The most beautiful spring wildflowers for your garden

spring wildflowers

Spring has been with us for a few weeks now, and the heat is beginning to make many wild plants begin to grow and flourish. But, Do you know what spring wildflowers there are that you can use in the garden? Would you like to have a seasonal corner where, depending on the season, you plant some flowers or others?

Well, here is a list of wild flowers that will surely cheer you up when you see them blooming in your garden (or in a pot).


Daisies are a symbol that spring has already arrived. In fact, when many begin to see the flowers of this wild plant, which usually covers meadows, meadows and gardens, they already know that winter has passed (and a more summery time is coming).

Visually, daisies are easy to identify flowers, because they have white petals while the heart and center of the flowers is yellow. Although in the market we can find other varieties, and even hybrids. But if you want the original wildflower, then this is it.


The bee is also known as the wild orchid. It is not well known, but you can see it in forest clearings, meadows or scrub.

Visually you have a plant with light green sepals and only lateral petals (in fact they come out on the sides, as if they were horns). They are yellow and somewhat velvety. Also, it has no appendix.



The poppy is one of the wild spring flowers that you will not have any problem identifying because practically everyone knows about it. They are not too large flowers that have a bell shape with their red petals.. They are very delicate, to the point that if you touch them carelessly they can break easily.

Even so, they are very resistant and having a field with these will make for a very appreciable contrast in red and green tones.


Does thyme bloom? Well yes. Thyme is not only a small shrub that can be used for cooking, it also flowers and it has always been said that when you see it bloom it is because the good weather is here.

Although finding thyme is now more complicated (due to the construction and works that are destroying its natural habitat), In some areas of Spain there are still a lot of them and you can enjoy the little purple flowers that it puts out.

And, of course, you could take the opportunity to plant it so that it gives you a very pleasant aroma while it blooms.


With this wild plant you must be a little careful, especially if you have pets and they tend to do a lot of research in the garden, since the fruits it produces are not suitable for animals or people to eat (with the exception of birds). , which they love).

You'll see, This plant is a small evergreen shrub with wild flowers that can be male or female. It has slightly toothed leaves and the flowers are white, with about four petals, and very small. After these will come the berries, some red balls that will attract the birds, because they love them.


serapias cordigera

Have you ever heard of these spring wildflowers? It is not too well known. With the scientific name Serapias cordigera, it is an orchid that can reach 50 cm in height. Its flowers are always presented on the spike and on top of it. Its sepals are grayish purple, while the petals are very dark red.. It has two sides, which will be round, and a third, longer one, which will hang in the shape of a heart. Some also say that it resembles a tongue.


This is one of the spring wildflowers that we like the most. Surely you have seen it in stories, series, movies, books and even in music. It has a rounded, cloud-like appearance and It is made up of many seeds that only wait for the wind to fly and multiply everywhere.

However, if we look back, we see that these are seen less and less. So it may be a good opportunity to plant dandelions in your garden.

White rockrose

Or also known as steppe, it is one of the spring wild flowers that is most seen in the Mediterranean. This wild plant has pink or pink-purple flowers. The petals are not very large, but they do wrap the center, which is yellow, quite well.

wild gladiolus

This plant can easily reach 80 centimeters in height. Its stems are quite straight and it has sword-like leaves, which are born in a zigzag pattern all over it. Regarding the flowers, these are spike-shaped. They are pink, although you can also find them in purple and some look like small tubes.


iris flower

Do you want blue wildflowers? Well then this is your plant. The iris is one of the spring wildflowers that you will love for the unusual design of its flowers.

They are blue in color, although some acquire a more violet hue, or dark blue almost black.


Another of the spring wildflowers to enjoy is the Nazarene, a bulbous plant that can reach 35 cm in height and has spikes that sprout lots of flowers. Yes indeed, the upper ones will be blue, but the lower ones change color, to brown.


We have not made a mistake when writing it, it is that the plant is called that. And to make it even more romantic, you have blue flowers with a yellow or white center and, inside this, a green one.

They are very small flowers, but they are certainly very appreciated when they bloom.

As you can see, there are many spring wildflowers that you can consider. Our recommendation is that you check which ones are common in your area because, that way, you can choose plants that you know have the perfect habitat. And surely there are many very beautiful. Do you recommend some more?

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