El Flamboyan, also known as the Flame Tree, is one of the most popular tropical trees. Its parasol glass and its incredibly beautiful flowers make it a highly desired plant by all, whether we have a garden or not.

In the tropics you can find it in streets, parks, avenues, ... in short, everywhere. Unfortunately, due to its sensitivity to cold, those of us who live in areas with cool climates must settle for seeing it only in photos, or maybe not? Regardless of where you live, after reading this special article you will know what care it needs, how to reproduce it, and much more.

Characteristics of the flamboyant tree

Flamboyan and its flowers

Before getting into the matter, do you want us to know what this magnificent tree is like? This way it will be easier for us to distinguish it ..., although, it is true, the difficult thing is, precisely, not to recognize it. But it does not hurt to know how it is so that the place we choose to plant it, be the most suitable. Let us begin:

The flamboyant, whose scientific name is Delonix direction, is a tree belonging to the Fabaceae family and the Caesalpinioideae subfamily. With a life expectancy of 60 years., is native to Madagascar, where it is in danger of extinction due to habitat loss.

Has a rapid growth rate -if the conditions are favorable, it can be done at a rate of 50cm / year- until it reaches 12m in height, with a 5-6m diameter parasol canopy. Its leaves are evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous depending on the climatic conditions and the crop:

  • Expires: our tree will lose its leaves during autumn-winter in cold climates if the minimum temperature is below 5ºC, or in the dry season.
  • Semi-perennial: the flamboyan will partially lose its leaves if the minimum temperature remains around 10ºC and the maximum does not rise more than 18ºC.
  • Perennial: If the climate is warm, with temperatures between 10 and 30-35ºC, and the rainfall regime of the place is sufficient for the tree to survive, as it would be in humid tropical climates, the flamboyant will always have leaves. Of course, you have to know that you will lose the oldest ones throughout the year, as new ones come out.

Flamboyan flower

The flowers, without a doubt, its main attraction, are large. They have four petals of up to 8cm in length, and a fifth petal called the standard, longer and stained with yellow and white. The color we could say is red, and indeed, the type species (Delonix direction) has red ones, but there is a variety, the Delonix regia var. Flavid, which has a spectacular yellow-orange color. They sprout from the tree in spring, When the specimen has reached 5-6 years of age and, if lucky and pollinated, the fruits will immediately begin to ripen, which are pods that, when mature, are woody, dark brown in color and up to 60cm long per 5cm wide. Inside we will find the seeds, which are elongated, more or less 1cm long, and very hard.

The trunk has a smooth bark, greyish brown even from a young age. The roots are very invasive, so you have to take special care to plant it near pipes, floors, or any construction. The ideal is to put it at a minimum distance of 10m from the mentioned places to avoid problems.

The flamboyan is a tropical tree
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In addition, it must be said that it is a allelopathic plant. This is a word that may sound very strange to all of us when we read or hear it for the first time, but in reality it has an easy meaning to remember: allelopathic plants are those that do not allow practically any other grass to grow under their shade, like our protagonist, but also the Mediterranean fig trees (ficus carica) or eucalyptus, among others.

Flamboyant Tree Uses

The flamboyant is used mainly as ornamental plant in hot climates, as an isolated specimen to be able to contemplate it in all its splendor and enjoy its shade; you can also work as bonsai. However, in the Caribbean the ripe pods (with their seeds) are used like percussion instruments known as shak-shak, which in Spanish would be maracas. In Colombia, on the other hand, are used to feed livestock.

Flamboyan properties

This is a tree that has interesting medicinal properties. In fact, used to relieve rheumatic pain, symptoms of respiratory problems and asthma. To benefit from them, you can macerate the bark to later apply it on the painful area, or cook the flowers and then drink them as if it were an infusion.

How to reproduce the flamboyan

5 month old flamboyan

Would you like to have a beautiful tree in your garden? Take note:

The flamboyant reproduces in three ways: by cutting, by seed and by air layering.

Reproduction by cutting

The cutting method is the fastest, since it will allow us to have an already grown specimen in a matter of a few months. To do this, you must wait until autumn, and follow these steps:

  1. Choose a thick semi-woody branch, at least 1cm in diameter, and 40-50cm long.
  2. Now make a bevel cut (that is, slightly tilted outward), and seal the wound of the tree - not the cutting - with healing paste.
  3. Moisten the base of the cutting with water, and infuse it with liquid rooting hormones, which you will find for sale in nurseries and garden stores.
  4. Then it's time to plant it in a pot with porous substrate, composed of 60% black peat and 40% perlite or coconut fiber. Perlite alone can also be used.
  5. Add a pinch of sulfur or copper -as if you were adding salt to the french fries- on the surface of the substrate. This will prevent fungi from damaging your cutting.
  6. Then give it a generous watering.
  7. Finally, it will be placed in an area protected from direct sun, and always keep the substrate slightly damp.

Reproduction by seeds

The flamboyant produces many seeds
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This is the most used method among hobbyists. For this, the seeds must of course be obtained, preferably in spring, which you will find for sale online nurseries or, if you live in a tropical climate, you can get them directly from the tree.

Once you have them, you have to proceed to scarify them. How? Very easy: with sandpaper or, if you don't have it at the time, you can do it against the wall, or even with a piece of wood. You have to do a little pressure, and give it several passes, but you have to be very careful not to go overboard. You will know that you are done when you see a dark brown color right at the point that has been most in contact with the stone or sandpaper.

Sanding flamboyan seed

Now are placed in a glass with clean water, at room temperature, overnight. The next morning, you should see that the peculiar covering that covers them will have started to come off, an unmistakable sign that they have begun to germinate. In case it has not been the case, sand them a little - very little, 2 or 3 more passes - again, and put them back in a glass overnight. If all goes well, the germination process can continue in the seedbed, which I recommend is a pot of at least 10-15cm in diameter and 6-8cm deep.

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Black peat mixed with 30% perlite can be used as a substrate, but you can improve it by adding 10% organic compost, such as worm castings (for sale here!). In any case, after filling the pot almost completely, you have to place the seed in the center of it, and cover it with a little substrate, enough so that the wind cannot blow it away if it blows too hard. intensity.

Flamboyan seeds about to germinate

And to finish, a pinch of copper or sulfur will be added and a generous watering will be given, so that the substrate is well soaked. We will put it in an area where it gets direct sun, we will always keep the pot slightly damp but not flooded and, in a matter of 5-7 days, the cotyledons will appear, which are the first leaves that all the plants take out. Later, the flamboyan's own leaves will do it.

Reproduction by air layering

In spring (April or May if you are in the northern hemisphere), with a cuttex you can sand a thick branch, about 2-3cm in diameter, a bit, and impregnating that area with rooting hormones before covering it with a dark colored plastic bag (preferably black).

Then, with a syringe filled with water, the substrate is "watered". This must be done every 3-4 days, so after a month, the roots will start to sprout. After another month, you will be able to cut down your new tree.

Can grafts be done?

It is not a very common technique in these plants, but if you want to have orange and red flowers on the same tree, thanks to the graft you will be able to achieve it. It is done as follows:

  • A cut that goes from one side to the other of a branch whose thickness is at least 1cm. It must be deep.
  • Then, the graft is inserted, which will be a semi-woody branch of another flamboyant.
  • And then attached with duct tape for grafts.

If everything has gone well, in a matter of two months at most the first shoots will appear.

Flamboyan care

Grafts in flamboyan

This is a very special tree that has its place reserved in many gardens, even if they are not in the right climate. Is very easy to care, as you are going to see:


Place to full sun. It does not tolerate shade, and can have problems in semi-shade.


