The best indoor plants with decorative flowers

indoor plants with decorative flowers for your home.

We are used to indoor plants beautifying spaces with just their leaves. However, also There are varieties that grow well indoors and that brighten our day with very showy flowers. Don't you know them? Well pay attention, because we are going to review some of the best indoor plants with decorative flowers.

Varieties that you can put both in the living room and in the entrance of the house, or in the bedrooms, and that will add a natural and cheerful touch to the rooms that will not go unnoticed.


Begonia flower blooming in deep pink color.

The begonia is a plant that has small, delicate-looking flowers that remind us a little of roses. What you may not know is that This plant blooms throughout the year, so you can enjoy its flowers in red, white or pink, both in summer and winter. 

To encourage flowering, place the pot in a place where it receives bright but indirect light, preferably filtered through a curtain. Use a quality substrate, with good drainage capacity and rich in organic matter. Water sparingly, but ensure that the top layer of the substrate never dries out completely.


Clivia, among indoor plants with decorative flowers

If we talk about indoor plants with decorative flowers, we cannot forget about the clivia. Because, in addition to being a variety that gives us beautiful flowers, it is very easy to care for.

Its flowers are trumpet-shaped, with six petals that open outwards. Although there are varieties that flower in red or pink, The most common are those with orange or yellow flowers. And the best thing is that these flowers have a longer life than others produced by indoor plants.

Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus for the interior of your house.

It is known by this nickname because it is precisely in winter when it blooms. This plant has become so popular that It is as present in homes as the traditional poinsettia.

The cactus has a fairly abundant flowering, with good-sized flowers, in colors as striking as pink, red or orange, among others. They are multi-petaled flowers and, in some cases, they can last for weeks.


Indoor flower hibiscus.

There are two things that make the hibiscus an unmistakable plant. The first of them is the particular trumpet shape that its flowers have.The second is the pleasant aroma they give off.

Although its flowers only live two or three days, their beauty makes up for their ephemeral life. If you want to add hibiscus to your collection of indoor plants with decorative flowers, you can find varieties in white (the most common), orange, red, yellow and even violet.

It blooms from spring to fall, but in warm places, it can be flowering almost all year round. Therefore, if you provide it with adequate care, with this plant you will never lack flowers at home.


Cyclamen is one of the indoor plants with decorative flowers

Cyclamen is a small plant that we can have both inside and outside the home. It is characterized by having quite dense foliage and striking flowers. of colors that grow from rods that emerge from between the leaves. In addition to their beautiful aesthetics, these flowers are highly appreciated because they last a long time.

To care for cyclamen it is important to put it away from heat sources, because this is a plant that prefers cold. It is also advisable to moderate watering, because excess humidity can damage its roots.


Spathiphyllous flowers

The spathiphyllum or peace lily is one of the most appreciated indoor plants, because It is quite resistant and blooms throughout the year. Furthermore, the contrast of the intense green of its leaves with the white of its flowers creates a very harmonious effect.

If you are looking for indoor plants with decorative flowers, this is a very good choice to place in a bedroom. Put a wicker pot over it, and You will make the environment gain warmth.


Many daisies for the interior of the home.

Although we are used to seeing them outdoors, the truth is that daisies can also develop as indoor flowers. AND This is a very versatile and easy-to-care plant.

Its flowers can be larger or smaller depending on the variety we have chosen, and We also find them in multiple colors. But, in any case, this plant guarantees us a very abundant flowering.


Orchid tipp for the interior of the house.

Without a doubt, the orchid is the most popular flowering houseplant. Because It has an inflorescence that stands out for both its colors and its shape. And the best thing is that we can enjoy the flowers for months.

Although its flower gives it a very delicate appearance, this it is a quite resistant plant. If you provide it with basic care, it will be perfect and will bloom season after season.

African violet

An African violet decorating the interior of your house.

This is a small plant, but it does not need to grow much to attract attention. Because it achieves this through its small purple flowers that, in addition, they are maintained throughout the year if the plant receives the appropriate amount of humidity.

Nor do its leaves go unnoticed, which are large in size compared to the total size of the plant, and have a velvety feel. If you put this plant in a nice pot, already You have the ideal complement to decorate any room.


This is what kalanchoe looks like

There are about 120 recognized species of Kalanchoe. The most popular variety in Europe is easilyE recognizable by its large, fleshy-looking leaves and its small, showy flowers. in colors ranging from intense red to orange, through yellow or white, among others.

Blooms from winter to spring, so add a touch of color to your home in the coldest time of the year. And the best thing is that its care is very simple, it only needs a good dose of light and that you be careful with watering.

What do you think of these indoor plants with decorative flowers? Surely you already have some of them at home. Can you tell us your experience?

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