Lavender care

Lavender plant

A few weeks ago, I bought my first lavender plant. It is curious but despite the fact that it is a very popular plant, I have never had one, perhaps because I'm just now putting together my little garden. I have planted a rosemary, a thyme plant and also a small coriander as I was looking for a fresh and somewhat lemony flavor to incorporate into the dishes that I cook from time to time. However, he hadn't tried lavender.

At first, I thought about adding it to the garden but then I decided on a generously sized pot because the plant is already somewhat large and I think it is the ideal space for it to grow comfortably and to develop as it deserves.

Plant needs

Researching on lavender care, I have discovered that it is a plant without major difficulties although, like any other species, it needs our clinical eye to offer it everything it needs. If you want to have a lavender plant from the beginning, you should know that the time to sow the seeds is spring because the mild but not hot climate helps germination. This does not mean that you cannot do it during the rest of the year, although at this time you will get a faster development of the crop.

Germination occurs approximately two weeks after sowing and as long as it is in acceptable soil, with good drainage and rich in nutrients. The Lavender's ideal climate is temperate Well, although it will endure hot summers, high temperatures or frosts do not do well.


Watering is key in the lavender plant as it is a plant that can dry out frequently. The best way to keep track of your needs is to observe the leaves because when they are down it is a sign that they need water. Regular watering is key in the summer for the plant to survive, although in winter it will also be important to water regularly but not daily.

This aromatic plant needs a few hours of sun and a pruning after flowering in order to redistribute the energy and get rid of the withered parts.

The powers of lavender

The house changes when there is a lavender plant not only because of its soft but penetrating aroma but because it is a very beautiful plant, with thin leaves and pale green that combine perfectly with the lilac flowers.

This shrub has great health benefits and is a great relaxant. Can you elaborate lavender oil either extract its essence, dry the flowers or simply enjoy a noble and very attractive plant.

Lavender plant in the field

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  1.   Carmen said

    I have a lady at night and this one with the wrinkled leaves and with the cochineal I put water with soap from the dishes and it does not go away You can give me or suggest something Thank you

  2.   Monica Sanchez said

    Hi carmen.
    Mealybugs can be removed directly by hand, or using home remedies such as soapy water, or make an infusion with one or two cloves of garlic and spray the plant with that water. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the treatment for a few days in a row until the plague disappears.
    But if you see that it worsens, then it is advisable to use specific insecticidal products, such as those that contain chlorpyrifos, for example.
    A greeting.

  3.   Selene berdugo said

    I bought a lavender and. The Reguera lasted for a week because I saw its fallen leaves but I took it out in the sun and it burned me, it will all be that it has temeeedio or I can do something to make it live

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Selene.
      How do you have the leaves? If they are brown and the plant looks sad it will be difficult to recover it.
      Still, water it once or twice this week and protect it from direct sun this week, see how it goes.
      Good luck.

  4.   MARIA said

    I have had 3 lavender plants, I buy them and they are always green and blooming. Within a few weeks they begin to dry out from the bottom. I do not know what to do because this symptom they have had the last 2 and they dried up completely. Can someone help me to know the cause and what should I do? Thanks!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Maria.
      When you water them, do you pour the water into that part? I ask you because you have to try to avoid wetting the aerial part (leaves, stems, flowers) when watering, since otherwise they could dry out.
      By the way, how often do you water them? Lavenders need little watering, no more than twice a week in summer and slightly less the rest of the year.
      A greeting.

  5.   maceous aura said

    I have a lot in my hall and my barcon and in my business I made a garden and also sembre silk very easy and they smell delicious when I caress them they leave me a rich smell and excellent oily hands

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Aura.
      The truth is that it is a marvel of plant, yes 🙂