Buying Guide for an Electric Sulfater

When it comes to taking care of our garden, orchard or crop, there are many aspects that we must take into account. Plants need protection against some pathogens such as fungi or bacteria. For this reason, it is essential to have an electric sprayer among our tools. With it we can combat and prevent pests.

In order to clarify your doubts and help you choose an electric sprayer, we have written this article. In it we will talk about the best ones on the market. In addition, we include a buying guide and some small instructions on how to use the electric sprayers. So now you know: keep reading!

? Top 1 - The best electric sulfater?

Among the highest rated electric sulfates is this model from PULMIC. It has a high-performance pump that improves the comfort and quality of the application. It also has a drain plug, lance holder and filter. This model includes three different nozzles, an extension for the extension of the lance and a test tube for the dosing of the machine. The lithium battery is 18 volts and can last up to seven hours. In addition, it has an electronic regulation of the pressure of the pump, offering a total of three types of pressures and three application speeds.


There are several advantages offered by this PULMIC electric sulfater. To begin with, its handling is very comfortable thanks to the homogeneous droplet size and constant pressure. The durability of this model is very practical, since the battery has a range of up to seven hours. Another positive aspect to keep in mind is that We can choose between three application speeds: The low pressure is indicated for herbicides, the intermediate pulsation is recommended for insecticides and herbicides according to the nozzle and the needs, and the high pressure spray is suitable for insecticide treatments and crops whose bearing is medium-high.


As for the disadvantages of this product, we can talk about two. First is that it can be a bit expensive compared to other electric sulfaters. Also, some buyers have complained that It is big and once full it can weigh a lot.

Selection of electric sulphating machines

If we are not convinced by the top 1 of electric sulphating machines, we can choose from a wide range on the market. There are many different models of different prices, capacities and aspects. Next we will talk about the six best electric sulphators.

Bricoferr BFOL0860

We started the list with this rechargeable sprayer from Bricoferr. It has a great autonomy and a capacity of 16 liters. Its 12-volt battery is capable of holding up to ten hours of work. The spraying is continuous thanks to the constant pressure. The size of the diaphragm pump is compact.

Keeper Electric Sprayer Forest 5

The Forest 5 electric sprayer from the manufacturer Keeper is designed especially for gardens. It has a capacity of five liters and an autonomy of approximately 120 minutes. It is an ideal product for gardens, terraces and premises that need an application of herbicides, fungicides or insecticides. The pressure of this electric sulphator is two bars. In addition, it includes a five-volt lithium battery and a micro USB cable, which is used to recharge it. It has a light indicator for the charge level. It should also be noted that it has an ergonomic handle that greatly facilitates both the use of the electric sulfater and its transport.

InLoveArts Portable Electric Sprayer

Also the manufacturer InLoveArts has a very good electric sulfater. It stands out for being a powerful and high quality product. The nozzle is made of airtight, waterproof and anti-corrosion material. Because the air inlet is very large, it can reach up to ten meters when spraying. In addition, it offers the ability to adjust the range and angle. As for the speed, it is about 150 to 260 milliliters per minute. Another aspect to highlight is the ergonomic handle and the extra-long five-meter power cable, facilitating mobility and access to the plants. As the machine weighs only 3,2 kilos, it is very easy to use. It is also easy to fill this electric sulfater, as it has an opening in the upper part. You just have to unscrew, fill it and then close the lid.

Pulmic Fenix ​​35 Electric Sprayer

Pulmic's Fenix ​​35 model is especially suitable for low crops, landscaping and green spaces due to its design. Thus, its use is exclusively for herbicides. It has a five-liter capacity and includes interchangeable nozzles. It has a lithium battery that has a working autonomy of ten hours.

Matabi 830452 Evolution 15 LTC Electric Sprayer

Another notable electric sulfacer is this Evolution 15 model from Matabi. It works with an 18 volt battery and has a total of two work positions: fungicide and insecticide. Thanks to the adjustable and padded straps, this sprayer is quite comfortable to carry. This electric sprayer includes a set of nozzles and a reinforced hose. In addition, the lance is made of fiberglass and the nozzle is conical and adjustable.

PULMIC Pegasus 35 Portable Electric Sprayer

Finally, the Pegasus 35 portable electric sprayer from the Spanish manufacturer PULMIC remains to be highlighted. This one has an 18-volt lithium battery that lasts between four and seven hours. It is capable of spraying more than 200 liters at a distance of nine meters for each battery charge. In addition, it has a novel system to regulate the pressure from one to four bars. The Pegasus 35 electric sprayer includes the battery, the charger, a reinforced hose with a length of six meters, a stainless steel lance of a total of 50 centimeters, a graduated cylinder, three different nozzles, a measuring cup and an extension for the extension of the lance. In addition, it has three different application speeds that can be used to meet certain needs. It should also be noted that the transport of this electric sulfacer is very simple, as it has two wheels.

Buying Guide for an Electric Sulfater

There are a total of three extremely important factors that we must take into account before purchasing an electric sprayer: Its capacity, quality and price. We will comment on them below.


It is important to look at the capacity of the electric sprayer. It must be able to cover the area of ​​our garden or orchard so that its use is more comfortable for us. Normally, on the product sheet they indicate the capacity and sometimes even the area that it can cover.

Quality and price

Regarding the price, this is related to both the quality of the product and its capacity. The larger the latter and the better the materials used for the production of the sulfater, the more expensive it will be. However, it is not always necessary to have the largest and most powerful machine on the market. We must focus on the size of our garden or orchard and look for a suitable electric sprayer for it.

How to use an electric sulfater?

The electric sprayer that we buy must meet our needs

Electric sulfaters are quite simple to use. They generally come with a user manual that explains the different options we have to apply the product. It is important that the machine is charged before using it and we must introduce the liquid that we want to sulfate. What's more, we must take into account some security measures, since we are dealing with toxic products. For this reason, the use of gloves is recommended to avoid coming into contact with the liquid, as well as a mask that protects the eyes, mouth and nose.

Where to buy

Today we have many options when buying any product, be it tools, clothing or even food. We can choose from various online options or go directly to a physical store that offers what we are looking for. In the event that we want to acquire an electric sulfater, things do not change at all. We are going to discuss below some places where we can buy sprayers.


Internet purchases are becoming more and more frequent. For this reason, the great online platform Amazon is a good option to find all kinds of products, such as an electric sulfacer. In this way we can choose from a wide variety of products and accessories without leaving home. In addition, if we are part of Amazon Prime we can enjoy many advantages at the price and delivery level.

Leroy Merlin

We can also visit the Leroy Merlin where we can be advised by professionals. There they have a wide range of sulfates and sprayers Of all sizes. 

Second hand

Another option is to buy the second-hand electric sulfater. Although it can be cheaper, we also run the risk that it does not work well. We must bear in mind that in these cases, the machine has no guarantee and very rarely do they accept returns. Some online platforms that exist for the sale and purchase of second hand would be, for example, Wallapop and milanuncios.

With all this information we can already choose an electric sulfater that suits our needs. I hope this article has helped you choose or has given you a rough idea of ​​what to look for. There are many options!