Ideas for fall flower bouquets

Ideas for autumn flower bouquets

Flower bouquets are always a nice detail if you have to give a gift, but They are also a good alternative to have a detail with yourself and help decorate your home. Therefore, today we bring you original ideas for autumn flower bouquets.

The objective is to take advantage of the flowers that we have on hand right now, to bring the typical colors of autumn into our home. In this season that evokes a certain feeling of nostalgia in all of us, There is nothing like giving a touch of warmth to our spaces with some pretty flowers.

Autumn flower bouquets: a warm color palette

Are you looking for ideas for fall flower bouquets?

This time of year, we have fewer hours of sunlight, and that makes everything a little darker. Precisely for this reason, It's time to illuminate all the corners with the color palette of autumn nature.

Now we have flowers at our disposal in striking colors such as yellow and orange, but also intense reds. If what we want is to configure an autumn bouquet, These colors are essential. In addition, we can improve the result even more if we add a little brown.

Autumn flowers to make your bouquet

best autumn flowers for your bouquet.

Here are some flower options that are in season and that will help you design truly spectacular fall flower bouquets:


Chrysanthemums bloom between October and November, which is why many associate their flowers with the season of the dead. Since it is now when the chrysanthemum is in bloom, We can take advantage of its flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

We find them in colors ranging from the classic white to more intense tones like yellow or orange.

Whatever color you choose, chrysanthemums They bring elegance and a lot of positive energy to the bouquet.

autumn roses

There are so many varieties of roses, there is always one blooming at any time of the year. Those that open their petals when the cold begins to arrive, with intense colors like red and orange.

Just with them and a little foliage you can get a spectacular and very vital bouquet. Because it will be looking at it and charging you with energy.

Sunflowers for autumn bouquets

Making a bouquet of sunflowers is complicated due to the large size of these flowers, but you can give them a little prominence. And there is nothing more emblematic of autumn than its vibrant yellow petals.

By just putting a sunflower in your bouquet, you are already adding vitality and joy. For the perfect combination, pair it with foliage and other flowers in earth tones.


These original star-shaped flowers, and with shades ranging from white to purple, They give autumn flower bouquets a delicate and ethereal touch.

If you want a nostalgic, and even romantic, result, Try combining some asers with some autumn roses in your bouquet.

Foliage for your bouquet

A bouquet of flowers never includes only these elements. Foliage is essential to add depth and texture.

Take advantage of the moment we are in to take a walk through nature and collect leaves and branches of maple, eucalyptus, hazel, or even fern. Any variety that is currently in transition and whose leaves are changing color will be good for you.

Ideas for fall themed bouquets

Ideas to make your autumn bouquet.

Now that we have seen some varieties that you can use, we leave you some suggestions for combinations that may inspire you:

  • Romantic autumn bouquet. Combine deep red roses with asters and sunflowers to convey passion and energy. Also add some maple and eucalyptus leaves to give the composition a romantic touch and a certain air of nostalgia.
  • Golden elegance. On this occasion we choose some chrysanthemums in golden tones, orange roses and some hazel leaves. This bouquet is very simple and can be used equally well to create a centerpiece or to make an unforgettable bridal bouquet.
  • Wild garden. Take advantage of a nature walk to pick wildflowers and some foliage. Surely you can think of hundreds of ways to combine them. You could even consider collecting some pine cones too and making an autumn-inspired centerpiece.

As an extra tip to make bouquets of autumn flowers that do not go unnoticed, try to use ribbons and bows in colors inspired by this time of year, such as burgundy, brown or moss. This complements the color palette you've used with the flowers and foliage, and creates a very pretty effect.

Tips for caring for your autumn flower bouquets

You have put so much love into creating your bouquet of flowers, and it has turned out so well, that you would surely like it to last forever. Although this is not possible, you can apply some small tricks that They will help you keep your bouquets in optimal condition. for longer.

  • Place the bouquet with clean water in a vase that is also clean and has no remains from other bouquets.
  • Trim the ends of the stems at an angle to make it easier for them to absorb water.
  • Change the water regularly. If not every day, at least every other day.
  • Remove the flowers as you see them fading.
  • Do not put the bouquet in a place where it receives hot air currents or expose it directly to the sun. This way you can prolong the freshness of the flowers.

To give an even more autumnal touch to the corner that you have decorated with the bouquet of flowers, you can place next to the vase some decorative elements typical of this time of year, such as pumpkins, pine cones or acorns.

Designing and making autumn flower bouquets is an activity that will keep your head away from the stress of everyday life, and will result in a perfect gift for someone special, or an ideal element for decorating your home. We have only given you some ideas, now it is time for you to unleash all your creativity and make unique bouquets. You dare?

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