Dried vs preserved flowers: what are the differences and which is better

Dried vs Preserved Flowers

Have you ever made a comparison between dried vs preserved flowers? Have you wondered what differences and similarities there are between them or what are the best options for your home (whether to decorate or for other uses)?

If this is the case, but it is not completely clear to you what you should know about dried and preserved flowers, then we will tell you about all those details so that you do not have any doubts with them. Keep reading.

Dried flowers: what are they and how are they obtained?


Before talking about which would be better between dried vs. preserved flowers, it is important that you know what we mean by dried flowers, as well as preserved flowers. In this way you will be able to know the differences that you will find between them.

Starting with the dried flowers, These can be defined as natural flowers that, due to a drying and dehydration process, they lose the water they have inside in such a way that they are left with only the structure, but they lose the liquid that gave them life.

In other words, dried flowers are natural flowers only, after drying them, they lose that appearance and shape and are left with wrinkled petals and leaves.

Yes, due to this "air dry" process, they are much more brittle due to being like sheets of paper (by pressing a little you would already break the petals or leaves).

And what is the process they go through? As we have told you before, what is done is to eliminate the water from the flowers in such a way that the plant "dries up". But, contrary to its withering, a complete preservation is generated.

At home you may have ever done this process. For example, taking a flower, putting it between napkins and pressing down with weight so that it releases all the water. Or leaving a bouquet of flowers hanging from the ceiling upside down (in these cases it is recommended that it be a room that you can leave in the dark), in addition to applying lacquer or similar so that it dries while preserving its shape.

In exchange, you get an almost intact flower that will last you many years.

Advantages of using dried flowers in home decoration


Decorating with dried flowers gives you many possibilities. You can decorate with flower petals, with bouquets of dried flowers, ornaments, etc. You can also find it with preserved flowers, although somewhat more limited.

Thus, On a decorative level, one of the main advantages is using a natural element. Even when it is dry, the process is carried out without touching the plant itself, that is, without using any product that could change the appearance of the flower that you are drying.

Another of the advantages that you get with dried flowers in decoration is their aroma.. Did you know that they can keep the fragrance they had? It's not forever, but for a while you will be able to revel in it and appreciate it because it intensifies quite a bit. So if the flower that you dry is very aromatic, it is normal for that aroma to be preserved for a good season.

Preserved flowers: what are they and how are they processed?

decoration with flower

If we now focus on preserved flowers, you should know that these are created through techniques and chemical products whose objective is to preserve the shape, color, etc. of the flower However, they go through a chemical coloring process. That is to say, that despite being of a certain color, in reality they manipulate that hue and color so that it is appreciated even more. Hence, we are dealing with a more artificial element than dried flowers. This does not mean that only white flowers are used and dyed, in fact other colors are used, only that color is worked artificially and colored so that it does not lose it over time.

Because of this, they do not retain the natural smell they had, and only if you add fragrance will you be able to smell it (usually they do not smell at all or, if they are freshly made, the aroma they have is of chemical products).

In return, it does retain a natural touch as if it were a real flower. That is why it attracts so much attention, because it is like a real flower but you know it will last a long time (not as long as you dry it, be careful, although these are more fragile, if you are not careful they can go away sooner ).

The main advantage that preserved flowers have is the appearance. Decoratively speaking, they are very attractive, and they can be kept in perfect condition for a while (yes, taking care of them from dust so that they do not lose their color).

Dried vs Preserved Flowers: Which is the best option?

Now that you know what are dried flowers and what are preserved, you may still be undecided about which is the best option. And at this point the answer is not easy.

To begin with, your own taste comes into play here. There are those who like to see the dried flowers; but there are people who do not like them and prefer the preserved ones because they retain their appearance, shape, color... even if it is for a shorter time than the dried ones can last.

Another aspect to consider is whether you prefer flowers that have gone through a natural treatment to preserve them or a more complex one, often using various types of artificial products, to keep them as if they were alive.

There is no doubt that, if you want them to decorate, the preserved flowers will be more striking against the dry ones; but you can also play with the latter.

As you can see, a comparison between dried and preserved flowers is not easy to carry out. And the final answer choosing one or the other will depend on the tastes that you have as well as what you want to achieve. Do you have any doubts? Leave them in comments and we will try to answer.

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