Types of flowers that are shaped like pompoms

The hydrangea has a pompom-shaped flower.

Plants that have pompom-shaped flowers are a real wonder, don't you think? In a garden, or even in a pot, they look spectacular. And the most interesting thing is that There are a few species that produce flowers of this type, so if you want, you can have a nice collection.

Would you like to know what their names are? You may already be familiar with the plant pictured above, but believe me, hydrangea isn't the only plant I'm going to tell you about.

Ornamental garlic (Allium sp)

Garlic has pompom-shaped flowers.

El it It is a plant that, yes, is used a lot in the kitchen, but we cannot forget that it also produces pompom-shaped flowers which are quite beautiful. Are they can be white, pink or lilac, depending on the variety, and appear in mid-late spring, when summer begins to approach.

It grows between 50 centimeters and one meter in height, but regardless of this it can be grown both in pots and in the garden. And, by the way, they are not harmed by frost (but you should know that after flowering the aerial part, that is, the leaves, will die).

blue thistle (Echinops ritro)

The blue thistle has round flowers

Image - Wikimedia / Alvesgaspar

The blue thistle, whose scientific name is Echinops ritro, is a herb with spiny leaves that, depending on where it is found, can reach between 10 and 50 centimeters in height. The flowers, as you can imagine, are blue., of a very pretty blue-lilac.

To get it right you should put it in a sunny place, or at least in an area where there is a lot of light. So you can grow as you should: vertically; and it will flourish without problems.

Pompon Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum)

Asian chrysanthemums are perennial plants

The pompom chrysanthemum, or ball chrysanthemum as it is also called, is a herbaceous plant that reaches a height of approximately 30 centimeters (sometimes more, depending on the cultivar). These flowers measure between 3 and 8 centimeters, and can be of very different colors: white, red, orange, pink, lilac.. Also, you should know that they sprout in winter.

Unlike other flowers, the pompom chrysanthemum can be kept indoors if it is kept in a very bright room (i.e. don't put it in a dark one because it won't bloom there).


There are many kinds of dahlias

Be careful, not just any dahlia: only those with more than one layer of petals (which, by the way, are the vast majority of those that are marketed). For example, these cultivars have pom-pom-shaped flowers:

  • Bora Bora: lilac flower
  • Crème de Cassis: light lilac flower
  • Darling Harbour: lilac flower
  • Great Silence: orange flower

But there are some, like dahlia pinnata, which also has flowers with this shape. But in any case, all of them must be in a sunny exposure so that they can see themselves and and really develop in the right way.


Viburnum opulus is a frost-tolerant shrub

The durillo or viburnum is a deciduous or perennial shrub or small tree depending on the species that reaches heights of between 1 and 10 meters. Even so, they tolerate pruning quite well, so even if you have a V lucidum, which makes a beautiful tree, you can keep it in a pot without too many problems.

They resist cold, frost, and also, produces white flowers which smell pretty good. These emerge in spring, and remain open for several weeks.


Vinegar can be used on hydrangeas

La hydrangea It is a deciduous shrub that has the most striking pompom-shaped flowers if possible. When we think of plants with these types of flowers, this is probably one of the first that comes to mind. And it is that these inflorescences -groups of flowers-, or in this case you could also say "these pom-poms", They are large, white, pink or bluish in color and sprout in spring and summer..

The problem -which is not really such, but it is important that you take it into account- is that it is an acidic plant. This means that it can only live well if it grows in acid soils -or substrates-, with a pH between 4 and 6.5. In addition, irrigation water must also be acidic, or at least suitable for human consumption.

Cowslip (Primula denticulata)

The primula has pompom-shaped flowers.

Image – Wikimedia/NasserHalaweh

Or primrose stick as it is also known, it is a perennial herbaceous plant whose rosette of leaves does not usually exceed 15 centimeters in height, but when it flowers the floral stem can reach 30-35 centimeters in height. At its end, sprout purple or white pom-pom-shaped flowers depending on the variety or cultivar.

This herb looks great when planted in clumps in the garden, or in window boxes. During the spring it produces its pompoms, so do not hesitate to put them in places where they can be visible.

What do you think of these plants with pompom-shaped flowers? Do you know others? The truth is that they all have a very high ornamental value, so do not hesitate to get some to decorate your garden or balcony.

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