size.


The vast majority of loggers they are usually made of steel. Some may have special coatings to extend their useful life when exposed to the elements. However, we can also find firewood holders made of other materials such as fabrics, wood or plastic.


Usually, the assembly of the firewood holders is quite easy and fast, since they are usually basic structures. Therefore, it can be even easier than assembling an Ikea furniture. It depends on the model and size, drilling may be required, but it is rare that things get more complicated.

Capacity or size

Indoor loggers are usually relatively small, as they must fit in an enclosed space and their purpose is to store a few logs of firewood needed for a fireplace or oven fire. Instead, outdoor log cabinets tend to be significantly larger. This is because its purpose is to store large amounts of firewood, which is often done in gardens.


As for the price of the firewood holders, these vary a lot depending mainly on the size. The bigger it is, the more expensive the wood store is usually. For this reason we can find indoor firewood boxes for € 30 while some outdoor ones exceed € 700. However, we have a wide selection on the market, so we can find models of all types and prices.

Where to put the firewood holders?

There are woodstoves for both indoor and outdoor

To place the outdoor firewood boxes in the garden, we must select an area and reserve it for it, since they occupy a considerable space. As for the interior wood racks, on a practical and often aesthetic level, the best place is by the fireplace.

How to make homemade firewood boxes?

With a few simple pallets you can build an original shed to store firewood, tools, or whatever. To do this, we only have to cut the pieces necessary for the structure to measure and join them using lag screws. Then you have to place the roof, fixing it with a frame. Regarding the finish, we can use water-based enamel, which is very suitable for outdoors.

Where to buy

Currently there are many places to buy firewood. We will name some of them below.


Amazon, the most famous online platform today, offers many different models of firewood holders. What's more, we can find many accessories for fireplaces.

Leroy Merlin

Another option we have is to consult the Leroy Merlin models. There they have firewood racks made of steel, wood, aluminum, etc. An advantage of this place is that they have professionals at our disposal for any questions we may have.


We can also review the Ikea catalog and incidentally take us some ideas to decorate the garden or the fireplace area.

Second hand

If we want to try to save as much as possible, We can always turn to the second-hand market to find an inexpensive wood store. However, we must always make sure that the product is in good condition and that the structure can support the weight of the firewood.

As we can see, it is possible to combine practicality with aesthetics. There are firewood holders for all tastes, spaces and pockets. I hope this article has been useful to you. Don't forget to share your experiences in the comments.