Tips for making a bouquet of flowers yourself

The best tips for making a bouquet of flowers yourself

All flowers are spectacular and yet not all of them combine well with each other. Precisely for this reason, making a bouquet is not as simple as it is often believed. If you have ever tried it, you may have found that the result was not what you expected. So that it doesn't happen to you again, here are some tips for making a bouquet of flowers yourself.

Follow our little guide and you will be surprised with the results. In a short time you will be an expert in preparing bouquets, whether to give as gifts or to decorate any corner of your home.

Why make your own flower bouquets?

Why you should learn to make your flower bouquets yourself.

Link flowers to create a beautiful composition It is another example of the creativity that all human beings have. In addition, flower bouquets have multiple benefits that we cannot ignore:

  • Express feelings. If we create them as a gift, they are a good example of our feelings towards another person. Love, gratitude, joy, friendship... there are many things we can convey with something as simple and beautiful as a bouquet of flowers.
  • They stimulate emotions. Having fresh flowers around us has a positive impact on our mood. Because its vibrant colors and fragrance make us feel happier.
  • They connect us with nature. If you live in the city and nature is something far away for you, having a bouquet of flowers in your home or workplace will reconnect with the freshness and vitality of the natural environment.
  • They decorate. The presence of fresh flowers in a space helps to improve it visually. A well-designed and cared for bouquet adds a touch of elegance and beauty to rooms.
  • They stimulate creativity. When we create bouquets of flowers we are being creative and, at the same time, having them nearby also brings out our most creative side. In addition, it is said that in work environments plants and flowers can improve productivity and concentration.

7 tips to make a bouquet of flowers yourself

Tips for making a bouquet of flowers yourself.

It is clear that having flowers around us is always a good idea. If you have decided immerse yourself fully in the adventure of designing and creating your own bouquets, Here are seven tips that will be very useful to you.

Select flowers well

As you can imagine, the final result depends a lot on the flower varieties you have chosen.

It is recommended in this case that you combine colors harmoniously, choosing those that combine well with each other. You can also opt for a monochrome bouquet with different varieties of flowers, although You will always need a touch of green foliage so that they stand out more.

Another factor to take into account is the size and shape of the flowers. What we advise you is that choose large sized varieties, medium and smaller. Placing them strategically so that none steals the spotlight from the other.

When selecting flowers for your bouquet, you can go to your garden if you are lucky enough to have it, but you can also go to your trusted garden center. For best results, select flowers that have firm petals and no signs of wilting on the stems.

Coordinate colors and textures

One of the tips for making a bouquet of flowers yourself is to plan the design before getting to work with the flowers.

Think about the color palette you want to work with. To achieve this, you can keep in mind what you are trying to achieve with the bouquet: give a romantic touch to your bedroom, convey vitality in the office, encourage a friend who is going through a bad time, etc.

In addition to the colors, pay attention to the textures of the flowers. By combining those with a softer and more delicate appearance with others that are more robust, you achieve depth for the bouquet and give it greater visual appeal.

Prepare the stems

This phase is as important as the previous two, because The good final result depends on it.

If we want the bouquet to look good and last a while, we must first work with the stems. We start by removing the leaves from the part of the stem that will be submerged in water and cut the ends at an angle of about 45º. This way we allow better absorption of water.

Always use sharp pruning shearss to achieve a clean cut and prevent damage to the capillaries of the stems.

Make a good tie

How to tie flowers for your bouquet.

Another tip for making a bouquet of flowers yourself that does not may be missing from this guide is the one referring to tying the stems. Do it with specific material such as floral tape that is resistant and quality. This ensures that the flowers will stay in place.

Tie the largest flowers in the central area first and then work towards the extremes with smaller flowers, creating a conical shape.

Review the result and make any adjustments you deem appropriate. Once everything is perfect, you can secure the set so that no flowers move.

Incorporates green elements

Don't limit yourself to just flowers. The result will be even more spectacular if you add a touch of green to your bouquet that highlights the beauty and color of the flowers.

The most common foliage for bouquets is usually eucalyptus and fern, but nothing prevents you from using any other.

Rate the fragrance

There are people who love the smell of certain flowers, and there are also those who can't stand it. This is something that we must keep in mind when making bouquets of flowers.

As much as possible, choose varieties that have a similar aroma to each other so that strange mixtures do not occur.

Use creative decorations and wrapping

You can give the finishing touch to your bouquet of flowers by adding some type of eye-catching wrapping or small decorations. Bows or ribbons are a classic, and they look best when they complement the color palette that we have used in the floral composition.

You can also use kraft paper to give it a more rustic touch, or incorporate some small LED lights to elevate your bouquet to the category of masterpiece.

With these tips for making a bouquet of flowers yourself, we are sure that you will achieve spectacular results. Can you tell us your experience in the comments?

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