How useful is olive oil for geraniums?

How to use olive oil for geraniums

Geraniums They are one of the most beautiful and typical plants to find in gardens, terraces and balconies. Combining reddish, pink or white colors in its flowering gives a touch of joy that should not be missing. Its flowering, which is annual, is included in the warmest time of the year. In addition, there are tricks to prolong its flowering a little more like the ones we are going to talk about in this article, such as olive oil for geraniums.

It is a system that can work with tact, but that cannot be abused either. Therefore, we are going to explain how to correctly use olive oil for geraniums to get a prompt and beautiful flowering. Also what flowering times are part of their natural cycle, and what other systems will help our geraniums shine. Keep reading to know more!

Geranium Flowering Period

Tricks to use olive oil fertilizer for geraniums

The flowering period of the geranium occupies all spring and summer, during the moment of greatest light and warmth of the year. It is a very common plant to find on terraces, balconies and gardens. It can also be kept indoors, as long as it is close to a well-lit area, as it requires a lot of light.

There is some geranium species that are perennial, and others that do it twice a year. The most widespread in Spain is the typical one that flowers once a year, and is usually between May and September.

How to speed up germination with olive oil

Used improperly, olive oil for geraniums can be devastating. Never use it in large quantity. Olive oil for geraniums is usually used to speed up flowering and make the petals very pretty. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, E and K, and mineral salts such as iron, magnesium and calcium. just take a few drops of oil on the pot, and no more! This helps stimulate flowering.

Never use it on geranium leaves nor of any other plant with the intention of cleaning it. Oil is a fatty liquid that would clog the pores of the leaves, and it is the area through which they breathe. Always remember that plants are self-sufficient, and although in certain places they can get dusty or something, it is a terrible idea to use oil. Also, the oil is great at attracting dust, insects, and the leaves can burn or wrinkle. I know we would like to have all the leaves shiny, but never with oil, use water as the main option!

How to get beautiful flowers for our geraniums

Tricks to use olive oil for geraniums

If we are insecure about knowing the amount of olive oil to use, we can use the remains of a bottle that we have emptied. That is, once we have run out of oil from our bottle, we can proceed to use it as a shower, the system is very simple. Simply cut the oil bottle in half, stick the bottle face down into the potting soil and we use it as a shower.

The small traces of oil that remain in the bottle will mix with the water, allowing a correct dosage in irrigation. In addition, it will help prevent all the oil from going down at once or that it ends up impregnating the surface of the pot. In this way, it will not only be more hygienic, but it will also be highly effective. Only these small doses are enough for both geraniums and other plants to shine beautifully.

Group of geraniums in bloom
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And if we don't see it clearly with olive oil for geraniums?

There are other solutions for better flowering. Olive oil is just one home remedy among many others. One of the ones that I like are egg shells. As with other plants such as some shrubs or tomato plants, eggshells help because they are very rich in phosphorus, potassium and with high levels of calcium. Grinding the eggshells and pouring a little on top of the soil will help provide nutrients.

Signs to know if geraniums need fertilizer

Signs to know when a geranium needs fertilizer

It may happen that some signs can be confused with some other pathologies, such as excess watering that has rotted the root, or a virus that is attacking the plant. In general, it will not happen, and if it is not that the geraniums are watered excessively, or care has been taken poorly, then I leave you a list of the main signs to know if a geranium needs fertilizer.

  1. Scarce flowering. This usually happens when there are low levels of potassium, which are the main agent responsible for correct flowering in geraniums. If only petals are made, the olive oil used as we have described, the egg shells or other products with potassium will help your geranium to flower properly.
  2. Yellow sheets. This is one of the most common signs to detect a deficiency of iron and nitrogen in geraniums and generally in all plants. If you see that there has not been a lack of irrigation, or on the contrary, an excess of irrigation that could have rotted the roots, fertilize your geranium as soon as possible due to the lack of nutrients.
  3. Bad flowers. Flowering processes require a lot of energy from the plants. A lack of resources in them makes the flowering of geraniums, or even fruits in other plants, look bad. If the plant shows signs of weakness at that time, it is also a sign that it needs a subscriber so that it can continue to develop properly.

As a final advice, do not forget that the care of a plant is mainly a correct watering and subscriber. If the root is good and in good condition (don't feel bad if you have doubts about taking it out of the pot sometime), normally the plant will tell by its leaves what it is that it lacks in fertilizer. I hope this article has helped you!

Watering the geraniums must be frequent
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