How to plant azaleas in a pot?

Learn how to plant azaleas in pots

There are plants whose beauty is spectacular, and we usually believe that we could only enjoy their charm in our home if we had a garden, but this is not really the case. As we are going to see today, you can grow beautiful flowers inside your home or on a small balcony. As an example of this, We tell you how to plant azaleas in a pot.

Although we are used to seeing the azalea as an outdoor plant, if we give it proper care, we can also have it outside the house and recreate ourselves with the beauty of its flowers.

Azalea Features

What are the characteristics of the azalea

First of all, it is important that you know a little better about this plant, which is actually a shrub native to Asia.

  • Evergreen foliage. Unlike others, this shrub does not lose its leaves when autumn arrives, its foliage remains stable and green throughout the year. This is the general rule, but keep in mind that there are some varieties of azaleas that are deciduous, so Don't be scared if yours loses its leaves in autumn.
  • Showy flowers. Without place to doubts What draws the most attention about the azalea are its bell-shaped flowers., and in colors as varied as white, red, pink, purple and orange.
  • Flowering time. This shrub blooms in spring, although the exact flowering time It may vary a little depending on the variety in question and the region. in which we find ourselves. Additionally, there are some species of azalea that produce leaves during the fall.
  • Size and shape This characteristic also depends on the variety of azalea in question. It is normally a low, compact shrub, with a lot of foliage. But There are varieties that can reach several meters in height. The shape it naturally adopts is also related to the variety, and there are round azaleas, others with oval cups and also some more open ones.

How to grow azaleas in pots

How to grow azaleas in pots?

If you want to have azaleas indoors, take good note of the advice we are going to give you. For a start, make sure you plant in the spring or in the fall., so that the plant can strengthen its roots before starting to flower.

Pot type

The container in which we put our plants has much more importance than we usually give it. A poor choice of size or material can prevent the variety we have planted from growing as it should, They could even influence the death of the plant.

When it comes to planting potted azaleas, The ideal is to choose a container of about 30 centimeters in diameter. so that it can expand its roots. Later, if necessary, we can transplant.

As for the material, clay is preferable. Cooked clay allows the substrate and roots to receive more air and accumulate less moisture.

On the other hand, it is essential that the base of the pot has one or several drainage holes to evacuate excess water from irrigation.

Soil conditions for this plant

When it comes to how to successfully plant azaleas in pots, it is very important to get your planting medium right. Because this shrub is a little demanding in this regard.

It needs a substrate with an acidic pH between 4.5 and 6.0, and free of limestone. This allows the plant to efficiently absorb all the nutrients it needs.

In addition, it is important that the soil has a light texture and good drainage capacity. To avoid waterlogging, it is recommended add some gravel or sand to the bottom of the pota, just before incorporating the substrate.

plant placement

For a good result you have to be careful with planting in pots. The azalea has to be at a depth of about two centimeters, centered in the pot, so that its roots are not too compacted or attached to the walls of the container.

Once the plant is well located, fill the gaps with substrate and Make sure it is firmly in place.

Azalea care inside the house

Care that an azalea needs indoors

Now that you know how to plant azaleas in a pot, it's time to give them the care they need to always be healthy and beautiful.

Pot Location

The first thing to do is find the perfect location for the pot. Try to put it in a place where the plant receives indirect sunlight., and better if it is filtered through a curtain. It's okay if there is a little shade, in fact, this is very good for this species.

If your plant is getting too much light, You will notice that its leaves begin to look drier and yellowish., and also its flowering will be less abundant.

Temperature for azaleas

This is not a plant that likes heat, but it is not advisable for it to be subjected to frost either. Keep this especially in mind if you put it on a balcony.

The ideal temperature for its development is between 18º and 22º C during the growing season, which occurs between spring and summer. In winter, It is best that the exposure temperature does not drop below 5º C.

Watering the azalea

Many people know that this is a species that does not tolerate dryness well and, Precisely because of this belief, irrigation failures occur.

It is true that we are facing a plant that needs a lot of water, and It is advisable that your substrate always maintain a little humidity, but this does not imply that irrigation should be abused. In fact, you have to facilitate the drainage of excess water so that the roots do not rot.

Monitor the substrate conditions in your home, and this It will help you find the most optimal watering frequency.

Shrub pruning

If you have done it right, your azalea will grow strong and vigorous. So much so that it may need pruning. If so, do it just after the end of the flowering season.

With the advice we have given you on how to plant azaleas in a pot, we are sure that in a short time you will be enjoying their flowers in your home. Can you tell us your experience with this plant?

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