White lilies: Characteristics, care and meaning

White lilies Care and meaning

White lilies, white lilies, or San Antonio Lilies. All these terms refer to Lilium candidum, one of the most beautiful plants you can find in the plant kingdom. But do you know what its meaning? And the care you need?

Don't worry, we'll talk about all this below and we'll even help you understand what it means when someone gives you white lilies.

How is the white lily

Detail of pistils in flower

As we have told you before, the white lily is a plant that receives many more names. It is native to Palestine, Europe and Syria and the most characteristic of this is nothing other than its flowering, which occurs periodically.

The white lily flower is large, being able to measure between 5 and 6 centimeters. Its cocoons are white that contrast with the green "veins" that support it.

With a trumpet shape, the flower is composed of about 5-7 petals. Also, these open in a certain way that is reminiscent of a star. In the center it has the fruit, loaded with seeds, and with a yellow pigmentation.

As for the flower stems, they can measure one meter in height. And it is not for less if we take into account that the leaves of this can be between 15-20 centimeters.

From each stem can come from 10 to 20 flowers.

If you're wondering, yes, white lily flowers do have a very pleasant scent.

white lilies care

White flowers

If you have a white lily plant, you certainly don't want it to die. And for this, the best advice we can give you are the following:

Location and temperature

Lilies in general are plants that adapt to everything. It doesn't matter if you put them indoors or outdoorsbecause they will be fine. However, you must bear in mind that, depending on its location, it will require some conditions or others.

To give you an idea, if you place it outside, it is better to put it in semi-shade, and protected from drafts. In the case of white lilies, the sun can take its toll on the beauty of its flowers, hence it is better to protect it.

For its part, if you place it inside the house, try to choose a location that is bright, indirect, with a few hours of direct light (but only in the early or late afternoon).

As for the temperature, the ideal for white lilies is between 22 and 26ºC. If it has been with you for a long time, it will have no problem withstanding higher temperatures. Now, in the chaos of casualties, if it drops below 10ºC, it is best to protect it so that it does not suffer.


The best soil for lilies is one that allows some retention. For example, the clayey soils, peat, earthworm humus… A good combination can be peat, humus and some perlite or similar so that it is more drained and water does not accumulate (waterlogging is very bad).

You should ensure that the soil always has a pH between 6 and 7,5.


If you use the soil that we have told you, surely you do not have any problem with the plant. And it is that Irrigation must be constant so that the bulb is always moist. But without drowning him.

In general, you have to water daily, or one day yes, one day no. But everything will depend on the climate and the type of land you have.


Another point to take into account about white lilies is humidity. It is necessary that it have a constant humidity so you could spray water daily to keep it hydrated.

Of course, avoid doing it in the sunniest hours so that it does not have a mirror effect or could damage the plant.


During the spring and summer it does not hurt that you provide a little nutrients. You can do it by adding worm humus, compost or other type of organic matter.

Plagues and diseases

This is what can harm your plant. In general, fungi, mites or aphids will be responsible for your white lilies not doing well.

The same can happen with rot (due to poor irrigation) or iron chlorosis (due to poor lighting).

It can be saved, but you have to act as soon as possible and quickly.


Regarding the propagation, the best way is through the seeds that the flowers have. Remember that they will be loaded with them and you can plant them and wait for new lilies for the following season.

The meaning of white lilies

Interior detail of pistils in lily

If you have been given white lilies, or have thought about doing it yourself, Would you like to know what they can mean?

In this case, white lilies are associated with fertility. But, when combined with the color white, it focuses on a certain group of people: those who are going to be parents for the first time. It can also be used for newlyweds, as it is a symbol of a good future and the creation of a quick life (to create a family).

Another of the meanings attributed to it is that of innocence and purity. The most sincere love, and the purest wishes towards the person to whom you give it.

And if it is given to a man?

In case white lilies are intended for a man (although it is not normal), there is also a specific meaning: show you a clear intention of beauty. We explain ourselves. The shape of the pistils, and how they protect the pollen, makes it related to male sexuality. And therefore, when these flowers are given to a man, it is meant that he is a person with great masculine beauty, attraction or high eroticism.

En general, white lilies have always been identified with femininityHence, it is one of the flowers that is most given to women.

As you can see, now you know what they mean when they give you white lilies and also, if it is a plant, you will know how to take care of it. Do you have any more questions about them? We read you.

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