Do you know the Malaga biznaga?


Have you ever heard of the Malaga biznaga? Have you seen her? To begin with, and as its name indicates, it is a flower related to Malaga. More specifically, one of its symbols.

But what is it? How is? What is your story? This, and a few more things, is what we are going to tell you below. Shall we start?

What is the biznaga

Malaga biznaga

Source: Visit Malaga

We have told you before that the biznaga is a flower and symbol of Malaga. Well, really, it's not a flower. We are not talking about a plant that produces biznagas flowers, but rather it is an artificial flower that is made by hand.

In reality, a biznaga is a composition of bouquets made with jasmines (of several species although there is a special one that is used for its petals and its aroma). It consists of gathering a bunch of these bouquets and placing them in an orderly manner, giving it the shape of a white ball. The smell it gives off is intense and aesthetically it is one of the most beautiful (not real) flowers you can see.

It is common for the biznaga to be part of events related to summer, since it is the typical flower of that season in Malaga. In fact, if you visit the city at that time you will see that there are many biznagueros who strive to sell biznagas on the streets because for them it is a symbol of Malaga like anchovies.

The origin of the biznaga

Now you know what a biznaga is, but are you interested in knowing how it came about? And why her name? You will see, Biznaga is a word that comes from Arabic and means "gift from God."

At first, in its origin, it was an element used to flavor (because of the smell that jasmine gives off). but also like mosquito repellent. In fact, it can continue to be used for these purposes, but it is normally purchased for decorative purposes.

How biznaga is made

Two typical flowers of Malaga


Although this flower does not exist in nature, nor is there a plant from which it comes, the truth is that many are interested in knowing how they create this flower that, if you see it naturally, you will love it.

This is the work of the biznaguero, that is, the person who sells these flowers in summer and who makes them himself (hence it is an artisanal work). How do they carry it out?

A biznaga is made up of jasmine (specifically, royal jasmine) and by nerdo, which is similar to the common thistle.

The nerdo is harvested in May and left to dry in the sun for a few months. The stem is then immersed in water for eight hours. The objective is for it to become softer so that it can be manipulated and given the ball shape that is characteristic of this flower.

Once they have the structure, the next step is to insert the jasmine, but we already told you that it is not as easy as it seems since the holes that remain from the thistle are quite small and it is a very meticulous process.

Each biznaga takes about fifteen minutes to make if you are a beginner., and about five if you already have enough experience with them.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that biznagueros only work during the day making biznagueros. This is because they must build these rounded bouquets when the jasmine flower is closed (even cut, it has that property) in such a way that it is easier for them to work this way. If they did it with the flower open it would be more complicated and also, due to friction and contact, it would lose that smell and even be damaged. That's why this elaboration is so important.



Source: Diario Sur

In Malaga the biznaga is one of the most important symbols of the city. And that's why it's usually present in many events held in summer.

All the weddings, baptisms, communions... They are one of the events where the biznagas shine because many use them as decoration in churches or at banquets. Likewise, souvenirs of that day often have a representation of this flower, if the flower is not given directly or the guests take them from the celebration tables.

Brianda couples, especially older ones, the tradition is not to give a rose, but a biznaga which is known as "low cost pink." And the price is usually cheaper, and the visual effect is much greater.

The biznaga present in the cinema

Imagine the importance of the biznaga in Malaga, which is a symbol for one of the most important film festivals in the city. We are talking about Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

In case you did not know, all winners receive a trophy depicting a silver biznaga. But there is still more; And the award for best film does not win that silver award with the biznaga, but a gold one. The silver goes to the second best film.

For this reason, these awards are sometimes known as the biznaga awards.

how to get one

By now, after reading about this flower and seeing the pictures, you are more than likely interested in having one. But unless you go to Malaga in summer it is difficult to get since it is usually sold on the streets of Malaga. Now, that would be the flower. And yet, researching on the Internet, we have found that there are some stores where they sell creations that simulate biznagas like jewelry, flowers made of porcelain... Of course, the natural ones, the ones they sell there, are very difficult to find (at least we haven't).

In Malaga, as we tell you, you have the option to walk along the main street (Larios Street) and you will surely find people dressed in a white shirt, a red sash and black pants, the typical costume of the biznaguero with a tray full of biznaga flowers.

Do you dare to get this biznaga flower?

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