When do rose bushes bloom?

The rose bushes bloom most of the year.

There is no doubt that rose bushes are one of the favorite plants of many gardeners and gardening enthusiasts. They are resistant, they adapt quite well to living in a multitude of climates -especially if they are temperate- and they produce a large number of flowers throughout the season.

But sometimes it can happen that they only flower for a few weeks, and of course, if this happens, we may wonder when do the roses bloom. And it is that depending on the species and the cultivar, they can do it at a different time of the year.

When does the blooming season for rose bushes start?

The rosebush is a shrub that needs to be watered a lot.

The vast majority of rose varieties they begin to flower during the spring and continue to do so until the summer. But, of course, when does flowering really start? Well, for that we have to talk about the weather. If the temperatures are still mild, and the thermometer marks a minimum of 15ºC and a maximum of 20ºC or more, our protagonists will start flower production at that time.

But there are exceptions. There are species of rose native to warmer climates that will take longer. This is the case of evergreen rose bushes, such as pure species rose nutkan which grows in western North America, or sempervirens rose which is native to the Mediterranean region.

What factors influence the flowering of rose bushes?

Put your rose bush in a sunny exhibition so that it blooms
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We have mentioned the temperature, but it is not the only thing that will determine the flowering of a rose bush. There are other things that also influence, and they are: the state of health of the plant itself, the fertility of the land in which it is growing, if it is exposed to sunlight or not, and if it has water available.

Let's look at each one in detail:

rose bush health

If the plant is being affected by pests, or has been recently, it may cost more to flower than another that is healthy. It must be taken into account that the rose bush can end up being attacked by various insects, such as aphids or mealybugs, so we will have to take measures as soon as we identify the first symptoms or damage.

Rose bushes can have various pests
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soil fertility

The rose bush is a shrub that blooms in spring

While rose bushes aren't too picky about this, as they can grow in a wide variety of different soils, yes, we could see that it is much more difficult for them to flourish in those soils where nutrients are scarce. So, if the soil is clayey, for example, and also one that tends to erode, it will not hurt to fertilize it regularly so that the plants are well. To do this, I recommend applying powdered organic fertilizers, such as horse or cow manure, worm humus or compost.

Sunlight exposure

The rose bushes can be in semi-shade, but based on my own experience I advise you to put them in a sunny place to get them to produce many, many flowers. If you give them the sun all day, they will not have as many difficulties when it comes to flowering than if you choose to place them in a protected exposure from the king sun.

Water availability

The rose bushes bear the drought very badly; in fact, they suffer a lot when they lack water, and even more so if the temperatures are high (30ºC or more). Therefore, we don't have to let the earth stay dry for a long period of time, since then the leaves would begin to dry. In any case, it is not necessary to go to the other extreme either: and that is that if we watered them every day we would also make it suffer a lot. So that this does not happen, I advise checking the humidity of the earth with a stick.

Other factors that may influence

No matter how well cared for the rose bushes are, sometimes it happens that they do not bloom or do not bloom as much as they are supposed to. In these cases, they may need to be pruned -let's remember that training pruning is done at the end of winter, and then you have to eliminate the flowers as they wither-, or that they are in a pot that has become too small in which case it would be seen that the roots grow out of it.

As you have seen, rose bushes can bloom for several weeks in a row, but it is important that we make sure that they are really well.

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  1.   George said

    Your exposition regarding rose bushes is very good, in a brief explanation it covers everything related to the care of rose bushes. I have not had luck with that type of plant and have always regretted it, but I will follow your suggestions to the letter to see if I can achieve it. I congratulate you.

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      Thank you very much, George. We are glad to know that you liked the article. All the best.