The best riding mower

Do you have a very large lawn? Or a problem in the back and / or legs? Or are you simply looking for comfort when it comes to taking care of your precious green carpet? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a vehicle designed for that purpose. A tractor mower.

But when you start to investigate, you see that there are many types and different prices, how do you know which is the best? We will help you. Take a look at the best models.

Our recommendation for the best riding mower

Choosing a riding mower is not easy. Not only are there several types, but you also have to take into account the price. For this reason, we advise looking for products from recognized brands, such as the one of our choice:


  • It is made to work effectively in medium-large gardens of up to 5000 square meters, although it is also excellent for small lawns.
  • Its cutting width is 77cm, and its height is adjustable from 38 to 102mm, allowing you to work large areas in a short time.
  • The motor has a power of 6,3kW, which ensures good performance.
  • It has a 200 liter grass collector tank, enough so that you do not have to be too aware of it and you can work at ease, since it also has a full collector indicator.
  • Both speed and direction are controlled by foot pedals so you have greater control over the riding mower.
  • It has a connection for a water hose.


  • The capacity of the dustpan can turn out to be limited when you haven't mowed your lawn for a long time.
  • The price can be high if you have a small lawn, taking into account that there are cheaper models for that type of garden.

What is the best riding mower?

MTD Lawn Tractor Mower...
  • Engine: mtd 382, ​​e-starter, 382 cc
  • Power: 6 1 kw / 2 800 min-1
  • Ideal for 3.500 m2 areas
Lawn Mower Cub ...
1 Reviews
Lawn Mower ...
2 Reviews
Lawn Mower ...
  • Ideal for 2.500 m2 areas
  • Engine: mtd, e-starter, 382 cc
  • Power: 8 kw./0 min-2.500
Riding mower MTD...
  • Ideal for areas of 4.000 m2 - cutting width: 96 cm
  • Engine: mtd, e-starter, 382cc; power : 8.0 kw./- min-1
  • Transmission: Transmatic 6 speed.
MTD 92 - Tractor...
  • 'MTD 92 "lawn tractors
  • Includes hard-top collection bag (240 l).
  • Engine power: 8,7 kW (11,6 PS)

Rider Trattorino Tagliaerba AMA ARR62L

If your lawn occupies a very large area, about 2500 square meters, but you don't want to spend a lot of money on a tractor, the Rider Trattorino Tagliaerba is a good option for you. It works with an engine with a power of 196cc, and has a 62cm blade, with an adjustable height from 30 to 90mm.

The grass collection bag can hold up to 130 liters of cut grass. And its total weight is 125kg.

Cub Cadet LR1NR76

With this lawn tractor you will enjoy taking care of your green carpet like never before. It is designed to work in areas of 2500 square meters, and it does so in a way that will be very comfortable for you as it has a cutting width of 76cm and an adjustable height from 38 to 95mm.

The tank has a capacity of 200 liters, and its total weight is 145kg.

Stiga Estate 2084

The riding mower has to be comfortable and work properly. And that is just what this model of the Stiga brand has. With a cutting width of 84 and an adjustable height from 25 to 80mm, it is sure to be a breeze to have the grass you dream of.

Its bag has a capacity of 200 liters, and it weighs 172kg.

MTD Smart Minirider 60

The MTD Smart Minirider lawn tractors are for those who want a more or less compact tool but that performs at its best in small-medium gardens. The cutting width is 60cm, and its height is adjustable from 38 to 95cm.

It has a 150 liter grass collector tank and weighs 152kg.

Tractor XC140 - 98H Texas A / S

The XC140 tractor has a very elegant and compact design, perfect for working surfaces of around 2500 square meters. With a cutting width of 98cm and an adjustable height from 30 to 90mm, you will have your lawn ready in no time.

As if that were not enough, it has a bag whose capacity is 200 liters. And it weighs a total of 165kg.

Husqvarna TS 138

The Husqvarna TS 138 is a powerful and efficient riding mower when working on very large areas of around 3000 square meters. It has a cutting width of 97cm, and an adjustable height between 38 to 102mm.

Its tank can hold up to 200 liters of cut grass, and its weight is 175kg.

Lawn Tractor Buying Guide

Lawn Tractor Buying and Comparison Guide

We have seen several very interesting models and we have told you what our recommendation is, but if you still have doubts, below we will give you a few tips to make it easier for you to choose a lawn tractor:

Garden size

If you have a small lawn, it is preferable to look for a tractor that works well on reduced surfaces, since otherwise you would spend money on a tractor that is going to have characteristics that are not going to be as useful as they should be. By the way, it is also a way to save a little.

