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There is nothing better than a good meal cooked in a wood oven, It is not like this? This type of oven enhances the flavor and gives a special touch to the food. Therefore, it is no longer exclusive to rural areas and is now present in several restaurants and homes.

Blumfeldt and Vevo are some of the leading brands of wood-fired ovens. But, when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the size, capacity, among other aspects of the models. With this in mind, we have put together a complete guide and a ranking of the best wood fired ovens on the market. Let's go there?

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Top 1. The best wood oven

This wood-burning oven has an antique and classic design with touches of modernity. Includes a charcoal grate and poker, perfect for spending time with the family. Stainless steel is one of the best materials that can be used in this type of oven. When it's too cold to be outside on the terrace or in the garden, the blumfeldt Knight oven is ready to keep you warm.


  • Elegant design
  • Quality materials


  • The price can be high if you are looking for a simpler model
  • To install it you need help

Best wood fired ovens

Now you know a brief review of the best wood fired ovens selected by size, insulating materials, type of direct or indirect cooking and value for money. In this selection, you will find the models of the best brands and some great cost-benefit options too.

Outdoor Wood-fired Pizza Oven

The EVIEUN Pizza Oven is the ideal gift for any food lover. You can prepare delicious dishes such as steaks, hamburgers, grilled seafood and pancakes, as well as pizza. It is ideal for parties, family gatherings, picnics and outdoor camping. Try making a variety of delicious recipes with your family.

Blumfeldt Volantis Wood-burning garden oven

It is a wood oven to use on the patio or in the garden with steel plates. The lawn and deck floor are protected from heat by an elevated fire chamber. It has a rustic design with a durable black finish.

blumfeldt Monument Wood oven

The Blumfeldt Monument oven has an elegant and classic design. You can use it outdoors in autumn and winter. Blumfeldt ovens are made from high-quality materials, have a well-planned construction, and an exquisite design. They can be used to beautify your balcony, terrace or garden.

Zio ciro Wood-burning outdoor oven direct cooking

The Subito Cotto 95 is a true wood-burning oven that takes up less space and weighs less, and whose surface and dome are made entirely of high-quality refractory concrete, which makes it perfect for domestic use. Even after turning off the fire or flame, the interior of the oven maintains the cooking temperature for a long time, like a typical wood-fired oven.

Outdoor Portable Wood Burning Pizza Oven

This furnace features a two-layer structure for optimal cooking results and two storage locations for ash and charcoal. It contains a thermometer with a maximum temperature of 483 degrees Celsius (about 900 Fahrenheit) for temperature control, as well as black baking paint on the surface for efficient heat transfer.

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How to choose a wood oven

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If your dream is to cook a tasty pizza or cake like a professional baker, you just have to decide which wood oven to buy. There are many models on the market to cover all needs. They are certainly not commonly used products and have considerable costs. To make the best choice, it is advisable to have the appropriate information and know what are the most important characteristics.


When it comes to a wood-fired oven for home use, it is necessary to know that there are different type. The first subdivision is between the outdoor and indoor models. In turn, the latter are divided between free and built furnaces. Some of these are those included in wood-burning stoves, also known by the popular term "cheap stoves." The choice, of course, depends on different needs. In general, a wood oven has quite large dimensions and requires special attention for its correct installation.

A model for indoor use it must have its own adequate space and above all, access to the outside will be necessary to pass the chimney. The cold is certainly not an ally for the proper functioning of a wood-fired oven and for an outdoor model it will be necessary to find a refuge point or provide for the construction of protective masonry structures. Also pay attention to the type of flooring that must be especially heat resistant.

The materials

Most wood-fired ovens use stainless steel as the main material., which offers innumerable advantages: it is aesthetically very pleasant, it retains heat sufficiently, it does not suffer the attack of atmospheric agents, it guarantees a high degree of hygiene and it is easy to clean. For these reasons it is also the most used material in traditional electric ovens, and in general in all electrical appliances dedicated to food.

There are also outdoor models made of refractory terracotta very similar to professional ovens. Compared to steel, terracotta offers better insulation and thermal resistance, thus reducing wood consumption. It is not easy to tell if one material is better than another. In the end, when choosing an oven, it is necessary to observe technical data such as the maximum temperature that can be reached, the nominal calorific power, the hourly consumption of firewood and choose according to your needs.

Interior spaces

The availability of the internal space and its subdivision is a very important aspect to be carefully evaluated.. In some cases, manufacturers supply, often for the same model, different versions in which mainly the depth changes. In the most expensive ovens it can even exceed one meter. The maximum number of shelves that can be had is normally three, while in the most compact models there is only one hob. Of course, this aspect is directly related to the intended use. For very large families, if you want to cook bread, for example, it is necessary to have an oven that can guarantee to cook good quantities at the same time.


The type of fuel to use is a fundamental aspect. Choose the one that best suits your needs, not only in terms of budget, but also space. Wood will require, for example, a place to store it, while pellets take up much less space. If you choose a hybrid model, you will need to have the necessary connections and an external connection for the fireplace.

Advantages and areas of use

The wood oven is ideal for cooking

The heat capacity of the wood-fired oven, or the way you cook the dishes, gives a particular flavor to the food. The heat amalgamates the different ingredients in a slow and homogeneous cooking. Wood-fired ovens reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees, perfect for cooking a tasty pizza. In addition, it is a tool linked to the Italian culinary tradition, especially for some specific dishes such as pizza.

AIn addition to saving electricity, the wood oven guarantees a particular quality for our dishes. To choose the best one, carefully read the characteristics of the products, the result of technical tests, but also the opinions of those who bought before you. Perform a feature benchmark to decide which one is right for you.

Where to buy?

Wood-fired ovens are used for cooking or heating

The Amazon

It is highly recommended to make your purchase on the Amazon website for many reasons: you will have it at home in no more than 3 days, the shipping costs are less than 4 euros or free, you will have a large selection of models to choose from and you will have the better repayment facilities.

Second hand

If you don't like the idea of ​​buying through Amazon, you can look at Second Hand. In Second Hand you will have incredible prices and a wide variety of products to select the one that best suits your needs.

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