How to decorate an olive tree in a garden

An olive tree in a garden is a very Mediterranean trend

Without a doubt, the olive tree marks a trend in the purest Mediterranean style when it comes to decorating gardens. This beautiful tree has a very high ornamental value and can give us some delicious olives. If you like them and also want to give your garden a special touch, I recommend that you continue reading, as we will explain how to decorate an olive tree in a garden

The objective of this article is to give you some ideas and inspire you to decorate this tree. Obviously, the final decision is yours, since each person has their own tastes and preferences. Also, how are you going to decorate the olive tree? It also depends on the variety of this tree, the space available and the appearance of the rest of the garden.

How to decorate an olive tree in a garden: Ideas and tips

An olive tree in a garden is not the most suitable tree to have as a background.

Olive trees are very beautiful trees if they are highlighted properly. These vegetables are not the most suitable to have them in the background, as they are usually too showy. The best option to highlight them is through small islands in the garden, with the olive tree in the center. These can have the size and shape that pleases us. Let’s see some ideas for their designs:

  • Form: We can create these environments in the way we like the most, the most common being something rounded. We also have the option of making a slightly higher structure and thus give the olive tree a little more altitude.
  • Edges: The edges of the islands can be defined with stones (big or small), logs, wood, bricks and whatever comes to mind. We can play with the colors of the materials and their size.
  • Without Borders: We can also dispense with creating borders and simply mark the island with a terrain change. If, for example, our garden is full of grass, the area where the olive tree is located can be made of land or sand.
  • Base: At the base of the little island we can give free rein to our imagination. Among the most popular options is to cover the surface with small decorative stones for gardens. We can find different types of stones in various colors, shapes and sizes. We can also plant vegetables that surround and complement the olive tree and place some other outdoor decoration, such as vases. Imagination has no limits!
  • Shrubbery: A simple but successful idea is to plant small bushes around the olive tree. In this way the tree stands out from a small green sea. Through pruning, we can give the bushes the shapes we want, creating a striking and original showcase.
  • Scenery: Another very nice and original option is to create a mini landscape with the olive tree as the protagonist. The idea is very similar to that of the island, but it does not have to have a border and it is usually somewhat larger. You simply have to differentiate the type of soil from the rest of the garden and place the tree there and a combination of other matching vegetables and stones and rocks of various sizes, for example.

How to decorate an olive tree on a terrace

In the event that you have a stone patio or terrace and you want to enjoy a beautiful olive tree, there is no problem. Did you know that these trees can be grown in a pot? Yes that's how it is. So looking for a nice pot and a suitable place, we already have the option of having an olive tree on the terrace. As we have mentioned before, we can also place stones of the color that we prefer on the surface of the pot and give it a more special touch.

The potted olive tree is easy to care for
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If you are not convinced by the idea of ​​growing an olive tree in a pot, there is another highly decorative option to have one of these trees in our patio or garden. We can create a kind of low and closed wall to house the earth inside, where we can plant the olive tree. The shape can be the one that pleases us: circular, square, triangular, etc. We can even take advantage of this small stone wall and make it a bench where we can sit. How about some cushions? If the olive tree is large enough, it can even offer us some shade on the sunniest days.

The base of the olive tree, as in the garden, can be used to decorate with colored stones, earth, grass or even plant some vegetables. Usually this type of structure It looks great in the center of the patio or terrace, but we can also take advantage of a corner. This already depends on the space we have available and the use we want to give it.

What to plant under an olive tree?

Under the olive tree you can plant other vegetables

Now that we have various ideas on how to decorate an olive tree in a garden, we can assess which one we like the most, or combine different of them. But what do we do if we want to take advantage of the space under this tree? Another option we have is plant some plants to make it more beautiful, but which ones?

As you know, olive trees are quite dry-looking trees that we unconsciously associate with oil and, obviously, olives. Therefore, it is most recommended complement them with some vegetables that match the appearance or the culinary associations. A good option is to plant lavender under the olive tree, specifically the variety called «Richard Grey». This is mainly characterized by having grayish leaves, which are wonderfully complemented by the leaves of the olive tree, which have a similar tone.

Apart from lavender, we can also plant aromatic plants, such as thyme or basil. In this way, we will not only beautify the environment of the olive tree, but we will also be able to harvest the leaves of these herbs to use them in the kitchen. In addition, we will also be able to enjoy their pleasant fragrance in the garden. Without a doubt, this is the best option for people who prefer to combine beauty with practicality.

I hope this article has inspired you to decorate your olive tree in the garden. As you can see, there are many options, each with its own charm. With a little creativity, you can even combine different ideas. I'm sure it will be beautiful!

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