Types of rose bushes, get to know them and choose the one you like the most

types of rose bushes that can be grown.

Roses are the ones that come to mind if we think of flowers, and they are appreciated throughout the world for their great beauty and pleasant aroma. If you like these flowers, surely you already know that there is a wide variety of types of rose bushes.

Not all of them are suitable to have in our garden, because some need very specific conditions to grow strong and healthy, but a good gardening lover should know the most common typologies of this plant.

Why do we like roses so much?

Why are roses so popular?

There are impressive gardens full of roses in the world, and this is no coincidence. It is because these flowers are highly appreciated in different cultures for reasons like these that we tell you below:

  • Symbolism. In many cultures, roses have a strong symbolic meaning that is associated with their color. Thus, red roses symbolize passion and yellow roses are synonymous with friendship.
  • Aesthetics and beauty. There is no doubt that one of the main reasons why these flowers are so popular is because of their great beauty.
  • Pleasant fragrance. In addition to their beautiful aesthetics, we must add that many of the varieties of these flowers give off a very pleasant aroma that is also used in the perfumery and cosmetics sector.
  • Versatile crop. Rose bushes are versatile and very adaptable plants, capable of adjusting to different climatic conditions. This facilitates its cultivation in many places around the world.
  • Wide variety. As we are going to see, there are roses for all tastes. There are so many types of rose bushes, that it is easy for each person to find the one that best suits their taste and ability to care for them.
  • Durability. Even after cutting, roses can survive longer than other flowers. This has made them the true protagonists of bouquets and floral arrangements.

Types of rose bushes that we can grow

What roses can you have in a garden?

Whether in the garden or in a pot, there is a wide variety of rose bushes that we can have in our home. If we give them good care, When spring comes we will enjoy the incredible beauty of roses.

Pitiminí rose

The roses of Pitiminí They come from the mini rose bush or dwarf rose bush, which is the smallest variety that exists, and is ideal to have in pots.

These rose bushes are characterized by having a compact size, and rarely exceed 50 centimeters in height. Despite being small, their flowering is very abundant. Depending on the species in question, The flowers will appear individually or grouped in clusters.

One of the keys to its beauty is that Miniature rose bushes are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from the most classic ones like pink to striking ones like yellow.

Regarding your care, These do not differ too much from those of other types of rose bushes. They need direct sunlight, well-drained soil and regular watering. Pruning must be done lightly to stimulate compact growth and the appearance of new flowers.

Rough rose

The rosa rugosa rose bush is native to Asia and has become very popular for being something different from other varieties and for its great resistance.

It is a plant with rough leaves, hence its name, and quite dense foliage. If you receive good care, grows in the form of a bush and can reach two meters in height.

Its flowers are large and showy, with a pleasant aroma, and in a wide variety of colors. The normal thing is that they have five double or semi-double petals. In addition, it produces fruits known as rose hips that are rich in vitamin C and are usually used to make jams and teas.

The rosa rugosa rose bush is a very resistant variety and capable of adapting to different climatic conditions and types of soil. It can tolerate salinity, so it is a good option for planting in coastal areas.

Climbing roses

The main characteristic of these plants is that they grow upright rather than bushily like most varieties of rose bushes. Their stems are longer and more flexible, and this allows them to climb and spread upwards.

Its roses are single or double depending on the variety in question. They stand out for their colors, their beauty and their aroma. However, their size is usually somewhat smaller than other varieties of rose bushes.

If you are going to have one of these rose bushes at home, remember that it is important to provide it with good support so that the stems can climb. You can use a pergola, a trellis, or even a wall.

Edible rose bushes

What are edible roses?

While other plants have edible varieties, this is not common with rose bushes. But there are exceptions:

Rugosa rose. As we pointed out before, its fruit is used to make jams and teas, because it is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients.
Rosa gallica. Also known as rose of Provence, It is a species widely used in the production of jams and preserves. Its petals have also been used throughout history to make floral waters and jams.

Rosales Meilland

Meilland rose bushes are made up of a set of hybrid roses and were developed by the house of Meilland roses in the 1860s.

From these rose bushes, varieties have been created that have become very popular and are appreciated for their beauty, fragrance and resistance. Some examples are the rose by Pierre de Ronsard, Bonica and Francis Meilland.

These rose bushes are appreciated because they produce good-sized, well-formed flowers. In addition, they can adapt to different climatic conditions and are easy to care for.

Creeping rose bushes

They are also known as floor coverings or carpeting. This variety is characterized because it spreads and can cover large areas of the ground thanks to its horizontal growth.

They have a moderate height and produce flowers of different colors and shapes, simple or double, depending on the variety in question.

Another point in their favor is that they are very resistant plants, cable to adapt to different types of soil and to different climatic conditions.

As you have seen, there are many types of rose bushes and each of them produces different roses. Without a doubt, this is one of the most spectacular plants that nature has given us.

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