Cutting width and height

Lawn mowers are made to perform in gardens with a minimum area of ​​1000 square meters, so the width of the cut is usually large, about 60-80cm so you do not have to spend too much time maintaining your green carpet. Regarding the height, it must be adjustable at several levels, since this way you can have the grass just at the height you want.

Grass collector tank capacity

The bigger your garden, the more capacity the grass collection bag should have. For example, if you have an area of ​​2000 square meters, it must be able to contain at least 200 liters of cut grass. If not, it will fill up quickly and you will need to empty it often.

Engine power

It is clear that the higher the engine power, the higher its performance. But ... you must bear in mind that it will consume more fuel and is likely to make more noise than a less powerful one unless it has a silencer. So if you have a small garden for example and you are going to use it often, we recommend a tractor with a rather low power, about 4-5kW since you do not need more as it is always kept low.


The available budget is, perhaps, the most important thing to consider. Whether it is limited or not, search, compare models and prices, and do not hesitate to ask the seller for any questions that may arise. If you also have the possibility to read the opinions of other buyers, the better, since this way surely no problems will arise with the purchase.

What is the maintenance of the riding mower?

Maintenance of the best lawn tractors

Keeping a riding mower in perfect condition requires some time, as there are several things to pay attention to:

General cleaning

It must be cleaned after each use with a leaf blower for example, in this way you can remove all remaining leaves, grass, etc. that he could have stayed.

In no case should a pressurized water hose be used, since it would damage the engine if it is not protected, and the transmission system.

Operator presence system

It's a system that makes the engine and clutch work only when you sit down. It is very useful, since this engine starts only when you are in the vehicle.

If it does not work in the correct way, you have to take it to be checked.


The battery must be changed regularly as it runs low. It is usually done by removing a screw located on one of the front tires, pulling the protective cover up to expose it, and then using a wrench to remove the cable from the larger battery.

How and when to do it will be explained in more detail in your tractor manual.

Oil Change

The oil must be changed every X hours of use (That number will be indicated in the manual, don't worry 😉). This is done because if it is dirty, the engine does not work well. To do this, what is done is to open the oil outlet mouth - it is usually on the side - and immediately place a container just below to collect it. Wait for everything to come out, and then put the cap back on.

Finally, fill the tank again.


Blades you have to sharpen them from time to time, and even change them if they are very worn. Put on suitable gloves that protect you well and use a file or grinding wheel, or take them to a specialized site so that they can take care of sharpening them.


Perhaps it is one of the most necessary parts and to which more importance must be given. The brake is very important that it works well. Therefore, bring the riding mower to a flat, dry surface, press the brake all the way down, and then set the parking brake with the mechanical and traction gear in neutral.

If when you do this you see the back wheels turn, you must take it to be checked.

Level the tractor

It is very important that all four wheels are properly aligned and properly inflated. The proper functioning of the vehicle and, above all, your safety depend on it.

Bonded warehouse

When you have finished working, you should store it in a place protected from direct sun, and dry. Do it when the engine cools down, thus avoiding problems.

Where to buy the best lawn tractors?

Where to buy lawn mowers

If you want to buy a lawn tractor you can do it in any of these places:

The Amazon

In Amazon we can find, literally, everything ... or almost. Its lawn tractor catalog is very wide, so much so that we find models from 1000 to more than 10 euros. Buying here has several advantages, such as the possibility of reading the opinions of other buyers before paying for the product, or that after making the payment you only have to wait a few days to receive it at home.

Leroy Merlin

In the Leroy Merlin they sell a wide variety of models at prices that are quite good (around 1500 euros). Buyers can't leave feedback, but since they sell well-known brands, such as McCulloch or MTD, you ensure that you will receive a high quality product.


Wallapop is a site (and an application for mobile devices) that is used to sell and buy mainly second-hand products. It is advisable to take a look when you want to buy a lawn tractor, as they are of quality at a very low price. Of course, do not hesitate to ask the buyer all the doubts you have, and even ask for more photos if you think it is necessary.

I hope you were able to find the riding mower you were looking for 🙂.

Remember that, if you are not convinced, you may need another type of lawnmower, such as the ones we recommend below:

In the event that you know without knowing which of these options are the best, remember that we have one comparison of the best lawnmowers.

? What is a riding mower for?

The difference of a lawn tractor with respect to others is the comfort of mowing. For extensive terrain, and without giving back problems.

? What are the best lawn tractor brands?

You will have MTD, Husqvarna, Mcculloch, among many others. We recommend you see where each one falters and stands out.

? What is the price of a riding mower?

Between € 1.000-2.500. Their prices are more expensive than other types of lawnmower due to the large number of facilities they offer you to cut your lawn.

? What is the maintenance of a riding mower?

You have to clean it every time you use it, as well as check its battery, oil, leveling and blades, so that they are always effective.