Flamboyan seeds are sown in spring
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Frequent in summer, during which we can water every 1 or 2 days if temperatures are above 30ºC. The rest of the year we will decrease the frequency, and we will water once a week, maximum two.


Flamboyan flowers

Highly recommended, especially if you live in a climate that is not too suitable for him. Fertilize it from spring to late summer with a fast-acting fertilizer, such as guano, following the manufacturer's recommendations. In autumn and winter I advise you to give it a monthly watering with half the indicated dose of Nitrofosca (the fertilizer of the blue balls).


It can be used black peat with perlite mixed at 20%, or also adding 10% worm castings.


During the early years of its youth, it can be grown in a pot, passing it to a major every year, in spring.


It is very sensitive to cold, especially when young. Although in the Canary Islands there are some other adult specimens that have endured up to -4ºC, its ideal temperature range is between 10 and 35ºC.

Can you have a flamboyant in a pot?

Of course yes, but for this it is important that it is planted in a larger pot as it grows., and that it is pruned regularly in late winter.

We will put universal culture substrate, or if we want coconut fiber (for sale here!), and we will water it several times a week so that it does not dry out. During the fall, when the temperatures begin to drop, we will put it indoors or in a greenhouse.

How to get the flamboyan to withstand the winter

This is a plant that I fell in love with many years ago. I love its size, its elegance, the color of its flowers ... everything. I know that I am not the only one, and surely there is someone - perhaps you? - who also lives in a climate that is not quite as good as it should be for flamboyant, but who nevertheless wants to try. So I'm going to tell you how did i make it survive to winter.

Where I live, annual temperatures are between -1ºC (it can drop to -2ºC if there is a polar wave) and 38ºC. Despite this, I have flamboyants. Why? Because every winter they are left outside but protected with plastic, and it is ensured that the substrate is always wet. Of course, it is watered only on the days when the weather is better, since otherwise the roots would find water that may be too cold, and there is no need to take risks.

Another important point is the »blue manure» that I mentioned earlier. If half a small spoonful of this compost is filled, it is poured into the pots and immediately watered, the root system will be kept at a temperature thanks to which it will be able to continue working, that is, absorbing water so that the plant can stay alive.

Pests and diseases of the flamboyan

Fungicide in the flamboyan

The flamboyant is a tree that, fortunately, is not usually affected by pests and diseases. Still, yes that from time to time you can see him cottony mealybugs y aphids that are eliminated with insecticides containing Abamectin and / or Pyrethrin; and if it is watered excessively, the fungus Phytophthora can harm you, which can be treated with any broad spectrum fungicide.

And so far our special on one of the most spectacular trees: the flamboyant. What do you think? By the way, did you know that there is a yellow flamboyant? Find out:

The flowers of the yellow flamboyant are numerous
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  1.   Elizabeth said

    Beautiful species. I hope I know her personally before she disappears.

    1.    Raiga said

      Hello Monica. I'm trying to turn a flamboyan into bonsai. I got it in a forest, its trunk was very long and I cut it to a more suitable size. It still does not sprout branches or leaves. How long do they take to sprout? I live on a tropical island and lately a lot of rain falls and the temperatures are low. Does this matter? I will appreciate your answer very much. Be fine.

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        Hi Raigah.
        It can take a long time for the tree to sprout. I can tell you that 5 years ago they gave me a horse chestnut (Aesculum hippocastanum) and it was totally asleep for a whole year. The following year he took out some leaves, and today he is beautiful 🙂.
        With patience, the same thing will happen to your flamboyant. If you are on a tropical island, you must soon feel at home.
        I could not tell you how long it will take to sprout because it is very difficult to know. But I don't think it will take more than a few months.
        A greeting.

        1.    Manuel Loera said

          Good afternoon, I don't know if it was the ideal way to communicate with you. because I did not find another way to do it. My question is regarding the root, in my home I have a flamboyant that was planted approximately 4 years ago and will have an approximate height between 3 and 5 meters and I think the root is causing me some problems, I would like to know how big it grows and how it is expand in addition to how superficial they can be, my problem is that the tree is very close to an adjoining fence on a ground that was filled with earth material and apparently compacted, the situation is that it feels that the perimeter fence is moving and we want to go discarding whatever is the reason that is affecting the wall, I hope you. Can you help me or recommend who to go to solve this
          I appreciate your comments

          1.    Monica Sanchez said

            Hello Manuel.
            The flamboyan is a tree that can exceed 5 meters in height.
            Its root system is very invasive and causes problems if it is planted too close to walls, floors or pipes.
            The ideal thing would be to take it out and plant it somewhere else, but of course, having the size it already has would be complicated.
            You can however give it a drastic pruning and try to get it out with as many roots as possible. And plant it in a pot.
            Maybe that's how it would work out.
            A greeting.

  2.   Monica Sanchez said

    It is a tree that is very easy to reproduce by seed. In fact, in hot climates it abounds. But in their habitat, which is where they should concentrate more specimens ... there is less and less due to deforestation and others.

    1.    Lucas Noriega said

      Hello, I have blue and yellow seeds, how is the germination process, since the red flamboyan seed is different, the blue and yellow ones are more fragile, how should I do? I await your answer Thank you

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        Hello Lucas.
        I tell you: the blue flamboyant is actually the Jacaranda mimosifolia tree. These seeds are sown directly in pots, with universal cultivation substrate, burying them a little bit of nothing.
        Regarding the yellow flamboyant, I don't know if you are referring to the Delonix regia var. flavida, in which case you have to sand them a bit, until you see that it turns brown (it will turn blackish). Then they have to be kept overnight in water, and the next day they are sown in pots, also with universal cultivation substrate or with vermiculite.
        A greeting.

      2.    María said

        Hello, please, I would like to know if I put the pot with the sprout that is just coming to the surface in the direct sun or if I keep it in partial shade, thanks

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello Maria.
          No, better put it in half shade. Get used to it little by little and gradually to the sun. For example, one day that gives it an hour, the next day an hour and a half,… and so on.

          It is important that it is the sun in the early morning or the one at sunset, since at noon the sun's rays arrive more direct, with more force, and could burn it quickly.


    2.    Alexander Ramirez said

      Hello Monica, I am from Callao Peru, I have planted a tree of this type 5 years ago but it still does not flourish, please could you give me some advice that I could do, thank you very much.

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        Hello Alexander.
        Sometimes they can take a while to bloom.
        Tip: pay during the warmer months of the year. For this you can put a layer of 3cm of organic compost such as worm humus or manure, or use minerals such as Nitrofoska which are absorbed more quickly. If you opt for the latter, you have to follow the instructions specified on the package to avoid overdose.
        A greeting.

  3.   Ita Candolfi said

    How do I cover it so that it doesn't die with frost

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      If the temperature drops to -1º Celsius and for brief moments, it will be enough to protect it with a plastic. But if it is lower, it should also be protected with a thermal blanket or, it is even preferable to have it inside a heated greenhouse or inside the home in a room with a lot of (natural) light.
      A greeting! 🙂

  4.   Juan said

    Greetings! Is it true that it is possible to reproduce it also by cutting twigs and planting them? I read that on Wikipedia, but I am in doubt. Thanks!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi John.
      Yes, indeed, it can be reproduced by cuttings (twigs). For this you have to take the ones that are thick and long (about 40cm in length approximately). You have to clean them well with a damp cloth, and then leave them in a place protected from the sun for a couple of days. After this time, it is time to plant them in a pot with fertile soil (preferably compost), adding a layer of volcanic clay inside so that the water drains quickly. Usually in two weeks to a month it will start to take root.
      Greetings, and if you have any further questions, ask 🙂

  5.   Juan carlos said

    How long it takes to give flowers, and how the pruning is done. I have planted 8 on my Central Florida property ...
    Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Juan Carlos.
      The flamboyant is a tree that blooms at an early age, at 4-5 years.
      In principle you do not have to prune, but if you see that a branch is growing excessively, you should do it after flowering. The cut must not be straight down, but must be slightly inclined (bevelled), with a pruning tool previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol. Seal the wound with healing paste after each pruning; this way you will prevent fungus from entering.
      If you have any doubts, write to us.
      Happy weekend!

