Buying guide for a garden shovel

garden shovel

If you have a garden, then among the accessories you need to have on hand is a good garden shovel. The problem is that many times we are guided by the model that we usually know without knowing that there may be others more suitable for the work you need to do.

Do you want to know which are the best garden shovel models on the market? Or the keys to choosing a suitable one for your garden? Then read on and discover all the details.

Top 1. The best garden shovel


  • It has a stamped sheet.
  • Has a ergonomic handle.
  • It is small and manageable.


  • It can be very flimsy.
  • Low quality.
  • Too small for a large garden.

Selection of garden shovels

Gardena 08950-20 Wide Stick, Multicolor, 33,5 x 8,0 x 6,5 cm

It is a small shovel ideal for small yard work (Pot transplants and pot fillings. It has an ergonomic handle and is made of high-quality steel.

Wolfpack 2360340 Square Wooden Shovel Handle Crutch 509/3

It is one of the garden shovels of square shape with compatible handles.

Multifunctional Folding Shovel, YOUNGDO 10-in-1 Rustproof Garden Shovel 43cm Lightweight Portable Military Folding Shovel Tool for Survival, Garden, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor

This garden shovel is striking because has 10 different functions: shovel, hoe, chop, planer, safety hammer, bottle opener, saw and cut vegetables.


With a fiberglass handle, gives it flexibility and resistance. It has an antioxidant finish and paint that is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Fiskars Pointed shovel for hard floors, Length: 125 cm, Gray / Black

Round shaped garden shovel, ideal for dig hard soil and remove soil with little effort. It has an ergonomic D handle and adapted to all hand sizes.

Buying guide for a garden shovel

Buying a garden shovel is not taking the first one you see and that's it. Before, when there was only one model, it could be like this. But not anymore. Many different types of blades can be found on the market, not only by size, but also by shape.

Therefore, when buying one, you have to take into account the following:


Bigger, smaller blades; Wooden, metal garden shovels ... There is a large market and models of this product. Which one is the best? Well, the truth is that it depends.

If your garden is not very large and you also have the plants located on the sides of the walls, and they are medium or small in size, a big shovel may not be the best, and yes a small one that allows you to manage the land that these plants have.

On the contrary, if your garden does have larger plants, shrubs or trees, it may be more recommended since you can use it to apply compost, fertilizer, new soil, etc. in greater quantity.

As for the materials of which it is made, without a doubt, wood is the one that is sold the most, because it is very resistant and lasts a long time. This is treated to withstand inclement weather and to the touch they are better than metal ones (especially since these, unless they have a plastic handle, can be very cold or burn you either winter or summer and have been out in the open. Furthermore, the latter are much heavier than the former.

Price range

As for the price, the truth is that it will depend on the type of shovel you choose. Normally the small ones can be found for 3 euros or a little less and up to 6-8 euros. On the other hand, the big ones are available from 10 euros.

In general, a shovel It shouldn't cost you more than 30-40 euros.

Which is better: square or round shovel for working in the garden?

Buying guide for a garden shovel

Do you remember what we said about how we can't get to the store, pick up the first one we see and buy it? Well, it has a specific reason and that is that there are three types of shovels, or rather, three types of finishes that can help you do the job more or less well.

En general, garden shovels consist of a plate, which is the metal that performs the work; the handle, that holds the shovel to be able to work with it, and that it can be made of wood, fiber or metal (the latter very heavy); and the grip, which in turn can be type D, T or long-handled.

Focusing on the plate, this can be:

  • Round toe. It is ideal for digging, because the shape makes it easier to dig into the ground. It is not really square at all, because it ends in a peak, but it is that peak that helps make the hole.
  • Square toe. This is used mainly in construction, because it is used to collect materials that have been thrown. In the garden it could also work for you, but not like the previous one.
  • Flat garden shovel. Finally, you have these models of blades. And you have to know that it is the ideal one for gardening issues, although in reality it is not known too much.

If you had to choose, the best thing is that, if the flat one is not available, bet on a round-tipped shovel.

Where to buy

Now that you know a little better what garden shovels are, it's time to buy one. But anywhere? We are going to recommend several stores that, either because of the products they have, or because of the variety, may be more suitable.

The Amazon

Amazon is one of the stores with more products and variety, and in the case of garden shovels it is a good choice. In it you will find different models and prices, which makes it easier to find the right one.

Brico Depot

In Bricodepot you do have one adequate variety of models to choose from, and also at very affordable prices for all budgets.


In Bricomart you will have a little more difficulty finding the garden shovels because they do not have a category as such and in the search engine you get many types of shovels, both for the garden and for other DIY tasks.

Leroy Merlin

Finally, we can recommend Leroy Merlin. Why? Well, because it is one of the stores that offers you products and accessories for the garden.

In the case of garden shovels, it has the same variety of products as in other stores, but with different brands and models. As for their prices, they are similar to those you find in Bricodepot, but a little more expensive.

Which garden shovel are you going to choose now that you know the differences?

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