Lego constructions for plant lovers

Lego constructions for plant lovers Source_Amazon


If you are a plant lover, surely you not only have these in your home. The normal thing is that you also have some representation of plants on your clothes, on office supplies (pens, notebooks...) and, why not, in decoration. That's why, Have you taken a look at Lego constructions for plant lovers?

It occurred to us that it could be interesting, either as a gift for another person, or as a self-gift. Now, how to buy it? And how to put it together? Worth? All of that is what we want to talk to you about below. Take a look at this guide that we have prepared for you.

Best Lego builds for plant lovers

Buying Guide for Lego Buildings for Plant Lovers

Lego is one of the best known toy brands. However, for some time now it has wanted to go further and now not only has children as its target audience, but also adults. Within its extensive catalog it has a section with constructions that are more focused on adults who see it as decorative, as well as retro.

Well, within this decorative use would be the Lego buildings for plant lovers. But when it comes to buying it, it is not enough to choose the first one that fits into your budget and that's it. In reality, you should take into account other important factors like the ones we show you below.

Type of construction

Maybe you don't know it, but Lego began to attract the attention of plant lovers in 2021, when it launched several special sets related to plants, flowers or even bouquets. In fact, the orchid is from this time, although it has been improved.

Then In 2022, he released the collection called "Lego Botanical Collection", with some special sets to build realistic flowers and plants. These have an average price of 50 euros, although there are some kits that have higher prices.

With this we want to tell you that, before opting for a Lego construction for plant lovers, it is important that you know all that are available in order to make a better decision.

It is not good to buy the first one you see and that, after a while, you find that there was a prettier set, or more focused on what you wanted for your decoration.

Complexity and size

At Lego each kit has a complexity and size. And this is important to know, because depending on the level of experience in Lego constructions, it would be preferable to buy a smaller and simpler one than a complex one.

What does it depend on? About your ability, above all, but also about the time you can dedicate to it. And if it is too complex, time can pass and in the end you will not enjoy it.


All Lego sets, once assembled, can be used to decorate. But this has the problem that, if you do not protect them, the dust will accumulate and spoil the appearance. That's why, It is always recommended that they be stored in covered display cases or shelves so that they last longer.


Finally, we come to the price. And although most Lego constructions for plant lovers have a price of about 50 euros, the truth is that there are some that exceed that price (Zen garden, Japanese garden, Bird of paradise plant...).

Where to buy?

zen garden finished in lego Source_Brick Fanatics

Source_Brick Fanatics

Lego constructions for plant lovers, like any Lego construction, are easy to find in many stores. But Be careful, because not all of them have the entire Lego catalog. Sometimes they only have those products that they know can be sold, while the rest are not ordered to physically have them in the stores.

Therefore, many times, and depending on the construction, it is preferable to use the Internet to buy.

Still, we've looked at major stores to let you know if they would have Lego builds for plant lovers.


Among the results on Amazon we will find many Lego constructions related to plants and flowers. But, Be careful, because in addition to Lego ones, they will also appear from other brands. In other words, it will not only focus on the brand, but on offering plant constructions.

There will also be some "intruders." So you should look carefully at which one is best for you.

As for the prices, these are similar to those you find on other sites.


At Carrefour, due to the fact that it is a large supermarket and has toys, It has many results in Lego constructions. Even more so because third-party sellers can also list their products.

Now, what about Lego buildings for plant lovers? Well here we must make a nuance. And it is important that you know what type of construction you want in order to find it. In other words, you will not find it among so many if you go in a general way. But if you specify, then yes.

For example, imagine that you are looking for the orchid from Lego. If you put those two words it will give you the result you expect. The same with the Japanese garden, the bonsai tree…

As for the price, it is the same as in other stores.


Another option to get your hands on Lego constructions for plant lovers is to go directly to the source. In this case, to the brand. On its website it sells its products, so you will be able to see all the constructions that are part of the botanical collection and get all of them without having to search if the stores have them all or not.

In addition, it has an extra plus: the fact of being able to see the entire collection, and not just some sets that you find there.

While at first you may feel like building it, when you face all the pieces you may regret it. Our advice? Keep trying because when you have it done and you look at it, you will surely like it more than the photo on the box.

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