Geranium flower colors, what is its meaning?

geraniums with potted flower

Surely you already know that the geranium flower colors they can be very diverse. In fact, its chromatic variety is one of the main attractions of this plant that is so common in gardens, balconies and terraces throughout Spain.

Although any excuse is a good one to put a geranium in your life, today I am going to tell you a little more about the meaning of the colors of these flowers. And I am also going to leave you some tips so that your geraniums bloom like never before.

What are the colors of the geranium flower?

The most common geraniums are those with red flowers, but surely on some occasion you have also seen them in white, in different shades of pink and even in purple.

Actually we cannot speak of a single geranium, but there are more than 500 species around the world. The best known is the zonal geranium, which is distinguished by having a kind of fuzz both on the stems and on the leaves, and which is common to observe in red, pink and white.

Another variety is the geranium pendant, which stands out for having more fleshy leaves than the rest. As in the previous case, the colors of the hanging geranium flower are usually red, pink and white.

There is also the pansy geranium, which is characterized by its toothed leaves and its larger flowers, usually red or white.

What do the colors of the geranium flower mean?

pink geranium flowers


The white flowers always evoke purity and innocence. Although it may seem that white is the simplest color in nature, it is nonetheless beautiful.

In the case of geraniums, their small white flowers delight those who observe them, and provide a feeling of relaxation and tranquility to the space in which they are.


There is no doubt that red is the color of passion par excellence. For centuries this color has been identified with love, passion, even with the forbidden and even with aggressiveness.

In the case of the colors of the geranium flower, red is always a sure hit for any corner. It does not matter if you are going to plant a small flower bed in a prominent place in your garden or if you are going to put the geranium in a pot on your balcony, red will attract attention and will charge you with vitality every time you look at those small flowers endowed with a color full of strength


The pink in the flowers always It has been associated with calm, tranquility, romanticism and sweetness.. In the case of the colors of the geranium flower, the range of roses can go from the softest to the most intense tones. And the stronger its color, the more intense the feelings it arouses.

If you want to create a space that evoke tranquility and encourage you to relax, put geraniums with a light pink flower. On the contrary, if you feel like more intensity, choose a shade that is a little more vibrant.


Purple or purple is one of the most striking colors that we can find when we admire these flowers. It is a color that is capable of stimulate our senses to the maximum and, at the same time, it induces us to calm down, even in its strongest tones.

If you have your geranium planted near a work area, or where you do crafts, choose one with purple flowers, because you will notice how stimulate your creativity.

Is it a good idea to combine the colors of the geranium flower?

geraniums with potted flower

If you are wondering if it is better to plant geraniums with flowers of the same color together or if, on the contrary, it is better to combine different colors, I confirm that this is your choice. It depends a lot on the effect you are looking for.

In case you want to create a landscape that is as homogeneous as possible, use geraniums with flowers of the same color. Because even within the same color, different tones appear naturally.

You can, for example, fill the balcony of your room with white-flowered geraniums. In this way, they will be the first thing you see in the morning and will charge you with good feelings, making you forget about stress for a while.

If what you want is to create a unique and striking corner, try combining different colors of the geranium flower. As the plants grow they will mix with each other and a very nice effect will be generated. A vital corner that will become a favorite in your garden.

How to make your flowers more beautiful than ever?

purple geranium flower petals

Surely you already know what color or colors you are going to choose for your geraniums. So before I say goodbye let me give you some tips to make your plants look prettier than ever and to make the flowers abundant and last longer:

  • Put your geranium in the sun. This plant loves to receive direct natural light. You will notice that the longer it is exposed to the sun, the more abundant its flowering.
  • Cut off faded flowers. Not only are they very ugly, but they are an obstacle to the birth of new flowers. When you see that they have withered, remove them.
  • Use a small pot. With this plant that doesn't work for us. "big horse walk or not walk". Try to choose a pot that is as tight as possible to the diameter of the plant. Being more compacted, it will put more effort into flowering and less into growing in size.
  • Don't go overboard with watering. In summer you should water these plants two to three times a week. In winter, a weekly watering is sufficient. Make sure that the water does not fall directly on the leaves and flowers, since it could rot them.

Geraniums are hardy and grateful plants. With a little care and a lot of love they will be more beautiful than ever, and you will be able to enjoy the geranium flower colors. How many varieties do you already have at home? I await your comments!

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