  6.   Claudia said

    Hello… .I know that this tree has a lot of roots and it is possible that it will raise the foundations. The question is ... what is the most recommended distance between the house and the tree to plant it? Thank you

  7.   Monica Sanchez said

    Hi Claudia.
    It is true, the flamboyant is a large tree. For safety, I recommend planting it at a distance of at least 10 meters between the house and the tree.
    Greetings and have a nice weekend!

  8.   DON GARAY said


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello, if the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees Celsius, you can live outside all year round.
      Happy weekend!

      1.    Juan Carlos said

        I would appreciate an answer to my first question.
        I am interested to know if I take a branch of a flamboyan can be grafted onto another 1 year old because of flowers of another color.
        The donor has already flourished. What is the best time and most appropriate technique for that purpose. Thanks a lot. JM - Florida

  9.   Monica Sanchez said

    The graft should be done in spring. In the case of flamboyans, the most recommended type of graft is budding, which consists of making an incision as deep as possible in a branch of the rootstock, introducing the cutting, and then attaching it well with special adhesive tape for grafts.
    However, you should know that the color of the flowers will not change. What can be done is, in the same tree, have branches whose flowers are red, and other orange.
    A greeting.

    1.    Juan Carlos said

      Thank you very much, even though in the middle of summer, I can't miss the opportunity to try at least; He traveled to Florida next week and I have spotted a yellow flamboyan that I intend to steal some shoots ... God will tell
      There is no way to damage the container with the attempt, right ??? Is any pruning done?
      Thank you very much again.
      Thank you very much again

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        Hello Juan Carlos.
        Just in case, you need to make sure that you can safely pick a branch from that tree. I tell you this because in many countries it is forbidden to take branches and even seeds without permission, especially if the plant is in a botanical garden.
        Once you have the permit, then yes, you just have to make a bevel cut (that is, slightly angled outward), and protect the base of the branch with aluminum foil for example. Remove the flowers if you have them, so you don't waste energy keeping them.
        To graft, make a deep, side-to-side cut in a thick branch - at least 1cm - and insert the graft. Attach it well with adhesive graft tape, and in a matter of a month or two maximum the first leaves should come out.
        A greeting.

        1.    Juan Carlos said

          Thank you so much!

          1.    Monica Sanchez said

            Greetings to you 🙂

          2.    Juan Carlos said

            Today I made the shield bud grafts, making the T-cut in the container. Let's see if in 10 years I have trees that bloom with the colors of the mother country. I'll tell you.
            To you, hug and kiss!

          3.    Monica Sanchez said

            Good luck, Juan Carlos. Let's see how 🙂. Happy weekend!

  10.   yesy said

    Good afternoon. I live in Argentina. I would like to know when to plant flamboyan since they gave me a couple of seeds and I don't want to risk them and plant them out of season. From already thank you very much.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Yesy.
      Sowing is done in spring, especially when the weather is not the most appropriate. In this way, the tree has more time to grow and has enough energy to survive the winter.
      Greetings and happy Sunday.

  11.   Lizeth said

    Good morning I live in Monterrey I have about a year with the tree about 3 weeks ago the branches began to dry but the trunk is still green and the leaves have not grown since that time I would like to know what I can do so that it does not dry out
    Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Lizeth.
      How often do you water it? Do you have it in a pot or in the garden? The flamboyant likes humidity very much if it is hot (temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius), but not so much if it is cool.
      If it is a very young tree, treat it with a fungicide to prevent fungi, following the manufacturer's recommendations.
      Finally, if the climate is mild, it has to be located outside, where it receives direct sun.
      If you have questions, contact us again.

      1.    lizeth said

        I have it planted in front of my house, it always gets the sun and because I water it almost daily, I only sometimes spent one or two days and in Monterrey we are usually almost always more than 30 degrees Celsius with a lot of heat, they recommended me to water it twice a day and make it fertilizer I would like to know if that would be okay

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello again, Lizeth 🙂

          Watering twice a day is too much. It likes humidity very much, but you have to avoid that the substrate gets flooded, otherwise the roots could rot. From my own experience I can tell you that these plants hold up well with 4 weekly waterings (one day yes, another not) with temperatures between 20 and 37 degrees Celsius.

          Fertilizer, yes, but better natural and slow release, like worm castings. Scoop a handful or two scattered around the log, and water it. You can start again after two or three months.
          However, if you've had it for only a year, chances are it's just adjusting to the heat. If you see that the branches fall too often, protect it from direct sun until the temperatures drop a little.

          And, to have all the fronts covered, have you checked to see if there are any bugs on the leaves? To prevent, it would not hurt to spray it with Neem oil; This way you would ensure that there will be no aphids or mealybugs wanting to harm your tree.

          Greetings and have a nice weekend!

  12.   Ana said

    Can you make or take an aerial elbow from a flamboyan?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Ana.
      Yes, of course, in spring (April or May if you are in the northern hemisphere). With a cuttex you can sand a thick branch, about 3cm in diameter, a bit and impregnate that area with rooting hormones before covering it with a dark colored plastic bag (preferably black).

      1.    Ana said

        Ok thanks I can't find how to share the photos I just started to germinate a flamboyan seed and with only 36 hours they are about to break the green seed. I live Puebla Mexico

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Thank you. Photos can only be sent via email or through the Gardening On page on Facebook or Twitter. Anyway, congratulations !! Add a little fungicide, such as copper, so the fungi can't affect it. These organisms do a lot of damage to the seedlings, being able to kill them in a matter of days. Greetings 🙂

  13.   guadalupe said


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Guadalupe.
      I'm very sorry for what your tree is happening to. The flamboyan has a life expectancy of about 60 years, so what happens to it is strange. Has it been hotter or colder than normal in your area? I ask this because there are plants that have been planted in the same place for a long time, if one year the temperatures remain high (or low) for many more days in a row than would be usual, the tree, not being adapted to this new condition, loses leaves.

      Have you checked if it has any plagues? Check if both the underside and the upper part of the leaves are healthy, and that the trunk does not have any strange perforations. Has it been pruned recently? If so, has healing paste been put on the cuts?

      From the outset, I recommend that in the next irrigation you apply chemical fungicide, following the manufacturer's recommendations. Fungi are opportunists who will not hesitate to take advantage of the flamboyant state of health to harm it, so the fungicide is essential to prevent this from happening.

      By the way, it is not ridiculous to love a plant, even less when you have been sharing a life with it for so many years.

      If you have any questions, get in touch with us again.

      Greetings, and encouragement.

  14.   Mario Cantu said

    Hello, I have 2 flamboyans at home and one of them, the youngest has several days that its leaves are folded, last year something similar to a third flamboyan happened and it dried after 4 or 5 months in that condition. I don't want this to happen to this second flamboyan, what could be the cause? What can I do to avoid it? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Mario.
      Have you checked if it has any plagues? There are insects that leave like a honeydew on the underside of the leaves, making them look folded over time. Any insecticide that contains Chlorpyrifos as an active ingredient will do you good.

      By the way, how old are they? If they are very young, it is likely that they have a fungal disease, so the use of fungicidal products is highly recommended.

      A greeting.

