The best prefabricated ponds for your garden

For a few years it has been very fashionable to have prefabricated ponds in the garden. They make beautiful, increase the feeling of nature and they bring peace and tranquility to the environment. In addition, they favor the small ecosystem that the garden can be for some animals and plants. For this reason, there are more and more models and accessories on the market, some with natural designs, others with modern designs and even some tall ponds to be able to place them on the terrace or balcony.

To have more information about prefabricated ponds, I recommend that you read this article. We will talk about the best ones on the market, how to buy them and where to place them.. Turn your garden into a little paradise with a pond.

? Top 1 - The best prefabricated pond?

Among the prefabricated tanks we highlight this Oase 50758 model. Its capacity reaches 80 liters and measures 380 x 780 millimeters. Due to its small size, it is even suitable for terraces. It is made of HDPE, making it very robust and resistant. People who have bought this product have been very satisfied.


We almost only found advantages for this prefabricated pond. It's about a sturdy and robust design that is easy to install. Also, the price is great for a pond of this size.


The only disadvantages that this prefabricated pond can present are the same as all the others: Maintenance. When installing a pond, we must bear in mind that the water must be continuously recirculated, regardless of how small it may be. In addition, a filtration system must be installed so that the water remains clean.

Best prefabricated ponds

Apart from our top one, there are also other prefabricated ponds on the market. We can find them in different sizes, designs and prices. Next we will expose the best prefabricated ponds, it is only a matter of choosing the one that we like the most.

Heissner - Prefabricated pond

We started the list with a pre-made plastic pond and basic design. It has dimensions of 58 x 58 x 30 centimeters and a capacity of 70 liters. Due to its size it is ideal both for ponds or garden fountains or for the terrace.

Heissner - Pond and water garden

We continue with a prefabricated pond whose dimensions are 89 x 70 x 11 centimeters. Its beautiful brown rock design will give a very special touch to the garden. The installation of this product is simple and has a screw to be able to mount a hose on each shell. In addition, this prefabricated pond is resistant to weathering and breakage.

Heisner 015196-00

Now we introduce the Heissner model 015190-00. This prefabricated pond stands out because it is tall, there is no excavation to be able to place it. Thus, it is a beautiful decorative element both for the garden and for the balcony or terrace. It is made of polyrattan and its dimensions are 66 x 46 x 70 centimeters. In addition, a 600 liter pump and accessories are included in the price.

Finca Casarejo - Garden pond

Another model to highlight in this list of prefabricated ponds is this one from Finca Casarejo. It is made of resin and fiberglass, which makes it very resistant. In addition, this prefabricated pond is resistant to frost and ultraviolet rays. In case of breakage, it can be repaired. Its length is 1,70 meters, while its width is equivalent to one meter and its depth reaches 0,25 meters. With these dimensions it is capable of holding up to 200 liters of water. To empty it is as simple as using an extraction pump or removing the cap. However, it must be borne in mind that both the cap and the installation are not included in the price.

Wasserkaskaden - Decorative garden pond

We also want to mention this beautiful prefabricated pond in Wasserkaskaden. Its design imitating natural stone will be beautiful in any garden. It is made of plastic reinforced with fiberglass, so it is very resistant and withstands different weather conditions well. With dimensions of 112 x 70 x 31 centimeters, this prefabricated pond has a capacity of up to 100 liters. On an aesthetic level it is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding prefabricated ponds.

Finca Casarejo - Prefabricated garden pond

Finally we will talk a little about another prefabricated pond at Finca Casarejos. This model is larger than the previous one, thus also being somewhat more expensive. It is 2,70 meters long, 0,25 meters deep and 1,10 meters wide. Therefore, its capacity is a total of 350 liters of water. As for the material, like the other Finca Casarejos model, this one is made of resin and fiberglass. Thanks to this, this prefabricated pond is resistant to both ultraviolet radiation and frost. To empty it, you can use an extraction pump or remove the cap. However, it must be borne in mind that the cap is not included in the price.

Prefab Ponds Buying Guide

Once we have decided that we want to decorate our garden with a pond, there are several aspects that we must take into account. To select a good prefabricated pond that suits our needs, it is advisable to be clear about the options we have regarding materials, design, size and price. To help you with your selection, we will discuss these points below.


The vast majority of prefabricated ponds are usually made of polyethylene. It is a simple plastic to manufacture and whose cost is very low, thus improving the final price of prefabricated ponds. What's more, It is very resistant to the passage of time and weather agents.


Generally, pre-made ponds have curved shapes with steps on the edges. Thus, they are given different levels at which various plants can be planted. Nevertheless, we can also currently find rectangular prefabricated ponds, with and without steps. These are great if we want a more modern touch in our garden or terrace.

Capacity or size

As expected, the size and capacity of the pond depends on what we want and the space we have. Today there is a great diversity of offers on the market. We can find prefabricated ponds so small that we can even place them on a terrace or balcony. On the other hand, there are prefabricated ponds larger than bathtubs. Obviously, the bigger the pond, the more it will cost and the higher the expenses related to its maintenance.


The price will depend mainly on the size of the prefabricated pond and its design. We can find some small ones for around € 30, while the large ones can exceed € 400. We must also include additional expenses for accessories that we may need, such as water pumps or filters. In addition, if we want the pond to be installed, they will charge us for the labor. However, the installation of the prefabricated ponds is quite simple, so we could do it ourselves without any problem and save a little in that regard.

Where to put the prefabricated ponds?

There are prefabricated ponds with curved or rectangular designs

If our dream is to have a pond with an entire ecosystem working in it, we can achieve it today even with little space. In the case that we have a garden, it would be the most ideal and natural place to install a prefabricated pond. Nevertheless, there are small and even tall models that do not require any excavation, so they are perfectly suitable to have them on terraces or even balconies.

Where to buy

We are now going to see different options of places where we can buy prefabricated ponds. Currently they can be purchased both online and in physical stores. As for the models, there are many different ones so it is advisable that we take a look at different warehouses and thus find the ideal pond for us.


Amazon's large online platform offers a wide variety of prefabricated ponds and accessories. This is a good option if we want to see different models in one place and have it brought home. In addition, if we are registered in Amazon prime we can take advantage of its advantages in many of the products.

Leroy Merlin

The famous Leroy Merlin has for sale various models of prefabricated ponds, both small and large. It also offers necessary and decorative accessories that we can add to the purchase. One of the advantages of this establishment is that you can be advised by a professional.

Second hand

We can also look for second-hand prefabricated ponds. Currently there are many web pages and applications where people can put used products for sale. Although this idea may be attractive due to its lower price, we must ensure that the pond is in good condition, without any breakage, since any leak will leave us with an empty pond. Contrary to the two previous cases, we do not have any guarantee.

In conclusion we can say that there are prefabricated ponds for all kinds of spaces and tastes. If we only have a terrace or balcony, there are options so that we can have our pond. In the case of having some land, we can opt for prefabricated models with natural or modern designs, according to our taste. I hope this article has helped you find the ideal pond for you. You can always tell us in the comments how the acquisition of your new prefabricated pond has gone.