How to care for a mini potted rose bush

How to care for a mini potted rose bush

Roses are one of the most appreciated plants (and flowers) throughout the world. Who and who less has had a rose bush at some point. But as you know, there are many types and sometimes some have special needs. For example, do you know how to care for a mini rose bush in a pot? And a large rose bush planted in the garden?

This time we want to talk to you about the Care that a mini rose bush needs in a pot since it is quite likely that, if you live in an apartment or in a small house, a mini rose bush can afford it and you want it to last a long time and bloom abundantly. Go for it?

Characteristics of the mini rose bush

mini rose bush growing outdoors

It is true that a mini rose bush is not exactly the same as a large rose bush. Starting because the roses that she throws don't look very similar, despite the fact that she is from the same family. Especially since they are much smaller and sometimes with a different shape (it depends on the mini rose bush). Now, you should keep in mind that Although it has small flowers, the truth is that it will have many more than in a normal rose bush., all of them grouped by cocoons.

As well They are called pitiminí rose because of their size.. As for the leaves, they are similar, but much smaller than those usual in rose bushes.

Among the many species that you can find, they stand out for the color of the roses. They may be orange, yellow, pink, white, red... One of the most common is the Chilly Clementine, which we find in many supermarkets with plants.

How to care for a mini potted rose bush

mini rose bush

Now that you know a little more about mini rose bushes, it's time for you to learn how to care for a mini rose bush in a pot so that it doesn't die in no time. And it is that these rose bushes are a little more special, and they need some other peculiarity.

Location and lighting

We start with the best place to place your mini rose bush. And in this sense, you should know that it totally differs from rose bushes. In other words, a rose bush should be placed outdoors and in full sun for as many hours as possible.

Instead, with a mini potted rose bush, You must provide light, but not direct because, if you do, both the leaves and the flowers can burn (because it is not prepared to withstand the sun like other species).

Therefore, the best location will be a place near the window so that it has light, but that it does not hit the sun directly.

We do not recommend putting it in the shade because that will cause the rose bush not to bloom and it can even wither.

Also avoid drafts or heat, since it does not tolerate them well at all.


As for the temperature, they are a bit special. A mini rose bush in a pot does not tolerate intense cold (it's like freezing to death), but neither is the heat. In fact, it is said that from 21 degrees Celsius it already begins to suffer.

Really, this is relative. The first year is the most crucial for your mini potted rose bush, and is where you need to keep a close eye on it. However, over time it can adapt to its environment and can then withstand lower or higher temperatures than normal. But in general, we recommend that you protect it.


One of the most important care for the mini potted rose bush is the soil that you will use. It is very necessary that you provide a peat substrate that is fertilized so that it has the necessary nutrients.

Some experts recommend soil for outdoor plants because they are very rich, but you can really use anything that is well nourished. Of course, we recommend that mix with perlite or clay to prevent the soil from compacting.


Irrigation is one of the most immediate needs of the mini rose bush, but taking care of it does not only mean watering and that's it. To begin with, it does not like anything in waterlogging and prefers adequate humidity to poor watering.

Therefore, try to water it but without letting water remain on the plate, and spray the leaves almost daily (if you have a dry moisture).

In general, you can start by watering it once every 1 days in winter and 1 a week in summer. But everything will depend on the climate you have, the pot and soil it has, the humidity...

As far as humidity is concerned, you should provide a high level so that the plant is well, so you may have to spray water daily or place a small plate with water and perlite to give it the humidity it needs.


The subscriber it is recommended that it be weekly during the spring and summer, but we warn you that it may be too much. If you just bought it and it's small, such an intense subscriber can burn it inside. Therefore, our recommendation is that you do it every 15 days; That way you make sure you don't overdo it.

You can choose a fertilizer that is rich in potassium since rose bushes demand a lot.

mini rose buds


Like large rose bushes, a mini rose bush also needs care in this regard. One of the first actions you have to carry out is cut the flowers that have withered, to help you produce more. You will also have to give it the shape you want and, when it comes to rejuvenating, we recommend that you always do it at the end of winter (before it begins to have the buds ready to grow).

Plagues and diseases

Rose bushes are usually plants that attract many pests, and of course, the same thing can happen to you with your mini rose bush. Caterpillars, whitefly, spider mites, aphids… or even wasps If they sneak into your house, they are going to be some of the "bugs" that you are going to have to fight. Most of them are treated with insecticides or acaricides.

Now, Regarding diseases, the most common are roya and the powdery mildew, caused by wrong watering. They can be treated with a fungicide but depending on the state of the plant it can be saved or not.

As you can see, caring for a mini rose bush in a pot is not too complicated, and in return it can offer you a color that few plants are capable of. Do you dare to have it at home?

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