      1.    Mario Cantu said

        Thanks Monica for your answer.
        I tell you that this tree is approximately 3 years old planted in the ground and was about 3 years in a pot as bonsai, because in the pot that was born it was very small and did not allow it to grow, once we transplanted it into the ground it grew normally, But this year it presented that condition of folded leaves, this year the summer has been very severe due to the heat and thinking that it was suffering from heat stress, it has been watering frequently, every 1 or 2 days depending on the temperatures that have risen to 39 ° C or 40 ° C but it is not seen that it improves, do you recommend that the irrigation be reduced to every 2 days? Lately it has yellow leaves that eventually fall off.
        What fungicide can I use and how is it best to use it?
        Thanks for your advice and greetings.

  15.   Monica Sanchez said

    Hello again Mario.
    If this is your first time facing such high temperatures, then yes, what you do have is heat stress. Even so, in these cases, although the frequency of irrigation must be increased, giving water daily can be more harmful than beneficial. My recommendation is that you water every 2 days, and apply broad spectrum liquid fungicide to prevent fungi from appearing, following the recommendations on the container.

  16.   edgar said

    How can I make the tree grow or grow the root sideways if not down to prevent me from pulling my wall or my fence?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Edgar.
      An effective way to get the roots to grow lower is to restrict watering. Decrease the frequency of watering, and thus you will force its roots to have to go deeper in search of moisture.
      A greeting.

  17.   leonor carvajal said

    In what time after germination does this beautiful tree grow?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Leonor.
      More or less, the flamboyant grows 50cm every year.
      Greetings, and sorry for the delay in responding.

  18.   Jesus said

    Hello, I would like to know if I can plant a framboyan in my garden that is only 3 meters in front of the room that faces the street? Could you plant it halfway up 1.5 meters from the wall? Or what tree do you recommend that has a lot of shade and is not so aggressive with its roots. I live in Monterrey NL and we are almost always above 30 degrees and the sun hits me all day. Thanks

  19.   Monica Sanchez said

    Hello Jesus.
    The flamboyant will end up causing problems for you. We better recommend a fruit tree, or the Feijoa sellowiana.
    A greeting.

  20.   Jesus said

    I forgot to say I wanted a framboyan for its shade and that its branches grow tall and I would not cover the sale that is right in front of where the tree would go. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond Monica 🙂

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Jesus.
      Still, the flamboyant has invasive roots, which can lift or even break pipes and / or soil. The trees that I mentioned yesterday can be pruned as you like, in autumn or at the end of winter.
      Greetings 🙂.

  21.   dashy said

    Hello Monica. What is the commercial use that is given to this plant and what ecological use can it be given? It is a task of the baby. Thanks in advance.

  22.   Monica Sanchez said

    Hi Dashy.
    The flamboyant is a tree that absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide. It is a plant that is cultivated for being very ornamental, but in the Caribbean the native tribes also use the pods with the seeds as maracas, and in Argentina it is used as food for livestock.
    A greeting.

  23.   AZENETH said


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Azeneth.
      Rub the trunk of the tree with lemon, and see if there are any insects on the leaves. Normally, if there are ants, it is because the aphid is already on the plant.
      If there are, buy an insecticide that contains chlorpyrifos or imidacloprid to kill them. Follow the directions specified on the package, and don't forget to put on gloves before applying the product.
      A greeting.

      1.    AZENETH said


        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          To you 🙂.

  24.   Fernando Galvan said

    Hi Monica, I hope you find the best, I would like your opinion. What happens is that I planted a flamboyan 1.5 meters from a gas pipe, right now the little tree is almost two meters high but its trunk is still small and its trunk does not exceed two cm in width. My question is whether it can affect the pipeline. Thank you in advance, greetings ..

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Fernando.
      Unfortunately it can affect the pipes. Now that he is still young, I would recommend changing his site. Another option is to water very occasionally, that is, to pass a little thirst, although this does not guarantee that in the future the roots can reach them.
      A greeting.

  25.   Juan Carlos said

    I have a Whiteberry Tree that I would like to transplant. If I can't, I'll have to cut it.
    The base is about 12 cm wide and should be about 12 or 15 meters high. If removing it is impossible, how can I save at least part of it? Give a barbara fruit!
    Thank you very much for your help!

  26.   Monica Sanchez said

    Hello Juan Carlos.
    Your mulberry is too big to be able to get it out with a minimum of guarantees, since its roots have probably grown a lot. You could try to make trenches around the tree at least one meter deep, and try to remove it, and you would also have to considerably lower the height of the plant, leaving it with a maximum of 3m. Mulberry trees are very resistant, but even if you manage to get it out with a good root ball, I cannot assure you that it will survive.

    One option is to make cuttings in late winter. You just have to cut a few branches and infuse the base with rooting hormones. Plant them in a porous substrate (perlite, for example), and water from time to time to maintain a certain degree of humidity.

    You can also do an air layer, as explained in this article. http://www.jardineriaon.com/multiplicacion-de-arboles-y-plantas-acodo-aereo.html

    Greetings, and good luck.

  27.   Veronica said

    Hi Monica, good morning

    I want to know which is the best month to prune my flamboyant, I sowed it a year ago and it is 3 mt it has not flowered yet but it is large and it grew two thick arms in addition to the central trunk I read that I need to cut those spleens to make it a trunk unique and make the shape of a mushroom the vdd makes me sad xk it looks very leafy but if you recommend it I will do it, what is the best month to cut it? Thanks greetings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Veronica.
      Pruning is only necessary if you want the tree to have a certain shape, or when there are branches that bother. So if you like your flamboyant as it grows, my recommendation is that you cannot 🙂.
      A greeting.

  28.   Veronica said

    Thank you very much for your response Monica, I read it late .. I can now, I hope to give it the shape of an umbrella or mushroom and I took advantage of the fact that it is about to throw the leaf, to be its first year it grew too much I planted it 40 cm and it already has 3 mt in a year, so I got very sad, but I hope it continues to grow the same and has the desired shape as well as strengthening its central trunk ... Thank you very much for your advice.
    I loved reading you, greetings from Mty

  29.   Veronica said

    Another question…. The branches that I cut are
    Very leafy ... Do you think I can reuse them as pruning so that I can give myself two other trees?
    Thanks again

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello again, Veronica 🙂.
      Yes, of course, you can plant them in a pot with porous substrate (black peat mixed with perlite in equal parts, for example). Of course, it is important that you prune them, leaving them only with 2 branches with their respective leaves. In this way, they will take advantage of the energy that they have left to emit roots.
      Good luck!

  30.   Veronica said

    Thank you very much for your answers and advice Monica, you are very kind and very quick to respond… And your guidance is excellent .. Blessings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Thanks to you 🙂.

      1.    Gonzalo Rodriguez Ramirez said

        Hi Monica, I would like to know if the flamboyan flowers are visited by hummingbirds or butterflies.
        Thank you very much, regards

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hi Gonzalo.
          The hummingbirds would say yes, the butterflies I can't tell you.
          A greeting.

  31.   Lizbeth said

    Hello, my flamboyants, you are 4 years old, one is sco they began to turn their yellow leaves? He already dropped all of them and the other one is also putting it like this, what could have happened could be rescued

  32.   Monica Sanchez said

    Hi Lizbeth.
    Was it colder or hotter than normal? Perhaps they have been watered more than necessary, or have lacked water. Have you looked at the leaves to see if it has any insects? Just in case, it would not hurt to treat them with a broad spectrum insecticide.
    A greeting.

    1.    Lizbeth said

      Hello Monica, it hasn't been very cold yet, it started to dry about two months ago and it doesn't have any leaves, a neighbor cut the lid with his hand ✋, nor did he do it with bad intentions, then there were several hailstorms, after there it began to dry out. But I do not know if that was what caused it to dry out, my other tree is starting with the same symptom, which I saw strange that its bark began to dry out and come out as it recinates.

