The best sulphating machines on the market

When we work regularly in the fields or taking care of our garden, we usually take into account how important it is to take care of plants, crops and the land. For it, sulfaters are one of the best options and they should not be missing among our tools for the garden or for the orchard.

But what are sulfaters? What are they for? Basically they are sprayers that are used to spray certain products on crops and plants. Generally, this spraying technique is called "sulfated." Its main function is to prevent or eliminate pests. If you want to know which are the best sulfaters, how to use them and where to buy them, keep reading.

? Top 1. The best sulfater?

Among all the sulfaters we highlight this Matabi Super Green model for its good ratings. The lance is made of fiberglass and has a pressure regulator. In addition, the straps of this sulfater are padded and adjustable. Another aspect to keep in mind is that the eccentric chamber has a large capacity. This model also has the possibility of adapting a wide range of both spare parts and accessories.


Among the advantages of this model are that does not lose any liquid when sulphating, as may be the case on other machines. It should also be noted that the lance is made of fiberglass and that it has a pressure regulator, which allows you to adjust the jet. 


According to some buyers, this backpack sprayer it is somewhat complicated to place on the back. But with patience and practice, everything is achieved.

Selection of sulphating machines

Apart from our top 1 that we have just talked about, there are many other sulphators on the market that can more or less adapt to our needs and possibilities. We are going to see the best six sulphating machines below.

Femor Pressure Sprayer

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We start the list with this model from the Femor brand. It is a pressure sprayer with a capacity of five liters. It is strong, strong and durable, ideal for garden tasks. Thanks to the funnel and bowl design, it is very easy to fill this sulfater. Just loosen the screw, fill the bottle and then close the cap.

In addition, it has a trigger mechanism that includes a lock and a water flow regulator. So you don't need to constantly press the button to spray or sulfate. It also comes with an integrated safety valve. While the thick handle increases the pressure for use, the pressure release valve takes care of releasing high pressure internally. Another advantage of this sulfater is its easy transport. It has a strong and adjustable men's strap, which is very comfortable when spraying the garden or watering the highest branches. It is perfect for daily use and its hand pump can be easily operated.

Bricoferr BF8516

Another outstanding model of the sulphators is the Bricoferr BF8516. It has a capacity of up to 16 liters and its lance is extendable. An adjustable mouthpiece is included with it. Regarding the size, it has dimensions of 47,5 x 33 x 15 centimeters and weighs approximately two kilos, making it its handling is quite simple.

Glory Cousin 5

We continue the list of the six best sulfaters with the Gloria Prima 5 model. This has a capacity of five liters and your pressure pump has optimal performance. Both the lance and the mouthpiece are made of brass and contain a hollow cone. As for the container, it is made of sturdy plastic. In addition, the Gloria Prima 5 model has a transparent indicator band that serves to visually control the charge level. Regarding the funnel, it has a large filling.

Mac Power 66006

The Man Power 66006 sulphating machine from the manufacturer Madeira & Madeira works by battery and it has a stainless steel lance. Its capacity reaches 16 liters. As for the dimensions, they are as follows: 48 x 37 x 21 centimeters. This model weighs 5,22 kilograms.

Wood Garden Tools 69092

Like the previous one, the Mader Garden Tools 69092 sulfater It has a stainless steel lance and a capacity of 16 liters.  In addition, it is from the same manufacturer, Madeira & Madeira. However, the size of this model is different. Its weight is 4,75 kilos and its dimensions correspond to 53 x 40 x 20 centimeters.

ECD Germany 18L Pressure Sprayer

Finally we will highlight the ECD Germany model. This is a battery operated multi-sided sprayer. It is a versatile model with an adjustable lance from 45 to 89 centimeters. In addition, the spray hose has a length of approximately 110 centimeters, facilitating comfortable work. The container is made of robust plastic and its capacity reaches 18 liters. Also it is a very powerful model, it can work up to 160 minutes when fully charged. Even the pump has a high power of 12 V / 2,1 A and works up to two bars. Thus it offers the necessary pressure and a high flow rate.

Thanks to the long and adjustable shoulder straps, this sulfacer is very comfortable to carry, since the straps are also padded on the back. Regarding the funnel, it has a large opening thus facilitating quick filling. The ECD Germany pressure spray is considered universal, as it has a 12 V / 8AH battery. It is an ideal sulphating machine for applying liquid fertilizers, disinfectant and even phytosanitary products.

Sulfater Buying Guide

Before buying a sulfater, there are some factors that we must take into account. For starters, there are different types of sulphators. Also, capacity, quality, and price can vary quite a bit. Next we will comment on the aspects to take into account.


There are different types of sulphating machines and depending on the use we want to give them, one or the other will be better for us. In general, for small gardens or orchards, it is advisable to purchase a backpack sprayer, the kind that is carried on the back. These can again be divided into three groups: electric, manual and gasoline sulphating machines. Usually, the cheapest are usually the manual ones, but they are not worse for that. On the other hand, if we are looking for sulphating machines for large areas and plantations, we also have the option of opting for larger models such as suspended or tractor sulphating machines.


Regarding the capacity, as when choosing the type of sulphating machine, we must bear in mind the area for which we want to use it. It depends on the size of the plantation or the garden we must make sure that the capacity of the sulfater is large enough to cover the whole ground.

Quality and price

As it usually happens, the price is closely related to the quality and size of the object. In the case of sulphating machines, we can find some backpack around € 30, while large sulphating machines designed for professional plantations at the agricultural level can exceed € 1500.

How to use a sulfater?

There are many types of sulphators

Usually, Sulfaters work in one way or another depending on their type. They should come with a user manual and labels that will guide us when calculating the amounts of water and product that we will need. In the case of backpack sulphators, they have a pressure vessel. By the constant pressure provided by that container, the liquid can be sprayed evenly.

Although the use of these machines is usually quite simple, we must be careful not to come into contact with the product that we are spraying, as it can be toxic. Therefore, it is best to use gloves to prevent it from reaching our hands and a mask so that it does not get into our eyes.

Where to buy

Today there are many ways to buy sulphators. Let's talk about some of the options we have.


In the great online platform Amazon we can find all kinds of sulphating machines and more accessories, apart from the necessary liquid. If we are subscribed to Amazon Prime, we can even access many products with special prices and fast delivery. Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable option.


The Carrefour supermarket also offers various gardening products, including sulphating machines. Nevertheless, they are usually small and for domestic use. For farms or large plantations it is not the most recommended place to look for sulphating machines.

Leroy Merlin

The Leroy Merlin too has a wide range of household and backpack sulphators. In addition, we can be advised by the professionals who work there.

Second hand

We always have the option of acquiring what we want second-hand. In the case of sulphating machines, it can be advantageous to save a little money. However, when buying them second hand we have no guarantee, so if it stops working correctly after a short time we will have to start the search again.

In conclusion we can say then that there is a great variety of sulfaters that can do better or worse. We must take into account above all the use we want to give it and the surface for which we need it. Based on these aspects, it is only a matter of looking for the one that best suits our pocket.