Planting strawberries in tubes

plant strawberries in tube

One of the great problems with the cultivation of strawberries is that this, when in contact with the ground, has a great chance of rotting, in addition to being the favorite food of birds, slugs and snails. Therefore, although there is no problem in growing them in the ground, many choose plant strawberries in tubes that avoid this inconvenience.

But, how to plant them in a tube? Can it be done vertically or horizontally? What care do they need to develop well? About all this, and much more, is what we want to discuss with you today.

Why do you plant strawberries in tubes

Why do you plant strawberries in tubes

As we have mentioned, the cultivation of strawberries from traditional wood, that is, in a pot or on the ground of the garden or orchard is totally viable, and many do it that way. But when you are not very aware of them, it can make, when collecting them, you realize that the fruits have disappeared, at the mercy of other animals or because, in contact with the earth, especially if the climate is humid. , these rot and are useless.

Therefore, many prefer plants to be high enough so that the strawberry twigs do not touch the ground nor be the pasture of animals.

Another reason lies in the possibilities offered by this method. If we left the plant to its free will, we would have no control over it, over where it is going to place the fruits, if it grows more on one side or the other, etc. Instead, planting tube strawberries helps you control it and position the plants in such a way that they all develop well. What's more, it is a good support when collecting or maintaining strawberries.

Of course, not everything is good. There are also certain disadvantages that, although they are salvageable, can condition you not to opt for this form of cultivation.

How to plant strawberries in a vertical tube

The vertical tube is perfect for when you do not have much space, such as terraces, balconies ... In addition, it allows you to use a pot, since you place it on top of it (filled with soil if possible) and thus, when it comes to watering, the water is collected (because it is watered from above).

Our strawberries are planted in all directions, since the holes are big and you just have to fill the tube with soil and then make holes for the plants. The problem is that there will be some areas where the sun does not shine and you must be moving the tube for all of them to develop.

How to plant strawberries in horizontal tube

How to plant strawberries in horizontal tube

When it comes to planting strawberries in a horizontal tube, there is not much mystery. And it is that the tubes will be open in holes where we can put the earth and plant the strawberries to grow them in this way. It is very simple and they can even be placed on the ground, but being higher they have no danger of animals accessing them (as long as you control the area, of course).

It also can put on terraces, gardens, poyetes, etc. higher as long as the conditions of light, temperature, humidity, water ... are maintained. what do you need.

When the strawberries come out, as they are horizontal tubes, they will not touch the ground, they will remain hanging, but they have the danger that, if you place them in a visible place, the birds can see them and, when these fruits come out of the tube, they are more accessible to them.

Now, how to do it?

  • Put the tube with the holes facing up where you want to place it.
  • Full of earth.
  • Plant the strawberries and water liberally. You only have to do it like this with the first watering. Then it has to be more moderate. If you find that it lacks soil after getting wet, add more.

The good and bad of planting strawberries this way

The good and bad of planting strawberries this way

Planting strawberries in a tube has its good points and its not-so-good points. And it is convenient that, before making a decision, you can see them objectively to know if it is really what you are looking for or if the traditional method (or another way of growing them) is better.

The good

Let's start with the good things that you are going to find with growing strawberries in tubes or containers.

You will maintain better parasite control

Being a container more limited in space, and more controlled, you will avoid the appearance of diseases or pests that could ruin the strawberries. In addition, the use of a quality substrate, water, etc. allows better fruits to come out.

You control the production

In the sense that you will have a limitation of strawberries, and these you can see if they ripen well, move them if you see that they do not get enough sun, etc. All this then influences its quality.

The bad

There are many drawbacks when using a tube, although we must say that they are not problems that only affect the planting in this way, but in any type of container or container. These are:

Nutrient issues

In a tube we will not be able to introduce all the nutrients we want, but it is limited. On land, however, you can replace them, but in the tube it is much more complicated to do so. The only solution in these cases would be tubes that open in the middle and allow you to access the interior, but even those have their limitations when the plants have grown.

Other ways to solve them are through liquid fertilizers, fertigation or the use of quality substrates and their replacement annually.

Water stress

By this we mean that strawberries are going to have the water problem. Specifically, we are talking about a problem in water loss, Because when you throw it, it will not stay at the base of the earth, but it will filter faster and you will not have time to feed.

For this reason, many choose to buy, in addition to a quality substrate, one that can retain as much water as possible, safeguarding its draining power, of course. Another option is to use larger diameter tubes so they can hold more water.

Planting tube strawberries is not difficult. You just need to control the maintenance a little more so that they turn out well and you can enjoy your own homemade strawberries. Have you ever done it?

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