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        Hi Lizbeth.
        And, do you usually have hailstorms in the area where you live? Have flamboyans experienced them before? It is that, a priori, I would tell you that it is likely that these meteorological events have been responsible for the current state of health of your trees, since the Delonix regia do not withstand temperatures below zero unless they are adult and acclimatized specimens.

        Another possibility is that they have lacked water or compost at some point, and have been weakened as a result of an opportunistic insect.

        My recommendation is that you treat all the specimens with a fungicide (broad spectrum). Just in case, it would not hurt to protect them with greenhouse plastic until the risk of frost has passed, because although they have already endured low temperatures on other occasions, now their health is not the same.

        If the leaves fall, it is to some extent normal, as a result of the cold. But you have to watch over them and, above all, protect them so that things do not get worse.

  33.   Sat said

    Hello, my question is the following, I have two flamboyants, at a distance of more or less 1 meter between each trunk, for several years now, and they have always been in excellent condition, several weeks ago my mother noticed me as black spots or white, and since then it has thrown a lot of resin, it leaves the floor of my street soaked, I am afraid that it will die because they are trees loved by my family, what treatment can I give it so as not to lose it? Since it is a very large tree. Thanks

  34.   Monica Sanchez said

    Hello Sam.
    Get a fungicide that contains copper, and apply it to logs, branches, and leaves. Repeat the treatment every three weeks. This should solve the problem, but if it does not, write to us again and we will find another solution.
    Good luck!

  35.   Matias said

    Hello, let me tell you that I started to germinate flamboyan seeds and put them in a pot and at 3 weeks it starts with getting on the stem at the level of the ground of the black wick. And then the plant begins to decay and then it dies, I don't know why this will happen? I already tried several seeds and the same thing happens to all of them. I plant a seed in a pot it germinates and after 3 weeks it dies because the stem and the tips of the leaves begin to turn black and where it is growing it also turns black! Because it will be what is the solution, thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Matias.
      From what you indicate, the plants are surely affected by the Phytophtora fungus. To prevent this, you have to apply fungicide as soon as you sow the seeds, and repeat the treatment once every 15 days following the instructions specified on the package.
      So surely no more will happen to you 🙂.
      A greeting.

  36.   ANAHI said


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Anahi.
      Yeah sure. They can be kept in a pot for many years, even all their life if they are pruned. I recommend that you put them in a very wide and deep pot, the more the better.
      A greeting.

  37.   Laura said

    Hello Monica! I'm from Argentina Buenos Aires. I have a potted flamboyan a couple of years ago, I would like to plant it at the bottom of my house but I don't dare because of the development of its roots, I have been told that you can make a well of one square meter and put styrofoam on the edges so that the roots go down and thus not damage any foundation or pipes, etc. Do you have any idea if this method will work? Thanks!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Laura.
      As I understand it, the styrofoam ends up degrading with moisture, so I highly recommend that you put an anti-rhizome barrier (usually used to control the growth of bamboos) in its place.
      However, plant it as far away from the house as possible to avoid future problems.
      Greetings 🙂.

  38.   laura said

    Thank you very much Monica !!!! All the best!

  39.   Feli said

    Hello. I would love to be able to plant a flamboyant in the backyard of my house, next to a lake. I live in Central Florida and our winters have never been below 20 degrees. Do you think that a flamboyant, be it red or yellow, can grow here?

    1.    Juan Carlos said

      I live in Tampa Bay, I have 7 planted in soil for two years, and 5 in a pot less than one year old, and I have no
      issue. You have to take care of them when they are younger.

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        With these temperatures you can grow flamboyants without problem 🙂.

  40.   Francisco Javier Alvarez Gomez said

    Hello good afternoon. I would just like to know if you could give us some plants. to reforest the sports unit. In the ejido the municipality of Salto de Agua progress.
    Provide me with your number and I will be in direct contact.

  41.   Mariana said

    hi I'm from venezuela. I have seen several copies in my area, all beautiful. I have about 10 growing in a pot, I planted 2 in the ground but after 1 year without growing too much it has begun to dry out, I think it will not sprout, I am afraid of planting more and losing them too, I know they have strong roots but the soil is extremely hard, is it possible that they have died from the hardness of the earth and the excess of the sun? WHAT CAN I DO SO THAT THE OTHERS I PLANT DO NOT DIE TOO? What if I sow them directly on the ground, will it adapt better to inclement weather? It is in Zulia, the temperature is very hot, from 34 to 36 degrees normally

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Mariana.
      Yes, that is probably the cause of death for your 2 flamboyants. My recommendation is that, if possible, make a 1m deep planting hole and mix it with black peat mixed with perlite. But if it's too hard, then you could try sowing a germinated seed directly into the ground. Those that are in pots you can always prune to keep them small.
      A greeting.

  42.   Juan carlos said

    Hi Monica, I tried an anthill on the base of one of the mid flamboyants whose leaves were turning very dark compared to the other 5 that I have in front of the house. All around 1,6m tall.
    Use an organophosphorate, Bifenthrin.
    I do not see new outbreaks comparing it to the others ... Will I have to commit suicide or will it recover?
    Thank you very much!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Juan Carlos.
      Ants can make plants quite weak, but it is very difficult for them to kill them. My advice is that you treat them with an insecticide that contains Chlorpyrifos; in this way, in the course of a month, a maximum of two, the trees will produce green, healthy leaves.

      1.    Juan Carlos said

        Thank you very much!

  43.   paola said

    Hello Monica. I am afraid of a 50 cm flamboyant in a pot. How high it should be to transfer it to the ground and at what time of the year, taking into account that my place, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is cold in winter.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello paola.
      With that height you can already put it on the ground without problems 🙂, but you must bear in mind that it does not support temperatures below 0ºC. The ideal time for planting is spring.
      Greetings, and congratulations on your tree!

  44.   Ismael said

    Hello, I have one of these trees and always in winter the branches are black and it continues to dry, in the afternoons it gives shade, my neighbor has 2 trees and none of them dries up or loses all the leaves like mine, what can I do

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Ismael.
      They may not receive the same care. Fertilize it with an organic fertilizer (such as guano, for example) from spring to autumn and thus it will arrive healthy and strong in winter, which it will be able to overcome without losing its leaves.
      It's also important to water it frequently during the warmer months, 4-5 times a week.
      Greetings 🙂.

  45.   jacqueline said

    Can those trees grow on a ranch at a temperature of 100 ° F?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Jacqueline.
      No problem, but water them frequently so they don't dry out 🙂
      A greeting.

  46.   priscila said

    Hello Monica. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My husband brought flamboyan seeds from Cuba, which we germinated and now we have in a pot a beautiful potential tree that is 30 cm high and its foliage 50 cm in diameter.
    We want to know if it can be transplanted into a larger pot. If there is a preferred station. And when it is brought to land.
    Also some leaves from the lower part, closer to the trunk, turn yellow and fall. The rest is very green. Is this common? If you can give us your opinion we will be very grateful.
    Priscila - Juan Carlos

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Priscila.
      Congratulations on your tree 🙂
      You can transfer it to a larger pot if roots grow out of the drainage holes, in spring.
      From what counts of the lower leaves, yes, it is normal. Anyway, if you have it in an area where it has direct sunlight but only a few hours, I recommend that you move it to another where it can have direct sun all day.
      A greeting.

      1.    Priscila said

        Hello Monica. We appreciate your prompt response.
        We are about to start autumn and the days are not very sunny. And in winter even less.
        Should we take any precautions so that our tree is not affected by cold days and frost?

