How to care for a camellia cutting in water?

A good method of propagating camellia is by taking a cutting in water.

The attractive flowers and glossy green leaves of camellias make them highly prized plants. If you have any specimen of this plant and want to reproduce it, a good method of doing this is by cuttings in water. It is a very simple and common task that does not require much work or hardly any time. This technique involves taking cuttings from the mother plant and submerging them in water until their roots form. But how to care for a camellia cutting in water?

While it is true that this is an easy and efficient method, it is essential to follow the recommended care procedures to ensure good rooting and healthy plant growth. In this post we are going to explain how to make a camellia cutting in water, how long it takes to root and what care we should give it to have success.

How to make camellia cuttings in water?

The camellia cutting in water usually takes between four and six weeks to root.

Before explaining how to care for a cutting of camellia needle, we must first have one, right? If you want to use this method to grow camellias, I recommend that you follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the stem: Choose a camellia plant stem that is healthy and free of disease. The spring or summer months are ideal for this task.
  2. Make the cutting: Make a 4- to 6-inch cut into a stem with sharp, sanitized pruning shears. The cut should be made at an angle of 45 degrees straight.
  3. Remove sheets: The lower two-thirds of the stem should be free of leaves so they don't end up rotting in the water.
  4. Acquire the water: It is important that we use filtered or distilled water and put it in a clean container. The chemicals in the tap water could harm the plant by cutting, so it is not recommended.
  5. use rooting (optional): In order to help the rooting of the cutting, we can dip the cut end of the stem in powdered rooting hormones. While this step is optional, it is highly recommended.
  6. Place the cutting in the water: Now we can introduce the cutting into the water. It is important that it is completely covered.
  7. Locate the container: Place the container with the water and the cutting in a place where it receives good indirect lighting.

Once we have carried out these steps, it is only time to take care of the camellia cutting in water until we can transplant it to a pot with soil or directly in the garden soil.

How long does it take to root a camellia cutting?

When we have already made a camellia cutting in water, the most normal thing is to ask ourselves how long it will take to root. Well, the rooting in the water usually takes between four and six weeks. However, the time it takes for the cutting to root can vary depending on the variety of camellia, the age and health of the plant, and environmental circumstances. Therefore, some can root faster than others.

Before planting the cutting in the ground, it is crucial to be patient and wait for the roots to form first. We can carry out the camellia transplant to a pot or to the ground when the roots have reached at least an inch in length. Once the plant is transplanted, we must place it in a place where it receives indirect light and keep it well watered. Camellia may need a few months to become established and begin to develop new leaves and branches.

Camellia cutting care in water

Good care of the camellia cutting in water is essential for the plant to grow

Now that we know how to make a camellia cutting in water and how long it takes to take root, it's time to discuss the basic care it requires. If we don't take good care of this little stem, it may not take root or the plant may not grow well.

First of all it is essential keep the water clean and free of bacteria. To do this, we have no choice but to change it every few days. As we have already mentioned before, it must be distilled or filtered water to protect the cutting from damage. It is also important maintain the water level because the cut end of the cutting must be submerged at all times. Therefore we will have to check the water level frequently and, if necessary, add more.

Another aspect to take into account is the location of the container with the cutting. If it receives direct sunlight, the plant can be damaged. However, camellias require a lot of bright, indirect light to flourish. Therefore we must look for a place where it receives a lot of light but without it being directly.

I hope this information has been useful for you to make and care for a camellia cutting in water. Maintaining it well and checking the water frequently, you will surely end up putting out some beautiful flowers!

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