Ideas of centerpieces for summer weddings

Ideas of centerpieces for summer weddings

Are you getting married this year? And do you like plants? So, Why not bring your wedding and plants together in a series of centerpiece ideas for summer weddings?

If you want the tables of your guests at the wedding to leave an unforgettable memory, then we are going to give you several suggestions for it. You just have to choose the one you like best or be inspired to give it your personal touch. Do you want to see the ideas?

tall vases full of flowers

tall with flowers

One of the first centerpiece ideas for summer weddings may be the most classic. That is, put some tall transparent vases decorated with a bouquet of flowers. These can also be special, either because you want to identify each table with a flower colour, or because it is the bride or groom's favourite...

The truth is that there you can choose flowers for many different reasons. But the important thing is that they are located at a high altitude. Especially since, in this way, this will not impair communication with diners at the table. Even so, the vase itself has that drawback; being in the center he may prevent some tablemates from looking good and having to juggle to strike up a conversation.

In fact, do not be surprised that in the end the vase is put on the floor or asked to be removed. So you have to weigh it well because yes, they look good, but you have to control this.

base vases

Another option, contrary to the previous one, is to use very short vases, almost to place the flowers on the same table. In this case there is no problem with the diners, who will be able to talk and have fun like anyone else. But it also has a problem, and that is that visually it will not look as beautiful as the previous one. It does not mean that the table is not dressed with that idea, but it is true that it is a little more subdued, especially when everyone is sitting at the table because it ends up blending in with the rest of the elements.

elongated centerpiece

If the tables that you are going to put are rectangular, then a centerpiece that runs half of it from one end to the other can be very elegant and striking. It is best to choose flowers according to the tastes of the couple. Whether in pastel tones, in bold colors, etc.

Of course, be careful with the width of these centers since, if the table is not too wide, when placing it on it there may be little space for important things such as cutlery, plates, glasses...

minimalist centerpiece


What if among the ideas of centerpieces for summer weddings you bet on something minimalist? You see, you can always place a simple flower on the table, either a rose, an azalea, an orchid... with one side on the stem and placed in a small vase.

If the table is round, it will look great in the center; and if it is elongated you could place one every two spaces. That is, you place one at the beginning of the table, leave a space and place another one again.

To give more color to this you can place on the table a piece of cloth of the characteristic color of the table dividing this and, on top, put plates or vases that will be the ones that decorate.

Some flowers fallen from the ceiling

If, despite the fact that the wedding is held in summer, you are going to do it indoors, this is one of the ideas for centerpieces for summer weddings that you might like, especially since not much is given.

Consists in use the ceiling to suspend floral arrangements on the tables, for example of hanging plants, in such a way that it is decorated with them on the tables.

Of course, you must be careful of the line of sight of the people so that it does not hinder talking with others who are in front of you.

Combine tall and short vases


We continue with more ideas for centerpieces for summer weddings. And in this case we are going to combine the first two that we have given you using for it long and tall vases with other short ones, such as glasses, or a little taller, jars.

At the top, a bouquet full of flowers would be placed, while at the bottom, you would have several options: a bouquet the same as the one above, a simple flower, a set of six...

cages full of flowers

They have become fashionable for a few years, and the truth is that these centerpieces that mix something vintage, such as the old bird cages, with the flowers look very good.

It is not necessary that the cage be large, quite the contrary. In addition, you can leave the door open or closed, as you like. More than one will want to take it home.

moss and plants

This decoration looks great on both rectangular and round tables. Consists in cover the center of it with moss and, on top of it, put an appropriate decoration, like small flowers, some mushroom and the like. You will give it a country and forest air, and it will be very striking. If you also add a central plant that is different from the others (larger, in the center) it will make a greater impression.

Table center that simulates a forest

And related to the above, another thing you can do is create a small forest, or a similar scene. Placed in the center of the table it can be very original and curious. For example, you can simulate the natural habitat of that favorite plant of the couple.

flower arches

Finally, the last centerpiece that we propose is to make arches on the table itself. That is to say, little arches that create like little groups. Of course, remember that the arch should not be too high so that there are no problems talking between tablemates.

Even You could create a design on the rectangular table with the illusion that the centerpiece levitates above it.

As you can see, there are many ideas for centerpieces for summer weddings that you can come up with, even mix ideas to get new combinations. Have you already thought about this detail for your wedding?

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