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Nothing, that's what we're for 🙂.
          If there is frost, yes. Flamboyan cannot stand the cold, so I recommend that as soon as the maximum temperature starts to drop below 10ºC, protect it. If the minimum temperature in winter does not drop below -2ºC, it will be enough to wrap it with a transparent plastic; Now, if it is colder, then it is more advisable to put it inside the home, and build a mini-greenhouse with a 5l bottle (making some small holes so that the air can be renewed).
          A greeting.

  47.   Juan carlos said

    Some time ago I commented one of my 7 flamboyants had an anthill w treat, and I began to notice darkening of the leaves.
    The company says it cannot affect the tree, but it lost all the leaves.
    How do I know if he lives or if he will recover?
    The others did not lose leaves in winter, they look thinner however ...
    Thank you!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Juan Carlos.
      To find out if it is alive or not, scratch the trunk a little: if it is green, it is because it can still survive.
      Sprinkle ash around the logs to repel the ants, and fertilize the plants in the process.
      Another option is to use diatomaceous earth, which you will find for sale in nurseries or garden stores.
      A greeting.

      1.    Juan Carlos said

        Excellent idea! Thank you very much once again.
        I wonder where he has his office or practice ...

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello Juan Carlos.
          I'm glad it serves you.
          a greeting

          1.    Juan Carlos said

            Your advice has always served me, if it could be useful, don't hesitate to write to me; I am a veterinarian practicing in Florida ... and new to arboriculture, so that you are at your disposal for whatever is offered to you. I make small animals.

          2.    Monica Sanchez said

            Thanks for your words, Juan Carlos 🙂.
            And, the same thing I say, if you have any questions or problems with your plants, you can write to us whenever you need it.

  48.   Albert Réq So Hdz said

    Hello, can someone tell me how aggressive the roots of the Flamboyan are, specifically how far their roots can grow and how deep they bury them. Thank you.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Albert.
      For safety it is recommended to plant it at a minimum distance of 10m, just in case.
      The roots of most trees go as deep as 60cm; however, there are some that go as deep as 2m.
      A greeting.

  49.   Emma Suarez said


    I have 4 Flamboyant seedlings that I made from seed. They are 6 months old. Until yesterday they were happy and healthy. Before last night one began to fold its leaves during the day and all its daughters and its branches dried up. I separated it before it happened. Today I arrived and the other three are the same. I don't want them to die. I checked them and I don't find any pests. You can think of any ailment they may have. The weather is warm and there have been no changes in temperature in recent days. I put neem on it to see if anything helps.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Ema.
      From what you count it seems that it is a fungus that is affecting them.
      Treat them with a broad spectrum fungicide, preferably liquid, following the instructions specified on the package.
      Good luck.

  50.   Mary .. said

    How much does it grow in its first year?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Mary.
      It depends on the size of the pot, and the growing conditions. Mine for example grew 45-50cm, planted in large 40cm diameter pots.
      A greeting.

  51.   Emma ruiz said

    I have two two-and-a-half-year-old flamboyan chips, they lost all their leaves during the winter and are now shedding new leaves but as they grow they become weak, yellow then brown and brown.
    What can I do, I don't want to lose them, I have them in a large pot.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Emma.
      I recommend that you do an anti-fungal treatment, with liquid universal fungicide, and that you water them very occasionally, once or twice a week at most. When temperatures begin to rise, increase the frequency of watering, but trying to avoid waterlogging.
      Good luck.

  52.   Millie vera said

    I have planted a blue flamboyan (jacaranda) for about 3 to 4 years. It has grown very ugly with very long branches upturned and only has leaves at the tips. Now (April 2016) it has a flowering branch, I would like to know if after flowering I can prune it so that it begins to branch and look like a normal flamboyan with a shape like an umbrella.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Millie.
      The Jacaranda is of a different species from the flamboyant. The first is Jacaranda mimosifolia, and the second is Delonix regia.
      In any case, you can prune it in late winter or fall. Now it is not recommended since the plant is in full growth.
      A greeting.

  53.   Arthur said

    Hello .. I need some advice I want to plant jacaranda and framboyan in a park .. Would you recommend me to join these 2 trees?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Arturo
      You can plant them close to each other, but I recommend that you leave a distance of 5m between one and the other so that, above all, the flamboyant can acquire its characteristic parasol glass.
      A greeting.

      1.    Arthur said

        Thank you very much… do you have any recommendations for jacaranda? some link ..

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Yes, here is a link on jacaranda care. Click here.
          Good weekend!

  54.   Enrique said

    Dear Monica, I live in Cuernavaca and I want to plant a flamboyant in a pot. How big and deep does the pot have to be to get a tree with a 2 or 3 meter diameter crown? Greetings.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello, Enrique.
      It is difficult to know, but I calculate that in a pot 50cm deep and about the same width you can get a very nice flamboyant.
      A greeting.

  55.   hops said

    Hello, I have had a flamboyan for four years, I have waited to see it bloom, I already fertilize it, I water it every third day in the sunny season, it has enough soil, it is about 4 meters high, every year it changes its foliage, but from there it doesn't happen, what else can I do? I would appreciate your advice.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello lupillo.
      Sometimes they can take a while to bloom. I can tell you that I also have a fast growing tree, which should have already flowered, and yet it has not yet done so after 7 years since it germinated.
      But keep taking care of it as you have done now, and sooner or later it will flourish 🙂.
      A greeting.

      1.    Juan Carlos said

        I have 7 planted in land of about 1,80 m each. I mulched them around the log, 2 to 3 cm high apart from the log.
        He fertilized them with 10-10-10 every month now, a spray for leaves and minor minerals in the soil.
        I wonder if much will not interfere with the absorption of these additives ...
        Juan Carlos

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello Juan Carlos.
          No, it won't interfere, don't worry 🙂. Mulching does retain moisture, but the plant can absorb the minerals from the compost you give it without problem.
          A greeting.

          1.    Juan Carlos said

            Thank you!

          2.    Monica Sanchez said

            To you 🙂

  56.   antonio said

    Hello Monica, my question is: I have a fraboyan of approx. 2 years I live in Nuevo Leon, Mexico the climate is 30 ° Celsius, at first it was very lush with abundant leaves that made for nice shade but 6 months to now when the new leaves began to come out, it was with very little leaves that almost did not It gives shade, I have pruned it a little more than anything branches I do not know what it is but I would like your advice. Thank you very much in advance, greetings.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Antonio.
      How long ago did you prune it? It may be because you are still recovering. In any case, I would recommend fertilizing it with an organic fertilizer, such as guano, which has a quick effect. This way, the tree will take out new leaves and, over time, it will look lush again.
      A greeting.

  57.   Claudia said

    Good morning, we have a flanboyant in the patio of the house, we are new here. I like it very much but I feel a little sad and I have noticed some horizontal cuts on its trunk from which a sticky substance drips. I would like to know if it is some disease and how it can be treated. Thank you very much. Ah, we are in Florida near Fortlauderdale.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Claudia.
      It seems that the flamboyan has either been injured on purpose, or on the contrary it has suffered a massive attack by insects. When you cut it, it is normal for resin to come out, but it should heal soon and that's it. But in the event that it appears a little sad, as you say, it is likely that insects or fungi have taken advantage of that wound to enter and harm it.
      I recommend that you observe the tree to see if you see any type of insect and, if there is one, treat it with a broad spectrum systemic insecticide, following the instructions specified on the package.
      On the other hand, if there is no sign of pests, then treat it with a systemic fungicide, also following the directions. This product will kill fungus.
      A greeting.

  58.   Jimmy said

    I have one, it is still very young but I am very happy to have it, it is already growing I hope to see it large and with its beautiful flowers

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi jimmy.
      Yes, over time it will surely become a spectacular tree 🙂
      A greeting.

