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All about preserved flowers

preserved flowers They are a good option for those people who want to enjoy the beauty of flowers in their home for much longer than a natural bouquet usually lasts. If you are thinking of purchasing a preserved bouquet, pay attention to the care it needs.

Although these flowers are treated to last a long time, they are not eternal. Now, if you give them proper care, you will be able to appreciate their beauty for a long time.

What are preserved flowers?

Why do flowers last so long when we preserve them?

Once we cut a flower from the stem on which it has grown, it normally dies after a few days. If we take good care of the bouquet of flowers, we can extend its life between seven and ten days, but After that time the flower will be completely dry.

Preserved bouquets are an alternative for those who want to enjoy the beauty of flowers for longer. The preserved flowers undergo a dehydration treatment that eliminates the internal water and allows greater survival.

They are immersed for several days in a compound formulated from glycerin and other products, which end up replacing the natural sap of the flower, but without causing its death.

Its appearance is nothing like that of a dried flower, quite the opposite. What we see is a flower in all its splendor. Because during the preservation process its color is enhanced through the incorporation of pigments.

At first glance, there is not much difference between a natural flower and a preserved one, neither aesthetically nor in terms of aroma. The real difference is in time that each one of them can last us, and that those that have gone through the dehydration process no longer need to be in water to survive.

An important fact to keep in mind is that not all flowers are suitable to become preserved flowers.

On an aesthetic level, it is possible to create very beautiful bouquets by combining preserved flowers with dried flowers. Whether in monochromatic version or combining different colors, sizes and textures.

How long do preserved flowers last?

What is flower preservation?

Generally speaking, a bouquet of preserved flowers is a good investment. It is true that, a priori, its price is higher than that of a bouquet of natural flowers, but given that its duration is longer, It is worth making the investment.

The lifespan of preserved flowers depends on the care we give them, but they can last perfectly for months, even years. Over time it is normal for the flowers They lose a little color due to the light, but in no case should they lose the petals.

How to care for preserved flowers

This way you can preserve your flowers for longer.

To ensure that your bouquet of preserved flowers remains intact for much longer, you must apply a series of basic care.

Avoid direct sun exposure

Natural flowers do not tolerate being exposed directly to the sun very well, because it can burn them and weaken them. Something similar happens with the preserved ones.

It is advisable to place them in a place where they receive sunlight but not intense or direct. We can put them near a window, but always making sure that the light that they receive is filtered by a curtain.

Light is not going to wither a preserved flower, but it can contribute to it losing its color, and that is something we do not want.

Put them in a dry place

Preserved flowers are especially sensitive to humidity. The best for them is be in as dry an environment as possible.

Although it is a temptation to decorate the bathroom with a bouquet of dried flowers to give it a more natural touch, neither the kitchen nor the bathroom are good locations because in these rooms There is always more humidity than in the rest of the house.

Handle them with care

The normal thing is that you put the bouquet in a certain place and you are not changing its location all the time, but you may have to move the flowers from Occasionally. If so, always try to handle them with care.

Avoid touching them if it is not necessary and, when you have to, touch the petals as carefully as possible.

Don't water them

Preserved flowers are dehydrated flowers and, therefore, do not need you to add water to them. In fact, water and humidity can damage them, so don't water it or spray it with any type of liquid if you want it to last a long time.

Clean them periodically

These types of flowers tend to accumulate dust that needs to be removed. You can do this by passing a duster over them with the utmost care, or applying cold air with a hairdryer and without pointing the nozzle too close.

Do not expose them to extreme temperatures

If you don't expose a natural plant or bouquet of flowers to extreme temperatures, you don't have to do so with preserved flowers either, because this could affect their survival time.

Try to place them in a place where they will not They do not directly receive heat from the heating or cold air currents. The ideal for them is to be in an environment with stable temperatures.

Decorate with preserved flowers

We are talking about totally natural flowers that are great allies when it comes to decorating our home. If you put them in a nice vase, they can become the protagonists of the decoration of a romantic bedroom.

You can also arrange them in the shape of a crown and use them to decorate the walls in places where there is not much space for decorative elements, such as the hallway or the entrance of the house.

Un bouquet of preserved flowers It can cost between 20 and 120 euros depending on the size and the flowers you carry. In exchange, you get a decorative element that will last a long time if you take good care of it.

Now that you know preserved flowers and you have verified that they do not need too much care. Do you dare to put them at home or in your workplace? They do not require much dedication and, in return, they brighten any environment.

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