Learn about the national flowers of the United Kingdom

National flowers of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is much more than the Tower of London, five o'clock tea and cakes or Big Ben. It is a country full of charm and that gives the eyes and senses in general a beautiful experience when you visit its places. Among its many qualities are its national flowersand narcissus, thistle, clover and pink. Full of color, walking through the gardens and public places of Great Britain is a gift you have to give yourself at least once in your life. And the more times, the better.

Next, we are going to review the national flowers of the United Kingdom so that you know everything about it, its symbology and understand why so much importance is given to these floral species in this country. And each place has its beautiful flowers to show off.

What are national flowers

The chrysanthemum in Japan, the dahlia in Mexico, the rose in Ecuador or the carnation in Spain. Each country has its own favorite flower, adopted by the common sentiment of the community and which they can proudly boast of as a treasure of nature to decorate and beautify their most emblematic corners. 

Behind each flower there is usually a story or legend hidden that justifies the reason for their love for it and the fact that has led them to become the national flowers region of. Sometimes, it is simply the climate that decides which species will be the most widespread in the area. 

La pink, thistle, clover and narcissus are UK national flowers. If you want to know them and find out why they are so admired there, keep reading.

The rose, as a national symbol of the United Kingdom

National flowers: Tudor rose

La pink is one of national flowers most shared between countries, although each of them usually boasts a different variety, because there are many different types of roses. 

We are facing a flower that is not native to this country, however, it has been a national symbol since the confrontation between the royal house of York and the royal house of Lancaster took place. Both chose the rose as their signature flower, although each one in a different color: York chose the white rose, while Lancaster stayed with the red rose. 

In fact, this confrontation is known as the War of the Two Roses, where both royal houses disputed the throne of England. This event occurred in the 15th century and lasted for decades, with one dynasty alternating in government. Currently, it is possible that you know something about this war, because it was it that inspired the popular Game of Thrones. 

It is called the Wars of the Roses because the roses in the gardens were plucked and, since then, they have been one of the British national symbols. 

The daffodil as the national flower of Wales

National flowers of the United Kingdom

El narcissus It has a lot of value for the British. They were introduced to Wales in the 19th century. And it is such a beautiful flower that brightens the eye in early spring when they bloom. So much so that British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, the only Welshman to hold this position, became popular for his staunch defense of the flower, because he said it represented optimism. In addition, they usually bloom at the beginning of March, coinciding precisely with their name day: Saint David. He saw in them the symbol that they brought prosperity, color and hope to the country, which he wanted to contribute during his mandate.

Apart from this, it should be noted that Mid Wales is full of daffodil crops which are grown for medicinal purposes, because galantamine is obtained from them, a nootropic alkaloid to treat Alzheimer's.

We must also add to the narcissus and its importance a beautiful legend. Originally, this legend referred to the leek, which was previously the plant par excellence in Wales, until it was replaced by the daffodil. According to what they say, during a battle against the Saxons, which took place precisely in a field of leeks, Saint David ordered the Welsh to place a leek in their helmets (the current version of the legend speaks of daffodils), and thus they would avoid being wounded. 

One of the national flowers of the United Kingdom of uncertain origin: the thistle

National flowers of the United Kingdom

It is not exactly one of the most beautiful flowers, we know. But thistle It also occupies a prominent place among the national pride of the United Kingdom and, specifically, among the Scots. He thistle is the national flower of Scotland. With a striking purple flower but many thorns around it. 

It is not known for sure when this flower emerged in the country, but according to a legend, it was during the Early Middle Ages, which earned the admiration of the Scots. They say that, during an ambush that the Vikings were preparing against the Scots, one of the warriors pricked himself with a donkey thistle and screamed in pain. His screams alerted the soldiers and they were able to avoid the ambush thanks to the thistle. Since then, he was considered the “guardian” of Scotland and the Scots.

Since the mid-15th century it began to be officially used as the country's emblem, even appearing on coins and other historical elements.

The clover and its luck 

National flowers of the United Kingdom

Another UK national flowers is clover. There are curious legends around this flower, which is even related to goblins. To begin with, you have to know that the clover that the English refer to does not exist in reality, since it is a super strange clover to find. Legend has it that this flower that the British boast so much about was not actually a clover but another three-leaf plant that was later associated with the clover because of its beautiful green color, also important in Ireland.

They say that it was Saint Patrick who took this plant, to explain, through its three leaves, the Holy Trinity. Later, in the 18th century, during the fight for Independence that Ireland maintained with Great Britain, the colors of the Irish uniforms were a green reminiscent of this popular plant in the area, so, finally, they adopted the shamrock. as a symbol of their fight.

These are them UK national flowers along with their corresponding legends. What do you think?

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