  59.   Marcela Flores placeholder image said

    Hi Monica, do you have any comments about making a framboyan bonsai?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Marcela.
      The flamboyan is a tree that can be worked as bonsai, certainly. To do this, it must be allowed to grow at its own pace in a pot wider than it is deep for several years, and when it has a trunk thickness of at least 2cm, the roots will be trimmed a little (no more than 3cm), and it will be planted in a slightly shallow pot (20cm).
      The following year, it is removed from the pot and the roots are trimmed again, this time, 5cm, and planted in a shallow pot (15cm).

      Then, in the third year, it can be planted in a bonsai tray, giving it a shakkan (slightly sloping), or chokkan (formal vertical) style.

      A greeting.

  60.   Eugenia said

    Hello Monica,
    I put some tabachín (flamboyan) seeds to germinate a week ago and the little plant has already started to grow. My question is, to plant them, in what position should I place the seed in the ground. Horizontal or vertical (and if so, does the point where the plant started to emerge goes down or up?
    Thanks in advance

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Eugenia.
      First of all, congratulations 🙂
      And answering your questions: the seed is better to place it lying down, that is, horizontal, covered with a little substrate (enough so that it cannot be seen).
      By the way, it is highly recommended to add a pinch of fungicide powder to prevent fungi from damaging it.
      A greeting.

  61.   Juany Gamez said

    Hello, I have a tree, it is 3 years old but it is filling with white spots, what can I do ??? I would appreciate your help, I love my tree, urgently, thank you.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Juany.
      White spots on flamboyans usually appear from overwatering. I recommend you water it 3-4 times a week in summer, and 1 or 2 every seven days the rest of the year.
      Likewise, it is also important that you treat it against fungi, with a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide.
      A greeting.

  62.   Juan Carlos said

    That transplant is better to do in winter when he is asleep »or in spring?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Juan Carlos.
      It is best to do it just before it resumes growth, in early spring.
      A greeting.

  63.   Veronica Lopez said

    Hello, good day, I'm from MTY. I have a tree and I have 9 months with it and it has dried up in menis of a week. I had a little bit of gravel. I cut the branches that were already drying up but from day to day they dried up and I don't understand why then I check that the truck is not green anymore, it's full of brown grains, everything and the neighbor has one and she also has one. Happening the same thing that I can do, I don't want it to dry out, can you please guide me?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Veronica.
      I recommend that you treat it with a broad spectrum fungicide. There is a very good one called Fosetil-Al, I don't know if it is marketed there; In the event that you cannot find it, a universal broad-spectrum fungicide will do. Follow the directions specified on the package.
      Good luck.

  64.   Dayan said

    In my house we have a 30-year-old one, the problem that due to poor logistics it was planted near the house and now it is cracking the walls, how can I know how much its roots are approximately

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Dayan.
      You can get an idea of ​​how long its roots are by calculating the distance the tree is planted, and where the house is located. At those meters, you have to add 3-4m more, since normally when they begin to break it is because they have not only deepened enough, but at the same time they have thickened.
      But knowing exactly is difficult 🙁

  65.   ortega marina said

    I'm happy because in my country there are quite a few, but here they say Acacia, I don't know why. Greetings from Panama. I already have my flanboyan seeds in a pot. Hopefully and they are born I am anxious.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Good luck, Marina 🙂

  66.   Angeles Ibanez Esteban said

    Hello, I love flamboyant and I like your page. I germinated a seed and it grew very well, I transplanted it to a larger pot and it died. I germinated a second seed and this time I put it in a large pot from the beginning, about 55 cm in diameter. It grows for days, it is about 55 cm high. My question is whether it should be pruned to have that parasol shape or should I let it grow on its own. At the moment, the secondary trunks are not symmetrical.

    Thanks and best regards

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Angels.
      Thanks for your words 🙂. We are glad that you like the blog.
      Regarding your question, the flamboyant is a tree that cannot be pruned, unless you want to work as a bonsai. He will only be acquiring his parasol glass.
      A greeting.

  67.   juan carlos said

    Hello greetings, good your information on the flanboyan and I especially like this is my query I found one cut in the street 2 meters high, they had taken it out of rais, it was with all its rais pruned to where the ra start higher and I planted it taking it to me house and plant it and what care should I have? I ask you please to give me a recommendation, thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Juan Carlos.
      For the moment, I recommend protecting it from direct sun, putting a shading mesh on it. If you can, look to get powdered rooting hormones, and water with them. If not, a good alternative is to use lentils (here we explain how). This will help the tree to emit new roots.
      Water two-three times a week, depending on how hot it is, avoiding waterlogging.
      When you see that it is starting to grow, then you can start to fertilize it with any fertilizer you can find, such as universal, guano, or humus, for example.
      Greetings, and good luck 🙂

  68.   heimar said

    Fortunately we have this tree in my location but unfortunately its ornamental potential is not appreciated. I am an agroforestry engineer and as such I must promote the implementation of green areas in public areas. I have some seeds and I am going to reproduce them to promote their use.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      I'm very happy, Heimar.
      It is a tree that, if the climate is warm, you have to take advantage of it.
      Good luck 🙂

  69.   Maida Garcia Hernandez said

    I have managed to make my framboyan in Chile reach 50cm and now in winter its leaves have withered a bit. I see its vigorous trunk and even one more branch. I cover it up at night, I will follow your advice.
    Here there is a similar tree but with lilac flowers is the Jacaranda. … That's why I hope to achieve this beautiful tree that grows in my native Cuba. Thank you for accepting my registration.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Maida.
      Good luck. In any case, the Jacaranda is more resistant to cold than the flamboyant, it can withstand frosts down to -3ºC.
      Even so, if the minimum temperature in your area does not drop below 0ºC, the flamboyant will grow without problems; even if it drops to -1ºC, it protects itself a bit and that's it.
      a greeting

  70.   Lillian said

    Greetings, Monica. I live in Florida, USA and I have some dwarf Flamboyan seeds that I brought from Puerto Rico a while ago. Should I follow the same recommendations as the Flamboyan that grows majestically large? Thank you very much for your attention.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Lilian.
      What do you mean by dwarf flamboyan? It is that the Caesalpinia pulcherrima looks a lot like the flamboyant but it really is not. To germinate its seeds you have to subject them to thermal shock, that is, put them -with the help of a strainer- 1 second in boiling water and 24 hours in water at room temperature; and then plant them in pots in full sun.
      A greeting.

  71.   liz said


    Excuse me, I just bought a franboyan tree and the kids playing soccer gave it a hit and they split the tree in half

    is it still growing or do I have to buy another?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Liz.
      In principle it will be able to grow without problems. Cut off the crooked part, and put healing paste on the trunk that you have left. Water it 3 times a week, and in a month at most you should see new shoots grow.
      A greeting.

  72.   nes said

    Greetings .but can I graft so that I get the 3 colors (red, yellow, blue) ???

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Nes.
      Yes, you can graft it without problem. But the blue flamboyant does not exist. This is a tree whose scientific name is Jacaranda mimosifolia, and which has nothing to do with the flamboyant (Delonix regia).
      A greeting.

  73.   Loam said

    Hi Monica, last year I planted a flamboyant from the seed, two have grown and are about two meters high, planted in a pot I am very happy and looking forward to flourishing, thanks for your advice, I am from Gran Canaria

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Marga.
      Two meters already? With a year? Amazing. Mine are 2 years old and barely measure 50cm the largest.
      How do you feel the weather heh heh. 🙂
      But for them to flourish, you have to wait a little longer. In your climate the same in 2-3 more years they already bloom.
      A greeting.

