Best Locations for False Jasmine

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One of the main cares for a plant to develop properly is its location. And it will not be less in the false jasmine. In fact, it can be the difference between it becoming bushy or barely growing at all. But, What are the best locations for false jasmine?

If you want to have one at home, or you already have it and you have realized that, since you bought it, it has not changed much, take a look at what we have prepared: you may see that you do not have it in the best place .

False Jasmine Locations: Where to Place It?

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When thinking about the locations of false jasmine, you not only have to decide if you are going to put it in full sun, semi-shade or shade. There are also others Aspects to consider. For example, if you are going to plant it in the garden soil or in a pot; If you are going to use it for pergolas, fences, walls, hedges, trellises...

Depending on what is decided, the location may change. And, in addition to the above, the temperature, wind and climate where you live will also have an influence.

Therefore, let's go in parts:

False jasmine: in a pot or in the ground

False jasmine is a plant that you can have both in a pot and in the ground. Now, in one place or another it will be different.

In case you don't know, when false jasmine is planted in the ground, and as long as it is given the necessary care, it can reach a great height. And therefore it needs a lot of space around it. In fact, It is recommended that it be separated from other plants between one and two meters. so that they do not hinder each other.

In the case of the pot, having a much smaller space, the plant will not grow as much, at least not at first; You may have to plant it in the ground sooner or later as the roots will grow larger. and in the end you will be left without a pot to have it in.

The use of false jasmine

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We have told you before that having a false jasmine as a hedge is not the same as having one to cover pergolas, trellises or fences. The shape you are going to give it will be very different and the truth is that it will cause the location to change as well.

For example, in the case of fences, they will be in full sun. On the other hand, pergolas will have some shade. And if we talk about hedges, these can be in the shade or in the sun.

What would be the best? There is no exact answer. Although false jasmine, if it is to develop optimally and be healthy, requires a lot of sun.

The climate

Do you live in the north of Spain? In the south? What kind of weather is it? Although we know that the climate, due to the environmental changes that exist, has been a little crazy lately, in general in the north it is always cool and the days are cool; while in the south it is a place with temperate and warm temperatures (very warm).

Thus, in the case of false jasmine locations, you must take into account the following:

  • If where you live your climate is rather cool, the temperatures do not rise much and it is fine all seasons of the year (except for sporadic days), then It is best to place the false jasmine in full sun. This also applies if you live in coastal areas.
  • If, on the other hand, you live in the southern part of Spain, where the winter is relatively cool but the summers are very intense and hot, you should know that you will have to put it in semi-shade. The objective is to protect it from the intense sun so that it does not end up burning the leaves.

Of course, remember that the more sun, the more water it will need to avoid losing its leaves.

The type of sun

Another point to keep in mind is regarding the sun. And sometimes the sun is not the same in the south of Spain as in the north. In other words: it doesn't burn the same.

Therefore, several important aspects must be taken into account. For example:

  • If where you live in summer the sun is usually very strong, the kind that makes your skin red, it is normal for the plants to suffer. This will require that it will need more humidity. But even so, the leaves may burn. Therefore, in situations like this it is better to put it in semi-shade so that it is not in the sun during the hours of greatest solar incidence.
  • If it's good where you live in the summer, then you won't have a problem. You can have the plant outside in the sun without it harming it. Yes indeed, Control irrigation and humidity in those months to avoid a lack of them.


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Source: Tucked in gardens

Finally, we want to talk to you about the wind. It is something that is not taken into account for the locations of false jasmine, as well as for other plants. But it's actually quite important.

When a plant suffers from a windy location its decorative appearance may suffer. In other words, it will be more “bare”, especially in the areas where the wind affects the most.

But not only that. It will tend to grow crooked (due to the orientation of the wind) and weaker. Which will prevent the plant from developing as well as it should.

For this reason, when looking for where to plant it, you have to control if there is wind in the area or not, when it usually occurs... And yes, We know that sometimes this cannot be prevented. (especially when there are gusts of wind that change direction). But apart from these, if where you put it there is no air flow (be careful with the difference between a slight breeze and wind) it will be better than in one where the plant can even fall when you plant it due to the force of it.

Now that you know more about the locations of false jasmine, Do you dare to take good care of it at home?

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