How to buy an outdoor wooden floor

exterior wood flooring

There is no doubt that An outdoor wooden floor is one of the most luxurious and perfect decorations for your garden. But in order not to have to be changing it every so often and for it to last a long time, you have to know how to choose and know the keys to buying the right one.

Do you want to know how to buy an outdoor wooden floor? Not only are we going to help you, but you will also have some examples that may interest you.

Top 1. The best outdoor wood flooring


  • Made of acacia wood.
  • You have plastic drainage system.
  • Both for exterior and interior.


  • Poor quality.
  • They deform.
  • They discolor (although it says that they do not need treatment).

Selection of outdoor wooden floors

Don't you like that outdoor wooden floor? So don't worry, we give you other options that may also be interesting.


This is one of the cheapest. Are 50×50 cm autoclaved wood tiles. They don't tell us much more but their design can remind us of pallets.

INTERBUILD outdoor terrace tiles

Made of acacia wood, its size is 30 × 30 cm and they come enough to cover almost 1 square meter.

AsinoX Doccia Legno Brown Grigliato

It is pallets of natural wood 50×80 cm although it is also available in 50×100 and 50×70 cm.

It is made of teak wood and they are non-slip as they have rubber studs underneath. It is used for a shower tray, but can also be used outside.

Outsunny Set of 27 Wooden Tiles

Of a size of 30x30cm and made of solid wood, you can cover about 2,5 square meters with them.

They are very easy to install and even to change if any deteriorate.

SAM 33er Spar-Set Fliese 02 aus Akazie

It is about tiles of 30×30 cm acacia wood ideal for outdoors, but also for garden and balcony. Specifically, it is a pack of 33 that cover 3 square meters.

You can put them with a longitudinal orientation or in a mosaic pattern. They have a drainage system so that it filters under the tiles.

Buying guide for outdoor wooden flooring

Buying an outdoor wooden floor is not an easy thing to do. There are many factors to take into account and that you should not forget. Do you want to know what those are? Well pay attention that we tell you.


By size we are referring to how much you will need to cover the exterior you want, that is, in how many square meters are you going to want to put the wooden floor. Depending on the size, you will need more or less amount of wood and that will affect the budget.

Normally the land is sold by square meters so the first thing is to measure the size and then, when buying, make the calculations of how many you will need to know the final price. And don't forget to add a little more for what might happen (cuts, bad tables, errors, etc.).


As for the color, there predominance of brown but the truth is that depending on the wood used, it may be more ocher or darker. Also, keep in mind that the wood is not always the same in all the slats or planks, so, although they have a similar tone, each one will be different.

Price range

We are not going to deceive you, but it is not cheap to install a wooden floor. Even less if it is made of natural wood or pure wood (and not imitations) because it is much cheaper in that second option.

In general, the average price of these is around 65 euros/m² but that does not mean that you will find cheaper or more expensive.

How much does it cost to put wooden flooring on the terrace?

Although we have previously given you prices that may be attractive, the truth is that laying a wooden floor for exteriors is not cheap. Above all because It depends on two important aspects:

  • The type of wood you choose.
  • The extension you want to cover with that floor.

On one hand, you can get wood for an average price of 65 euros per square meter, but depending on how many square meters you have you will have to spend more or less money. And to that you have to add that you do not choose too “expensive” wood, since the budget can go up much more.

In addition, if you need people to place it, you will also have to pay them for their work.

What type of wood is used for exteriors?

It is important to keep in mind that wooden floors are not the same inside as they are outside. In these seconds, aspects such as inclement weather, especially rain and sun, must be taken into account. Therefore, you have to choose woods that are more resistant.

Therefore, among the options that we recommend are:

  • Teak wood. It is one of the best because it is quite hard and resistant to any climate. It even resists insects and to clean and maintain it you will only have to use a damp cloth or teak oil from time to time. The only bad thing is its price.
  • Bamboo wood. Also very sturdy and stylish. It is not hard wood, but it will resist bad weather and insects.
  • green pine. This is one of the cheapest options. It needs maintenance and an antifungal and anti-humidity application, but otherwise it will hold up quite well.
  • tropical wood. Finally, you have these options. They are woods that come mainly from South America and are adapted to a humid climate, so in rainy areas it can be the most interesting.

Where to buy?

buy outdoor wood flooring

You already know many more things about a wooden floor for outdoors, perhaps you have even made the decision to put it in your garden. But where to buy it? Don't worry, we are also going to give you some suggestions so you can play it safe.

The Amazon

One of the first options we suggest is Amazon because being open to practically everyone you have more opportunities to get an original wood and that has not been seen much in the country, with which your garden will be more special. As for prices, as we always tell you, look from time to time and compare because sometimes, for certain products, Amazon's are more expensive.


At Bauhaus, the search for an outdoor wooden floor can be a bit complex, because Your search engine is weird and sometimes it doesn't work for certain words. But the truth is that it has several options related to wood that are interesting to know. In addition, their prices are affordable, although everything will depend on how much you need for your exterior.


As wooden floors it has a few, but the truth is that when specifying that Outside we have found that they do not have as many, and less wood. At least online, you already know that physically in stores they can have other products that are not on the Internet (or not where we usually look).


In this case in Ikea have a specific section for outdoor floors and what we have done has been to specify that it be in brown, which is the color of wood, with which we have only come out with three models, with imitation wood or wood.

Leroy Merlin

In the case of Leroy Merlin, we do find many more elements to build our outdoor wooden floor, so you can have more variety and models to choose from.

Regarding the prices, the truth is that, being made of natural wood, they go up quite a bit, but it will be worth the investment if you do it and maintain it because it could last you for many years.

Have you already decided on an outdoor wooden floor?

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