Flowers to give to sick people

Flowers to give to sick people

When we have to resort to flowers to give to sick people, We do not always know which types are the most suitable. Therefore, the objective of this article is to resolve all the doubts you may have regarding this topic.

We are going to talk to you about the tradition of giving flowers to the sick and what types and colors are most appropriate in this case. So you can brighten the day of that person who is in the process of recovering from an illness.

Why give flowers to the sick?

Why should we give flowers to the sick?

Bringing flowers to people who are sick or recovering from surgery is very common in many cultures. Although it is complicated find the historical and cultural roots In this way of acting, we do find some simple explanations that can help us understand this custom:

Flower symbolism

Flowers have different meanings depending on the culture. They can be a sign of love, hope, friendship, etc. Therefore, giving flowers is a symbolic way of transmitting our good wishes for recovery to someone who is sick.

Positive effect on mood

Who isn't excited to receive a gift? If, in addition, that gift turns out to be a beautiful bouquet of flowers, we can get that mood of the patient improves.

When you look around you, you will no longer see just the aseptic space that is the hospital room, but a much more beautiful and pleasant environment. This is stimulating and It has beneficial effects on recovery.

Cultural and religious tradition

In certain cultures and religions, the act of giving flowers is associated with the expression of compassion towards the other person, support and desire for a speedy recovery. Therefore, Giving flowers to nurses is an act of affection and care towards them.

Gesture of solidarity and empathy

In most cases, giving flowers to a sick person is a gesture of solidarity and empathy. A way to show the patient that they are not alone, who has people around him who care about his well-being.

focus shift

In the event of serious illness or injury, receiving a bouquet of flowers can function as an element that distracts attention for a moment from what is going wrong, towards something more joyful and positive. This helps develop a more positive mindset.

Beware of restrictions in hospitals

Hospital restrictions on gifts.

Although giving flowers or plants to a sick person is a nice detail, we must keep in mind that this practice is becoming increasingly limited in hospitals.s. Because fresh flowers can cause allergies, or contain insects.

Since medical centers try to be as hygienic and aseptic places as possible, in most cases they are no longer allows visitors to bring flowers and plants.

In the case of maternity areas, where it is even more common for flowers and baskets to arrive, these usually remain at the door of the rooms. Access to the room is not permitted.

Therefore, if you are thinking of giving flowers to a sick person, it is Better leave it for when I'm back home and you can enjoy the beauty of the bouquet in the tranquility of your home.

Types of flowers to give to sick people

What flower options can you give to a sick person?

The ideal in these cases is to choose soft color varieties that transmit a comforting sensation and a positive message. Here are some good alternatives.


The lily is a classic and very elegant flower, which will make you look good in any situation. When you give it to someone who is recovering from an illness or an accident, theirio transmits a message of hope and restoration.

Because this is a flower that is associated with purity and renewal. Hence, it is attributed a positive meaning with respect to health.

Pastel colored roses

Roses can have a very different meaning depending on their color. When it comes to having a detail with someone in the process of recovery, those with soft colors like pink or peach are the best option, because they are delicate and comforting.

They are flowers that transmit affection and appreciation, but without being overwhelming in any case. You can choose a bouquet of roses of this type, or give a bouquet with other flowers, but let the main protagonists be some good-sized roses.


Gerberas are happy and vibrant flowers, which you can find in a wide variety of colors.

Precisely because of their appearance, they are a good alternative to lift the spirits of those who are in a delicate moment of health. A bouquet of gerberas of different colors are able to instantly brighten any room, bringing joy and vitality.


Symbol of innocence and purity par excellence, daisies are one of those flowers that They are always a success when it comes to giving as a gift.. And they are also a good alternative to flowers to give away to sick people, because they transmit a positive and optimistic message.

You can use the classic white daisies, or Choose brighter colors like yellow or purple. You can even create an original bouquet by combining different colors.


Tulips are simple, elegant flowers, and are traditionally associated with love and affection. This makes them a good choice if the person who is sick and whom You wish a speedy recovery, he is someone very special to you.

You can find tulips in many different colors, and not all varieties are exactly the same in shape. What they all have in common is that They add a touch of color and joy to any space.

White orchids

Orchids are flowers that require dedication and special care. Therefore, having an orchid is making a long-term commitment to the plant.

When you give an orchid to someone who is sick, you are wishing them a speedy recovery. You encourage him to get well as soon as possible, so you can continue caring for and enjoying the beauty of your new plant.

There are many colors of flowers to give to sick people and many different types. But We advise you to choose more neutral tones or more striking depending on the personality of the person who is going to receive them. Whatever your choice, it will surely be welcomed.

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