When does the magnolia tree bloom in Spain: all the details

When does the magnolia tree bloom in Spain?

Magnolias are one of the most beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom. And having her in the garden is quite a spectacle. However, as you know, these flowers do not last long. That is why knowing when the magnolia tree blooms in Spain can help you enjoy the flowers for as long as possible.

But do you know when this happens? Below we will talk about when this shrub (or tree) blooms and what you have to do to make it bloom (and do so abundantly). Go for it?

When is the magnolia flowering season in Spain?

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Depending on which country you live in, the flowering of the plants can change. In the case of Spain, if you want to know when the magnolia blooms, the answer is not as easy as we might think at first.

If we had to answer you quickly, then we would tell you that it blooms from February to June. But is it really so? The truth is that no.

The magnolia tree is one of the "earliest" plants to flourish and beautify the garden. But it will depend on factors such as weather, plant health, lighting, etc. to do it. It is true that it can flower from February to June, and that it can even flower twice. But another factor to take into account is the variety of magnolia that it has.

With all this in mind, it is true that The flowering dates of the magnolia tree in Spain can be from February to June, but it does not mean that it will flower during all those months.

The magnolia flowering spectacle in Spain


The magnolia is a tree that grows very slowly, that blooms after several years and whose flowers are the most beautiful.

The leaves are perennial and large, and deep green in color and oval. These will accompany you throughout the year. But In the case of the flowers, which you will only have a few months to enjoy, they are thirty centimeters long and made up of several petals.. The usual colors are cream and white.

It is a tree that can reach several meters in height, although, being so slow to grow, this causes it to take a long time to see the difference.

When it blooms, it does so with several flowers at the same time, which dyes the tree a mix between green (of the leaves) and the white or cream of the flowers. Of course, there are varieties that allow you to have other colors, although they are no longer considered pure magnolias.

How to care for the magnolia tree so that it blooms

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If you want to have a magnolia tree in the garden, and have it bloom in those months, then you will need to know in depth what the most important care it needs is.

In addition, a fact that not many know is that the magnolia tree, in addition to being a slow-growing tree, takes time to be "mature" to flower. In fact, it is estimated that until it is about five years old (some varieties up to ten years old) you will not get it to flower, Hence, you should arm yourself with patience if you buy it small.

That being said, other things to keep in mind are:

Location and temperature

The magnolia is a very delicate plant. So much so that if you place it in an inappropriate part of the garden, the plant will never give you flowers. It doesn't die, because it adapts, but it does sacrifice the most beautiful thing it has, which are the flowers.

Therefore, always make sure to put it in a semi-shade place, if your climate is temperate or warm; or direct light if you live in a cold climate in Spain.

If by some chance you already planted the tree a while ago and you realize that the years go by and it doesn't come out ahead, you could transplant it, but always on the right dates and keeping in mind that that will only stress it (and may take a year or two to flower).

As for the temperature, frosts can take a toll on their health, especially if they occur after they have flowered and have buds. These could fall out and it will take a while to add more.


Do you know that one of the reasons why the magnolia tree does not bloom is because it does not have a good soil? With good we mean somewhat acidic soil, rich in nutrients and with drainage.

The best choice? Some organic mulch mixed with vegetable humus and drainage.

From time to time check that the pH of the growing medium is between 5,5 and 6,5.


Irrigation is one of the most important and essential care. It is a plant that needs a lot of water, and not only in spring and summer, but also in autumn, which is the moment when it needs hydration to form the cocoons and take them forward.

For this reason, we recommend that you water throughout the year, in greater quantities in spring and summer, intermediate in autumn and less in winter.


As you may have guessed when we told you about the ideal substrate, The magnolia tree is one of the plants that requires more energy to bring forth the flowers. For this reason, it is convenient that in autumn a little fertilizer is added and again in spring and summer (the latter mixed with irrigation water).


The magnolia is one of the trees that needs annual pruning. But this must be done at a certain time. And it is that, if you have never had a magnolia tree, you may not know that at the beginning of autumn the plant already begins to create the flower buds and if you prune it at that moment, the only thing that you are going to achieve is that it takes longer to bloom.

It is also not appropriate that you prune it too much, Because that will only get it stressed and slowed down, including flowering. For this reason, carrying out maintenance can help not to be too drastic in pruning and to do it little by little.

Now that you know when the magnolia blooms in Spain and what you need for it to do so, Do you dare to have this tree in your garden?

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