Plant ideas to give to a friend

Best plants to give to a friend who is a gardening fanatic.

Whoever has a friend has a treasure, and there is no better way to show the special people in our lives how much they matter to us than with a beautiful plant that they can take care of and watch grow. If you are thinking about plants to give to a friend, pay attention to this article.

We are going to talk to you about plants that are associated with friendship and that are very easy to care for. Ideal for giving on special dates such as birthdays or Christmas, but also at any time when we feel like having a nice gift with a good friend.

Plants as symbols of friendship

What are the best plants you can give as gifts.

In most cultures there are plants that have a lot of symbolism, and it is not uncommon for some varieties to be associated with friendship. This connection is based on the existence of a series of intrinsic qualities of plants that are symbolically aligned with the values ​​that we associate with friendship.


Plants, like friendship, require care and attention to thrive. When a friend gives a plant to another, this is synonymous with seeking a deep development of that friendship.

Plants grow and become stronger over time, and that is the same thing that happens with friendship. But in both cases, There needs to be constant care and attention.

Renewal and life cycle

The plant life cycle includes from seed to flowering, something that is associated with renewal and rebirth. In the same way, friendship also goes through different stages.

In this case, the association between plants and friendship reminds us of the idea that relationships are constantly renewed through new experiences and creating shared memories.

Sustainability and mutual care

The act of caring for a plant is a reflection of care and the mutual attention that is necessary in a friendship for it to become solid. Friendship, like the plant, must be nurtured and sustained so that it can grow and thrive.

Beauty and diversity

Plants have a unique beauty and they are all different from each other. In a way, this symbolizes the uniqueness of friendships, because there is no one that is equal to another. And, at the same time, they are all valuable and deserve to be cared for.

Plant options to give to a friend

Symbolic plants for friendships.

We have already examined the parallelism that exists between plants and friendship, which causes an undoubted union to exist between them. Now if you want to know What plant is a good idea to give to a friend? To express everything that your friendship means to you, here are some interesting options.


Sunflowers like to grow in groups, and always follow the path of the sun, orienting themselves towards the light even on cloudy days. Precisely for this reason, This plant is associated with values ​​such as loyalty which is essential in a strong friendship.

If we give a sunflower We show our friend that our friendship and support will be constant.. That they will remain there no matter what happens.

But these plants are also synonymous with joy or optimism. A sign that we can find beauty and positivity close to us even if we are in a gray stage of our lives.

In addition, sunflower It has a strong stem that holds a large head. Which symbolizes strength and resilience.

For all this, among the plants to give to a friend you can never miss a sunflower. Especially if that person who is so important to us is going through a bad time. and needs to find new strength to move forward.

yellow Rose

Roses in pink and red colors are associated with love and passion, while the color yellow is reserved for friendship.

The color yellow evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. If we give a friend a rose bush (it can be a mini rose bush) or a bouquet of yellow flowers, We are transmitting all our affection to you.

In addition, roses of this color also provide a touch of lightness and positivity, making them a good choice to express good wishes and the message that you don't have to worry so much about things.

Yellow roses are a symbol of joy and happiness. A good way to tell someone special that you love sharing special and happy moments with her.

Lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo.

Dracaena sanderiana or lucky bamboo is another plant to give to a friend that never fails. Aside from its symbolism, It has in its favor that it takes up little space at home (it can grow directly in water) and that its maintenance needs are minimal.

In Asian culture, this false bamboo has been associated with good fortune and friendship for hundreds of years. When we give someone this plant, they We are wishing you happiness and prosperity.

It can be a good alternative to give to a friend who is starting a new life. For example, if she moves, or just started a new job.


Not many people know it, but lavender is also a plant associated with friendship. Its aroma is relaxing and calming, which is understood as a symbol of our desire for our friend to find peace and tranquility in her life.

The color purple is associated with purity and sincerity, so Lavender flowers convey that our friendship is authentic and transparent.

As with the sunflower, lavender is also associated with a symbol of resilience and strength. Hence highlights the strength of friendship and its ability to adjust to different circumstances.

Plants as a symbol of friendship are a beautiful gift full of meaning. Because each of them conveys a unique message of loyalty and good wishes. What do you think of these plant ideas to give to a friend? Which one would you choose?

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