Varieties of tulips: know the most important ones there are

varieties of tulips

Ever Have you ever wondered how many varieties of tulips exist in the world?? Or if a person could have a collection with each of them?

If you want to know how many there are and know some of them, then you will have all that information. If you like tulips, you will surely like to know what types exist.

How many varieties of tulips are there

We are not going to make you wait, because the truth is that the answer to that question is easy to answer. but not collectibleHome Tulip

ionate. If you are a tulip lover and would like to have a collection with at least one specimen of each of them, first, you will need a lot of space; and second, a lot of money.

And, currently, there are more than 4000 different varieties. And that's without counting the hybrid varieties that could come out in the future and give new types of tulips.

Of course, among these varieties there are many different colors: white, black, yellow, pink, red, blue, orange... And that without mentioning bicolors or tricolors (which are normally achieved with hybrids).

The best-known varieties of tulips

pink tulip

Talking to you about each of the more than 4000 varieties of tulips is not easy. Especially since we would give you so much information that you would not be able to process it correctly and in the end you would not even know what type of flower you are seeing. But we can talk about common varieties, those that are easy to find and that you can have in your garden. These are the following:

Estella Rijnveld

It is a tulip that almost looks like something else because of the beauty it has. And it is that its flower is round and the petals that make it up are curly, with a color in white and red (or fuchsia).


This tulip is one of the most beautiful among the varieties of tulips. It is a flower that mixes two or more colors, always in discontinuous lines.

Actually, It is not a plant that has arisen in nature, but it has been caused by an infection in the bulbs (that does not mean that you throw out sick plants).

It has a base color, which is usually red, yellow or white, and then the stripes go through the petals changing to other colors. Of course, the bulbs only last about two years.

Princess Irene

Another of the usual and common tulips is this, although the truth is that when you see it it will catch your attention. Like the previous one, this one too has a color scheme, although in this case it is with an orange base and some red or purple markings that start from the base of the flower and go upwards, leaving a trail (longer or shorter, since only one line reaches the end of the petal).

Triumph tulips

They are perhaps the most common that you can find. The flowers they have are of a single petal and color, although sometimes they can have spots of others on their petals (in fact you can find strong colors, soft colors, two colors…).

single tulip

It is a tulip that is characterized by having a fairly intense orange tone in the petals (which are more open than usual).

Angelica Tulips

If you also like peonies along with tulipsWhy not have a mix of both? Well yes, this is a special tulip because it has a flower made of double petals that almost looks like a peony. They are usually light pink in color, although sometimes they can have red or purple lines.

Chinese Pink

And another of the tulips that wants to look like another flower is this variety, which simulates a lily. It is characterized by pointed petals (not always) that open outwards.

Their color is strong pink and they are very delicate. since the wind can damage the flowers or cause them to fall.

spring green

Finally, we have this other of the varieties of tulips that you should know about. For starters, each petal actually looks like a feather. Besides, these have a blank base, but they will get green stripes that will go through the petals.

And the rarest tulips are…

tulip sprengeri

At this point, and as we have been able to see, the rarest tulip in the world is none other than the so-called Semper Augustus. It is also the most expensive, as 10000 guilders (just over 5000 euros) have been paid for just one bulb (not the entire plant). And no, it is not one of the most expensive plants, although for tulips, this is the one that reaches a higher figure. Although its price fell in 2022.

And what does the Semper Augustus have to be the most expensive and rarest? Well, it is the most famous tulip that exists, brought to Holland in the XNUMXth century by Sultan Suleiman. It is a tulip that does not exist, or those who have it keep it like gold on a cloth. It is characterized by having white and deep red petals, open each one of them, to the point that it seems that it has been a white tulip to which drops of blood have fallen.

However, he's actually not the only weirdo. Here we talk about others:

Tulip humilis 'Alba Coerulea Oculata'

This rare tulip is native to the eastern Mediterranean and captivates the beholder with its star-shaped flowers. They are pale white, but inside they have dark blue or purple spots.. Experts associate it with the feathers of a peacock.

Tulip sprengeri 'Baker'

Originally from Türkiye, this tulip has flowers with very intense red petals. These are much smaller than in other tulips. However, when opened they contrast in a curious way with the yellow inside. In addition to the forest green stem and leaves. It is as if he were throwing flowers of fire.

But we already tell you that it is quite rare and that it is not easy to take care of them.

As you can see, there are many varieties of tulips. So unless you can afford to have all of them, you'll have to settle for a small selection of them. Do you have a variety that is essential for you? Tell us about it.

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