Pencils with seeds what are they

Pencils with seeds

Marketing and creativity have also reached the field of ecology and now it is possible to find formulas that make adopting sustainable behaviors more appealing and even getting involved in the experience of having your own garden. A good example of this are the pencils with seeds. Haven't heard of them yet? In this article we are going to explain to you what are plantable pencils, because they have become very popular original gifts and their popularity is sure to increase.

Discover with us what these original objects are, where to buy pencils with seeds and how to plant them. You are guaranteed entertainment and the little ones in the house will surely be fascinated by this gift if you decide to purchase some and give them to them so they can do their homework while learning about gardening. 

What are plantable pencils?

If you know someone who likes to write or draw and also likes to enjoy the miracle of nature, you have the perfect gift for that person. Plantable pencils are pencils like any other pencil, with which you can write, draw, underline and, in short, do the same thing you would do with any other pencil, even sharpen it when you need to because it runs out of enough lead. 

At first glance, nothing makes us imagine that we are looking at a special pencil, a utensil that we could define as almost magical, because it carries within it the possibility of creating life. They are one of the greatest examples of sustainability and another example that we can have objects that, once their useful life ends, can be revived by transforming into other equally valuable elements. 

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. pencils with seeds They are not particularly expensive either and, in fact, they cost practically the same as other pencils, despite the fact that they allow us to witness their resurrection in the form of the most varied plants. 

When your pencil runs out of lead or ink, if it is a pen, you plant it in a pot and wait for its seeds to germinate and take care of the plant that we will see grow. The pencils have been on sale for some time now and are being a success, especially as promotional gifts for companies that want to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability through their use and promotion. Now they have also been added plantable pens

How to use pencils to plant

Pencils with seeds

As we said before, the pencils in appearance are not very different from ordinary pencils, although they are made with biodegradable materials instead of plastic as is usual. 

The pencils are made with recycled and they carry inside a capsule made from rice starch which is biodegradable and in which are the seeds. 

In the case of the pen, it does have plastic in the lead. But it comes in a way that can be easily separated and then recycled once it has been left unused. The body is made of kraft cardboard. 

How pencils and pens work for planting

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. ecological pens They carry the capsule with the seeds inside in the stopper. Once the pen has stopped painting, you can plant its cap and it will degrade, letting the seeds sprout. You can also replace the cap at any time, even as soon as the pen reaches your hands, which is highly recommended if you are one of those people who often lose pen caps or if you are impatient to experience its results.

In the case of the pencil, the upper end contains a capsule which is where the seeds are. Once the pencil has been worn enough, you can plant it. 

How to plant a pencil with seeds

Pencils with seeds

For plant a pencil with seeds You just have to do a few very simple steps:

  1. Put the pencil in a pot that has soil.
  2. Put the pot in a place where the sun hits it.
  3. Water the pot from time to time according to the needs of each seed in question.

Wait for the plant to grow, which will happen after a few weeks. The procedure for plant the pens with seed It's very similar. 

Where to buy pencils with seeds

Pencils with seeds are increasingly common in organic product stores and also in gift and merchandising stores. You can even search for them on sites like Amazon. 

What are the most common seeds that you can find in these plantable pencils?

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. plantable pencils They come in different colors depending on the seeds they contain inside. It is possible to find different varieties of seeds so that you can purchase the ones that interest you the most or have them all and thus have your mini garden at home. 

Inside these organic pencils you can find mustard, basil, tomato, wildflower, arugula and chamomile seeds. For pens, the offer is lower for now and you can choose basil and mustard. 

However, taking into account that the supply is increasing, it is not unusual for you to find options that even contain fruit trees and other plant varieties to plant. It is a great gift for anyone and even for children, so that they can learn to recycle and take care of their food and plants, expanding their knowledge about nature, gardening, crops and recycling. 

Reasons to purchase pencils with seeds

We can give you several reasons to encourage you to have pencils with seeds, to use them and to give them to your acquaintances as gifts. First, because you are choosing an object that is useful and, at the same time, functional, it is ecological. It will be a way to produce less waste, since it is entirely reused and the part that is not is thrown into the recycling container to extend its useful life. 

Besides, it is a way to promote environmental awareness, if others see you using such a pencil, they will be curious and want to try the experience. 

And it is a beautiful way to worship Mother Earth, learning and participating in environmentalism, sustainability and crops, filling your house with aroma, flavor, color and the beauty of the most varied plants that will even provide you with a culinary ingredient for your kitchen. 

Knowing what are pencils with seeds, Do you dare to enjoy them, learn ecology, take care of your environment and expand your plant area at home?

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