Rosa Chrysler Imperial, the rose bush that you lack in the garden

Pink Chrysler Imperial

The world of roses is quite wide and that means that you can find many varieties. One of the most beautiful, especially if you like red, is the Chrysler Imperial rose.. But what do you know about her?

Below we will talk about all the characteristics that this cultivar has and the care that you must provide it so that it is healthy and remains in your garden for many years. Shall we start?

How is the pink Chrysler Imperial

deep red roses

Let's start by talking about the Chrysler Imperial rose, a cultivar that was obtained in 1952 by Lammerts, an American rose grower who created it in California. It is a rose that is a cross between 'Charlotte Armstrong' and 'Mirandy', also from Lammerts, obtained in 1944).

The result was a rose bush that can reach a meter and a half in height; and almost that same extension in width. It has quite large, solitary, velvet red flowers. It is made up of between 30 and 40 petals. Its maximum flowering occurs in spring or summer. Besides, You should know that it is a rose with a lot of perfume, what makes the garden fill with that special aroma (especially if it blooms with several flowers at the same time and they are in bud, which is when they smell the most).

Now, they have a detail that not many know. And it is that the flower is red but, after a few days already bloomed, it loses that color and becomes a more purple one. That is why it is so appreciated, due to the fact that it can change color once it blooms.

As for the leaves, they are not shiny, but rather matte. They have a dark green color and are quite abundant in this rose bush.

Its carriage is usually vertical but it is common that, if you have it for several years, you see how, as it gains height, its lower part becomes "bald", making it look more like a rose bush than a bush.

Caring for the Chrysler Imperial rose

Petal details

Now that you've gotten to know the pink Chrysler Imperial better, How about we leave you a practical guide so that, if you opt for this rose bush, you know how to take care of it? Its purchase is not difficult, there are some plant stores that have this cultivar and, although it is not as cheap as other roses, it is usually quite resistant and strong, so it is worth the investment for your garden (as long as you know it). look after).

In this regard, here we leave you the most important:

Location and temperature

Like any other rose bush, the Chrysler Imperial rose must be placed in a place with a lot of direct light. It needs between 8 and 10 hours of direct sun, so you should not worry about getting a lot of light. Yes indeed, when they are small, sometimes you have to adapt them first (Especially if you buy them in a nursery because they are not used to direct sun or too high temperatures). But once it adapts, it is best to put it outside.

Now, there are some who instead of placing it in full sun what they do is put it in semi-shade. And they do it for a specific reason: to keep the roses red for as long as possible. And it is that, when the rose bush is in the sun, the roses turn from red to purple in a matter of days; but if you put it in semi-shade, although that will imply having fewer flowers, these will maintain a little more (not much) the red color so characteristic of the rose bush.

As for the temperature, it is obvious that it withstands high temperatures very well, but also low ones. In fact, it can withstand even frost.


The Chrysler Imperial rose needs a soil that is very fertile and, at the same time, has good drainage. A very useful mixture for rose bushes, which we have told you about on several occasions, is one with a universal substrate, earthworm humus and expanded clay or perlite.

With this you will have enough for the roots to develop properly and they can have the moisture they need without the soil becoming flooded.


They are most fragrant when they are buds

Watering is one of the most important parts of this rose. For a start, it does not like short and repeated watering; but it prefers that you give it enough water and that you space out the risks a lot.

To give you an idea; in summer it will only need three or four waterings a week (in spring one is enough), while in autumn and winter it can happen with watering every two weeks or once a month.

When watering, it is not convenient for the water to touch the base of the rose bush or the leaves. The part of the base is so that it does not go to rot in that area; while the fact of not splashing the leaves is due to the fact that the drops can act as a mirror and, with the sun, cause burns on the rose bush.


One of the best for the pink Chrysler Imperial is undoubtedly organic fertilizer, such as manure. You can add it at the end of the fall or in winter so that by spring it is ready to put out new shoots and flower.

In case you can't find this one, then we recommend that you use a quick release one to apply one at the beginning of the spring and another one at the beginning of the summer.


You have to be careful with the pruning in the pink Chrysler Imperial, since it does not take it very well. This is done at the end of winter or early spring, always before it sprouts (if it has already sprouted, it is better not to cut it or in the end you can kill it).

Start by removing dead wood, dry, weak branches or those that intersect and bother each other. Once you have aerated it, you will have to cut the remaining branches so that they can sprout (make sure that you always do it above a flower bud).

Plagues and diseases

We could tell you that aphids or red spider mites are two of the usual pests. But the truth is that this rose bush resists them very well.

However, downy mildew is one of the most important problems for this cultivar. You will notice that it appears because black spots appear on the leaves. If that happens, you will have to look for a good fungicide treatment since it can kill the rose bush (and try to choose one that does not contain copper because it is very sensitive to this substance).

Do you have any questions about the pink Chrysler Imperial?

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