Teresa Bernal

I am a journalist by vocation and by profession. Since I was little I was fascinated by the world of letters and the power of communication. Therefore, I did my best to obtain my degree in Journalism, a dream that I achieved with a lot of work and dedication. Since then, I have participated in numerous digital projects of various kinds, covering all types of topics, from politics to sports, through culture, health or leisure. I have adapted to the needs and preferences of each audience, always seeking to offer quality, rigorous and attractive content. I have learned a lot from each experience and I continue to do so every day, because I believe that you never stop growing as a professional and as a person. Apart from letters, my other great passion is nature. I love plants and any living being that brings energy and good vibes around me. I believe that plants are a source of life, beauty and harmony, and that taking care of them is a way of taking care of ourselves and the planet. For this reason, I dedicate my free time to gardening, an activity that relaxes me, amuses me and enriches me. I enjoy watching my plants grow and flower, and learning about their characteristics, care and benefits. Gardening is, for me, an excellent stress therapy and a way to express my creativity and love of nature.