Geranium pansy: care

Pansy geranium is easy to care for

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Pansy geranium is one of the Pelargonium varieties that is best planted in a medium or large window box, as well as in the garden. For example, I like to have them each in a pot, next to a maple that I have in a large container. Another way to decorating with them is putting them on the balcony, or even hanging on the wall, although the latter is only possible while they are young and therefore have a reduced size.

For all this, and because it is precious, We want to explain the care of the pansy geranium, since we are interested in you knowing well everything you have to do so that it is healthy.

Where should we have the pansy geranium?

Pelargonium is a tropical plant

As always, it is important to start by talking about the location. Where should this plant be: outside or inside the house? Well, to answer this question you have to find out its hardiness. And the truth is that it is tropical, so it does not support frost. It can withstand perhaps -1ºC if that temperature is recorded very punctually, but it is still preferable to shelter it if it is cold.

And now you have to ask yourself another question: is it sun or shade? Well, all the geraniums of the Pelargonium genus, as is the case with our protagonist, must be in a sunny place. Even if you are going to be at home, it is very important that you put yourself in a room with windows that let in a lot of light.

In a pot or in the ground?

Well, this depends a bit on taste, but you also have to take into account the weather, since If, for example, there is frost in winter, it should be kept in a pot. so you can move it around when the time comes. And, obviously, if you want to have it indoors, it will have to be in a pot unless you have an interior patio with a piece of land.

Now, if you are going to choose to keep it in a container, it must have holes at its base. And if we talk about the earth, it must be spongy, light, and rich in organic matter. As a substrate, we recommend using, for example, the universal Flower brand (on sale here), or that of Fertiberia (for sale No products found.).

When should I water the pansy geranium?

The watering of the pansy geranium must be moderate; this means that it must be watered when the soil, or the substrate if it is planted in a pot, is dry. But you have to be careful with this because don't let it dry out completely; that is, you don't have to wait for it to crack or for it to be so dry that it compacts excessively, no. It should always be slightly damp, but never waterlogged.

So that there are no problems, it is highly recommended to take a wooden stick and insert it into the ground, to the bottom. If when we take it out we see that it is practically clean, then we will water it. In the following video you can learn more about this simple and practical trick:

What type of irrigation water should be used?

The water that is best for you it's the rain one if it's clean, but since it never rains to everyone's liking, if it is impossible for you to get it, you can use the tap water if it is suitable for consumption, and of course also bottled water.

By contrast, you should avoid watering with very calcareous water, which have a pH greater than 7.

What is the best time to pay it?

pansy geranium grows when temperatures are between 18 and 35ºC. This is important for you to know because during the months in which the thermometer shows these values, you can pay it and get the best results. And it is that if you fertilized it, for example, in the middle of winter, it would be a problem because in the event of a frost, it could suffer very serious damage, especially in the stems that have been able to grow somewhat after receiving the fertilizer, since they will be tender.

For this reason, it will only be paid in summer, but it can be started in spring and continued in autumn if the temperatures are suitable. To do this, you have to use fertilizers of organic origin, such as guano, for example, that you can buy here; or fertilizers for flowering plants such as this.

When should it be transplanted?

Pansy geranium is a perennial plant

It will only be removed from the pot if the roots have begun to grow outside of it, coming out of the drainage holes. And also, it will be done whenever the weather is good and it is spring or early summer.

It should not be done in the middle of summer or after this season, otherwise the arrival of the cold could weaken the pansy geranium to the point of not passing the transplant.

How does pansy geranium multiply?

The easiest way is by stem cuttings in spring. For this you only have to cut one, and plant it in a pot with universal substrate. In order for it to have a greater chance of rooting, before this you can impregnate its base with powdered rooting hormones such as these. Then water.

Another way is by seedsalso during that season. In this case, they will be planted in a pot, separated from each other, and they will be buried a little with substrate for seedbeds such as this that will have been previously watered.

Both the cutting and the seeds they have to be in a place with lots of light; in fact, it is preferable for the latter to get used to direct sun from the beginning.

Do you find the pansy geranium an interesting plant?

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