Where to buy marijuana seeds

Where to buy marijuana seeds

Buying marijuana seeds in Spain is no longer as complicated as it was a few years ago. Thanks to the Internet, and the creation of online stores related to this practice (which we already told you is legal in Spain), there are many who have greater access to these seeds.

But what do you know about it? Without the intention of promoting consumption, we do want to inform about the legal situation in Spain and the reason why there are online stores, like 420 Grow Shop, where you can buy these.

What is the legal situation of marijuana seeds in Spain?

buy cannabis seeds in Spain

In case you don't know, article 368 of the Criminal Code classifies the cultivation of drugs (where we find marijuana or cannabis), as a crime against public health. Their sentences range from one to three years. and at the same time a fine is imposed that will be twice the value of the drug that he possesses.

So, do you mean that buying seeds is illegal? The truth is that no. When the consumption of cannabis is not for commercial purposes, but personal, that is, for own consumption, the law cannot act because it is something that person cultivates for oneself (as long as it is not visible from the public road).

The law also does not establish how many plants are the maximum for own consumption, so that many times it is a judge who determines the type of purpose that these plants have, if it is to sell them or for personal consumption.

Now, what about the seeds? Spain is one of the countries in which the sale of marijuana seeds is allowed, as well as the cultivation and production of cannabis flowers to obtain CBD. Of course, it is necessary that they do not have a high THC content (up to a maximum of 0,20%). That is why this country has become one of the largest seed producers in both France and Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain and many more.

Marijuana produces seeds in spring
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Seeds yes, and cannabis plants?

From what we have told you before, surely you have made it clear that you can buy and sell cannabis seeds without any problem and without getting into legal trouble. But what about plants?

To do this, we give you two examples:

  • Imagine a person who decides to buy a marijuana seed. It germinates, the plant grows and in the end it collects the 'marie' and saves it to smoke it from time to time (or over several days).
  • Now, imagine that person not only decides to buy one seed, but buys twenty and decides to plant them in their garden, take care of them and then sell what you collect among your neighbors.

In the first case, since the use given to marijuana is the personal use of the owner of that plant, as long as it is carried out in a private place (such as your home), or in a cannabis club, there is no no problem. In fact, You cannot be penalized for this practice. Although, yes, if there is too much, it could be considered that it is not entirely for self-consumption and then you would face a fine.

Now, what about the second case? Here we have two key points to keep in mind. On the one hand, we are talking about 20 plants, and each one can have a harvest of more or less grams, but as a whole, we are talking about a significant weight of the plant. In addition, we have told you about "selling", with what has been done for a commercial purpose. If so, then here is what it can be considered that you have cannabis for profit and you could face various sanctions.

420 Grow Shop, the company where you can buy marijuana seeds

Cannabis plant at home

Once we have made everything clear, you should know that there are many online (and physical) stores for purchasing quality marijuana seeds. But one of the ones we want to talk to you about is 420 Grow Shop where Rubén Tomás Vidal is the co-founder of the company.

If you have not visited this store before, 420 Grow Shop is a large company made up of several cannabis professionals. Thanks to his experience, both in cultivation and in the grow shop industry, he offers a large catalog of cannabis products, as well as advice when it comes to getting started in this crop or any questions that may arise.

There are many reasons why we recommend you buy in this store. Some of them are the following:


Not only they say so, but many cultivators. They are the store in which, since 1998 when they began their journey, They offer the cheapest prices on the market.

In other words, it is where you will find seeds and other accessories related to marijuana at affordable prices.

free advice

cannabis plant

When you start in this sector, or want to try to see if you are good at it, having advice is fine. But many times this is based on giving you advice to buy and, later, not answering the questions that arise.

In 420 Grow Shop this does not happen, actually They have free advice throughout the process you need. In other words, they will not only help you find the right products for growing marijuana that you want to do (obviously, except for what is illegal), but they will also be there if you have problems with germination, growth, flowering, pests, and harvesting. .

The best dealers

They are one of the few stores that have exclusive distributions of many cannabis related products.

For this, It is where you will find the most variety in terms of sativa and indica marijuana, feminized, autoflowering, etc. Of course, its price will depend on the demand and how rare the seeds are to get; but in general they can be found at a better price.

Maximum confidentiality and speed

So that the shipments do not have anything that refers to what you are buying. In this way, you will not be afraid of receiving the order.

In addition, shipments are made within 24/48 hours in general (everything will depend on the day and time you place the order and if there are holidays or weekends in between).

Now you know where to buy marijuana seeds. Have you done this before?

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