Review Stiga A 1500: the robot that cuts the grass for you

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Would you like to have a beautiful and well-kept garden, but you don't have the time or desire to mow the lawn? Are you frustrated when your robotic lawnmower gets lost or stuck on your land? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are going to like the STIGA A 1500 autonomous lawnmower robot, one of the smartest and most efficient options on the market.

this robot is able to cut the grass regularly and precisely, adapting to the terrain conditions and the GPS signal. In addition, it is wireless, silent and ecological, since it does not emit fumes or annoying noises. And best of all, it can be controlled from your smartphone, where you can see the status of the robot, alerts, the program and the cutting history.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this innovative product: its characteristics, operation, advantages and disadvantages and our personal opinion after testing it for more than a month. Do you want to know if the STIGA A 1500 autonomous robotic lawnmower is what you need for your garden? Keep reading and find out!


Stiga at 1500 up close

Before starting up the STIGA A 1500 autonomous robotic lawnmower, the first thing to do is take it out of its box and check that it comes with all the necessary accessories for its installation and use.

The cardboard box, 100% recycled and developed with materials with low environmental impactl, it is very resistant, it has the logo and the name of the product on the front part it is very resistant, it has the logo and the name of the product on the front part and it has a summary sticker with all the characteristics of the machine. Inside, we find the robotic lawnmower, properly protected, and the rest of the accessories for its start-up.

After taking the STIGA A 1500 robot out of the box we realize that We are looking at a really well designed product.. The first thing that caught my attention about the robot was its futuristic, yet elegant and modern design. You can tell that the robot is well built and top quality materials have been used for all its components. Plastics are prepared to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions without losing their shape or color over time.

STIGA A 1500 robot on the base

It is quite compact and streamlined, with a button panel at the top that is protected by a plastic cover and rotating blades at the bottom. The predominant color is gray that is combined with the yellow of the upper casing with glossy finish, giving it a really classy look.

Once we have seen the robot, we continue with the rest of the accessories included by the manufacturer and we find:

  • The charging station, with its power cable, has a rectangular shape, with an area where the robot is docked and some light indicators.
  • A 5-meter cable that will allow us to lengthen the charging station cable.
  • A bracket to fix the charging station on the lawn.
  • 7 pegs for the station and its tool to be able to place them.
  • The 4 cutting blades and their corresponding screws to fix them to the bottom of the STIGA A 1500.


Before using the STIGA A 1500 autonomous robotic lawnmower for the first time, we are going to do a review.Go through its main features to find out why it's so new.

The STIGA A 1500 autonomous robotic lawnmower works thanks to the combination of the GPS signal and AGS technology. RTK GPS allows you to locate your position with pinpoint accuracy and communicate with the reference station using a seamless 4G signal. This reference station is mounted, by default, inside the charging station. If the GPS signal was low in our garden, the station could be removed and placed at a high point to, in this way, have the necessary intensity.

Robot STIGA A 1500

In addition, AGS technology allows you to learn and memorize the orbits of satellites, the strength of their signals and the blind spots in the garden where the signal could be blocked, automatically updating your sky map daily. Thus, the robot can plan the most efficient cutting path and avoid interruptions or repeated outages.

The STIGA A 1500 robot also features anti-collision, tilt and elevation sensors, which allow you to detect and avoid obstacles, adapt to slopes and uneven terrain. In addition, the robot is waterproof and can work in the rain* thanks to its IPX5 certification.

*Although from the manufacturer it is not recommended to use the robot while it is raining to preserve the health of the lawn.

stiga lawnmower review

To control the robot, you can use the control panel at the top or the STIGA.GO mobile application, which can be downloaded from Google Play, if you have an Android phone, or from the App Store if you have an iPhone.

From this app, we will have full control over it: we can establish a cutting schedule choosing the days and hours in which it will work or we can do, at any time, what is called a punctual cut, whereby the robot cuts the entire garden and remains on hold until further notice. order. We will also be able to remotely adjust the cutting height and make changes to the layout of our garden. In addition, it allows us to receive alerts on the status of the robot and even contact technical service, if necessary.

side view of stiga a 1500 robot

The robot has four different cutting modes:

  • Automatic mode: It is the simplest, since the robot mows the grass according to a pre-established schedule and returns to the charging station when it is finished or when it needs to recharge.
  • Manual mode: It is the most flexible, since the robot can be activated or deactivated at any time from the control panel or from the app.
  • Smart mode: It is the most advanced, since the robot adapts the mowing time and frequency according to the weather conditions and the growth of the grass.
  • custom mode: Allows you to configure the cutting time and frequency according to the user's preferences.

Stiga robot blades at 1500

La cutting height of the blades can be adjusted between 25 and 60 mm, depending on the type of grass and the desired result. To change the cutting height we need to install the STIGA.GO application on our mobile phone since it is an adjustment that can only be made from it.

If our garden has any sloping area, the STIGA A 1500 robot can operate on terrain with an inclination of up to 45%. Thanks to its larger drive wheels, studded tires and its inclination sensor, the robot is able to detect if there is a slope and adapt its speed and direction to remain stable and safe.

