What are Bach flowers and how many are there?

What are Bach flowers and how many are there?

Surely more than once you have heard of Bach flowers. Perhaps you have even tried using them to treat your emotions. But, Do you really know what Bach flowers are and how many there are?

On this occasion we wanted to bring you closer to this topic that can be interesting, especially since we are talking about combining emotions and gardening. You want to know more? Take a look at the following.

What are Bach flowers

Natural treatment for emotions

The first thing you need to understand about Bach flower remedies is their meaning. These are named after Edward Bach, an English doctor who once investigated the properties of English country flowers. And he found a relationship between the aromas that they gave off with human emotions.

Then, what he did was create flower essences through natural preparations with plants and with brandy to treat emotional problems, such as sadness, fear, depression, anxiety, despair, etc.

Each of these essences are made up of a specific plant, and can be mixed with each other, although it is best to try them individually to see the results that occur (not everyone works the same way).

According to Bach, there are seven emotional categories in every person:

  • Loneliness.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Excessive worry.
  • Lack of interest.
  • Sadness.
  • Afraid.
  • Uncertainty.

Each human being has a different intensity and based on these seven emotions he created 38 Bach flower remedies.

What are Bach flower remedies made of?

Bach Flowers

As we have told you before, Bach flower remedies are made from plants from the English countryside. All of them were mixed with brandy and other components to obtain a floral essence that helps that person to control the various emotions based on the objective they are pursuing.

Thus, the plants that were used were:


Or Agrimony. It is a flower that focuses on people's anxiety as well as fear.

It seeks that person to show himself as he is, thus controlling the fear and fears that he may suffer.


It is made of aspen and, as the name suggests, it treats fear of the unknown, or in general.

In this case, this essence will be in charge of giving courage to take the first step and move on.


Made with beech, it is indicated for people who are too critical of others. They are intolerant people who are bothered by the failures of others, and also find it difficult to express what they feel.


Made from the knapweed flower (Centaurea cyanus, cornflower), it's ideal for those who can't say "no" when asked. It gives them courage to think of themselves before others.


If you always have doubts about yourself, or about your qualities, and you need the approval of others to cope with your insecurity, this flower is ideal for you (both in essence and to have it as a plant).

Cherry Plum

For those who are afraid of losing control (people with rage attacks, tremors, hormonal problems...).

chestnut bud

Natural treatment

For those who repeat the same mistakes over and over again. With this essence they will be able to learn and avoid those mistakes in the future.


Chicory is indicated for people who are possessive and manipulative, who want everyone to pay attention to them.


If you are one of those who cares about the future, but does not live in the present, this plant (and essence) is for you.


For those who are obsessed with cleanliness (for example, for people with allergies or skin problems), to help them tone down the intensity a bit.


It is indicated for people who are very demanding.


For pessimists, those who only see discouragement and insecurity.


It focuses on people who are not excited and need to improve their spirits and desire to live.


For self-centered people who need to listen to others and put themselves in their shoes.


For people who are jealous, vengeful and envious, with a deep pain that they must calm.


For those who live in the past without being aware of the present.


For those who are physically and mentally tired of life.


As the name suggests, for the impatient. The Impatience plant is also one of the most beautiful and easy to care for.


For those who have an inferiority complex and feel insecure about what they do. It will help them to be more confident.


For those who are afraid of the known and are always thinking that something bad is going to happen to them.


For those who feel sad for no reason.


For the insistent ones who cover more than they can do.


For those who are physically and mentally tired and cannot cope with day to day.


For those who feel guilty when things don't go the way they want.

red chestnut

For those who worry too much about others, and always in the negative.


For those people who are very scared and who in those moments panic, to the point that they can be in shock.

rock water

For perfectionists and those who demand too much.


Ideal for the undecided and those who have sudden mood swings. This essence helps to give them emotional stability.

chicken milk

Perhaps you know it more as Star of Bethlehem. It is a flower that helps to overcome traumas and both physical and mental sequelae. Its scientific name is Ornithogalum umbellatum.

sweet chestnut

The essence of sweet chestnut is ideal for those who are depressed because it can relieve that feeling of anguish.


It is ideal for those hyperactive people who cannot sit still and need a little help to lower their intensity.


As you know, within leadership there are good and bad leaders. Well then, the flower of the vine ensures that these bad guys realize that they must improve the way you communicate with others as well as working as a team (and not thinking that they are superior to others).


The walnut blossom allows people who feel that they are too manipulable to have the courage to resist and do what they want to do without thinking that they are being influenced.

water violet

With the scientific name Hottonia palustris, it is a flower that is used for those people who have a lot of talent and are capable of whatever is thrown at them, but have a very hard time opening up to others and feeling comfortable with others.

Horse chestnut

Ideal to drink and find peace and mental tranquility, to silence those bad thoughts that do not leave you calm and that are repeated in your head.

wild oat

This flower, better known as wild oats or avena fatua, is used for those people who have a lot of plans, a lot of desire for everything, but get tired easily and do not finish anything.. This helps to give him security to finish what he starts.


This flower with a slightly strange name is ideal for those who feel indifferent, who have no interest in anything.


Finally, we have the essence made with willow, ideal for those who are dissatisfied with life and think that everything is unfair.

With this flower they will be able to turn the page and move on seeing the good in life, not the bad.

Did you know the Bach flowers? And the plants where each of the essences came from? Can you imagine having the plant at home and making your own?

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