We leave you with a table as a summary with the main characteristics of the robotic lawnmower:

Dimensions (L x W x H) 545 x 405 x 245 mm
Weight : 8,5 Kg
Battery Li-Ion 25.2 V / 5 Ah
Autonomy Up to 150 minutes
Loading time 120 minutes
Cutting width 22 mm
Cutting height 20 - 60 mm
Maximum cutting area Up to 1500 m2
Maximum slope Up to 45%
Noise level 57 dB (A)
Standard Anti-collision, tilt, lift (anti-theft)
Connectivity 4G, RTK GPS and Bluetooth
Mobile app Yes

Initial configuration and commissioning

Once we have taken the STIGA A 1500 robotic lawnmower out of its box and we have verified that it comes with all the necessary accessories, The next step is to launch and configure it to start mowing the lawn autonomously.

This process, due to the innovative technology it incorporates, recommend that it be performed by the authorized dealer in which the robot was purchased. The placement of the base and the antenna must meet a series of requirements so that the reception of the 4G and GPS signal is stable and there is no nearby obstacle that prevents direct vision between the antenna and the sky.

STIGA A 1500 antenna

Once the antenna and charging station location requirement has been met, all that remains is to plug the base into the power supply and place the robot on it to perform an initial charge that the manufacturer recommends should be a minimum of 2 hours.

With the battery of the STIGA A 1500 recharged, we turn it on and we can start the initial setup process. To do this, we must have previously downloaded the STIGA.GO app from Google Play or the App Store, depending on the operating system of our smartphone. In addition, we have to create an account with an email and a password, if it is the first time we use the application. Once the app is open, it will recommend us to register our product in order to enjoy enormous advantages, such as a 5-year warranty or having the closest technical service associated

stiga.go app

The next step will be to pair the robot with the smartphone via Bluetooth following the instructions in the app. It will be necessary to complete the registration of the robot by entering the serial number, the model and the date of purchase to enjoy up to 5 years of warranty. The robot comes with a starter package of 750 hours of use via the Stiga Cloud. This service will have an additional cost once the connectivity package included in the purchase of the robot ends.

The last step is to design our garden. To do this we will connect via bluetooth to the robot and we will be able to guide it using a virtual joystick with which we will make the tour of our perimeter and we will also be able to register fixed obstacles in the garden. Once done, the robot will walk the perimeter autonomously to check and recognize the mowing area of ​​the garden. Everything is ready so that we can choose the mode and cutting height and let the STIGA A1500 start taking care of our garden and we simply dedicate ourselves to enjoying the freshly cut grass every day.

Impressions, operation and cutting

Stiga lawnmower robot at 1500

I have to say that the STIGA A 1500 has pleasantly surprised me. The robot has exceeded all my expectations since not only has it made taking care of the lawn much easier for me, but I also have much more free time on a daily basis for other tasks.

During all this time, I have been able to verify the flawless operation of the robot in different situations. The robot It has not been lost or stuck at any time, not even in shady areas or on cloudy days. The robot has cut the grass evenly and precisely, leaving no areas, always maintaining the cutting height set from the mobile app.

Stiga button box at 1500

Another point in favor of its navigation system is that the robot has perfectly respected the areas with obstacles or with flowers, without damaging a single petal. Nor has it presented any type of difficulty in the most irregular areas of the garden, detecting them without problem and adapting its operating speed according to the situation.

After finishing each round of cutting, the grass has been left with a very uniform appearance throughout the entire surface of the garden, since the cuts are made in parallel lines, and no traces or marks have been detected on the ground, so the grass It has looked green, dense, beautiful and healthy throughout the month, without the need for any other additional care beyond the usual watering.

stiga robot operation at 1500

Another aspect that I really liked about the robot and that I want to highlight is the little sound it produces while it works. The robot is very quiet and ecological, since it does not emit gases when operating with the ePower batteries, developed by STIGA and subject to stricter quality controls to guarantee that, even after 4 years, they continue to operate at 80% of their capacity. and the noise is really low, so much so that sometimes you doubt if it is working or not. This has the clear advantage that you do not disturb the neighbors and you can remain calm in the garden while the robot does its work.

And if you want to forget about the robot completely, From the app you can schedule the cutting times you want and the STIGA A 1500 will work completely automatically since whenever the work is finished, it will return to the base to recharge its battery.

In short, the STIGA A 1500 autonomous lawnmower robot is a product that I recommend to everyone who wants have a perfect lawn effortlessly or if you don't have much time in your daily life to maintain it.


Side Stiga A 1500

We all like to have more free time or to be freed from those repetitive tasks that a machine could do. This is the clear example of caring for the lawn in our garden and the STIGA A 1500 robot is the perfect companion for having a green lawn, healthy, with a lot of density and well cut with hardly any effort.

Of course, this comfort has a price and that is that the autonomous robotic lawnmower STIGA A 1500 costs € 3.199, which may seem high, but you have to keep in mind that this is a long-term investment, since you save time and money on lawn maintenance. In addition, with the purchase of any of the STIGA robotic lawnmowers (including those with perimeter cables) they have a battery extension of up to 5 years just by registering the product in your user account so that you are protected for longer.

front of the stiga at 1500

Product It is designed for those clients who want to have a beautiful and well-kept garden, but they don't have the time or desire to mow the lawn. Also for those looking for an ecological and silent product that does not pollute or disturb. And of course, for those who like technology and innovation, and want to be up to date in garden care.

For all these reasons, I recommend that you try the STIGA A 1500 autonomous robotic lawnmower and enjoy your garden without worries. It is a product that is worth trying and enjoying, so come to your authorized dealer nearest and they will inform you of everything so that you too can enjoy a well-cut natural lawn effortlessly.

If you are interested, you can see more information on the manufacturer's official website.

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