  74.   Alex said

    Hi there! I have found your website and it is very interesting. I have tried several times to plant Flamboyan seeds, at first they sprouted but always ended up dying, and now the seeds directly rot before germinating. The seeds that I have I collected in September last year, is it possible that they rot because they are no longer fertile? Or simply putting fungicide on it will not happen to them?
    Because this time I am going to follow the method that you expose on your website to see if there is more luck, for now the transparent protective layer has already come off, to see if there is luck this time ...

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Alex.
      It's almost certainly the fungus. They are always on the lookout.
      Treat them with fungicide before they germinate, once they do, and during the first year of life. You can use copper or sulfur in the spring and fall, but during the summer it is best to use a chemical systemic fungicide.
      Good luck.

  75.   araceli said

    Hello, good day, I want to sader as soon as you have time to flower

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Araceli.
      It depends a lot on the climate and how it is grown. If the conditions are ideal, that is, if the temperature remains above 20-30ºC and is watered regularly, it can flower in 4 years. Otherwise, it will take a little longer: between 6 and 10.
      A greeting.

  76.   Ruth Acevedo said

    Hello I have a flamboyan tree in a week it was too hot that exceeded 40 degrees and the leaves turned yellow, then brown and finally they dried and fell on their own but the branches seemed that a blowtorch passed over them they were like charred and After all that I noticed that the trunk of the tree had many little eyes like perforations and from there it comes out like a little water that looks like honey and also some worms or larvae come out and on the trunk there are some insects walking outside. I scraped the trunk of the tree and it looks green, before all this in spring we can a little it is a very young tree, besides those prunings I did not put any healing on it. The tree will save this hair of leaves.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Ruth.
      You can water it 3-4 times a week, and treat it with a systemic insecticide, but I don't know if it will be saved.
      Hopefully luck and survive.

  77.   Yanina said

    Hello, I am from Panama, I would like to know if the flamboyan can be planted in a field that is lagoon. in Panama I have not seen specimens in yellow color where they are found. regards

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Yanina.
      No, unfortunately not. It does want a lot of water, especially in the hottest season, but it cannot grow if it always has "wet feet".
      The flamboyant (Delonix regia), with both red and yellow flowers, is native to Madagascar.
      A greeting.

  78.   Yanina said

    Thank you for your answer, would you recommend the tree for a land like that, greetings.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Yanina.
      For lagoon soils you can put an ash tree, or an American laurel (Karel latifolia) if the soil is acidic and there is no frost.
      There are also others, such as Taxodium distichum, but it needs a cool climate.
      A greeting.

  79.   Julius P. said

    Hello Monica, good morning, you know I live in Monterrey and months ago (almost a year) I planted a Flamboyan and until two weeks ago the yellow leaves began to appear, but I began to see that they appeared as tears in the trunk and after that they Yellow sheets. What could be happening to it? I sowed it when it was 4 cm thick and it is currently 22 cm. I water it every 3rd day.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi July.
      You have photos? If so, can you upload them to a tinypic or imageshack website and then copy the link here?
      In principle, I would tell you that what your tree has are fungi, which are treated with a systemic fungicide sold in nurseries. But if you could pass photos, I'll tell you better.
      By the way, you are in winter now, right? What minimum temperature have you had? I ask this because sometimes sudden changes in temperature, or when it is very low, can also cause cracks in the logs.
      A greeting.

      1.    Julius P. said

        Right now we are in summer. I thought it was because of the change of season, but nothing to see. The leaves dried up and I also noticed that one or another branch. Is it dying? It still has green leaves but very few.
        thanks for your prompt response.

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hi July.
          From what I see, the flamboyant has suffered the odd cut on the trunk. Most likely, fungi have entered through some wound and are attacking it.
          For this reason, I recommend treating them with a systemic fungicide, following the instructions on the container.

          As for the palm tree, it has mealybugs, the so-called "San José lice". They are treated with 40% Dimethoate.

          a greeting

          1.    Julius P. said

            Good morning Monica, thank you for your prompt responses. I already applied the fungicide and dimethoate. Notice that Mauricio (my tree) is drying his branches and falling, he is left bald. Also note that the blades do not open as they normally do. I'm worried that he might be dying. do I have to give him fertilizer to help him? thanks and good day.

          2.    Monica Sanchez said

            Hi July.
            No, plants that are diseased cannot be fertilized as the compost will burn the roots.
            Once treated, you have to wait and see how it reacts.
            A greeting.

          3.    Julius P. said

            Hi Monica, I attach these links to a couple of photos, where I was carefully reviewing and I found something strange. they are like black spots on the inside of the tree.
            could it be a mushroom?
            I appreciate your answers.
            thanks and regards.

          4.    Monica Sanchez said

            Hi July.
            (I have deleted the second message for you).
            Yes, they are mushrooms 🙁. Treat it with a systemic fungicide, which you will find for sale in nurseries.
            A greeting.

          5.    Julius P. said

            Hi Monica, good morning, find out, I will continue with the treatment.
            I thank you very much for your prompt responses.
            good day.

          6.    Monica Sanchez said

            That's what we are for 🙂. If you have any further questions, you know, write us again. All the best.

  80.   Ma. Elena Garcia Ceron said

    I have a framboyan and he is 3 years old I am from Monterrey nl. Mexico and I have noticed that it is getting sad it looks like off and its leaves hang down and it will have a samana who notices it…. what could be happening ... I would have to send you photos ... for you to help me

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Ma. Elena.
      Have you looked if it has any insects between the leaves? Normally, when he looks sad, with the branches as fallen, it is because either he has a plague or because he is having excess or lack of watering.
      For prevention, I would recommend treating it with Neem oil, and water it every 2 or 3 days now in summer.
      A greeting.

  81.   Maria Santos said

    Can it be potted, and still flourish? .Thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Maria.
      Yes, without problem. But it should not be short of compost.
      A greeting.

      1.    Elizabeth said

        Hello, I am from Costa Rica and my garden has 8 beautiful trees of this species, here it is known as malinche, they still do not flower because of their age, we are looking forward to that moment, my husband and I fell in love with this tree. I would love to get seeds in yellow color, I would like to know if someone can provide them to me?
        Stay tuned, greetings

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello, Elizabeth.
          You mean the Delonix regia var. flavida? If so, on ebay you will find seeds 🙂.
          A greeting.

  82.   Robert said

    I have two flamboyants planted in the garden for about 8 years They have barely grown The trunk is a little thicker but they only have some twigs that give some leaves then they fall and later they come back But it is as if they were frozen Also some of the branches are dry Trees are protected from the wind on one side of the house
    I am speaking to you from Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands
    Thank you for looking at it. I beg you to give me a solution to this problem. It is not desired to remove them from where they are. I really like them and I planted them when my mother was alive. It is an emotional feeling for me. I beg you to give me a solution. Thanks I hope answers through my mail, att Robert

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello, Robert.
      Flamboyants need a lot of water and fertilizer to be able to grow continuously, so my recommendation is that you water them 3-4 times a week, and fertilize them from spring to autumn, since the climate of Fuerteventura allows tropical trees they can grow without problems until this season.
      To compost, you can use organic or mineral fertilizers, and it is even better to use one type of fertilizer and the next of another. In this way you will be giving them all the nutrients they need.
      A greeting.

  83.   Miguel said

    Hello Monica! I am Miguel from Valencia-Spain, I am glad that there is a person like you, so kind, who shares his knowledge with people who have doubts about this type of trees unknown to many. Thank you. I tell you that this summer they gave me seeds from Nepal, including 2 from Delonix regia, not knowing what species it was, I left them for next year, now I have recognized them. Do you think that this species can develop well in Valencia or Alicante? Among those seeds were 16 of Artocarpus heterophyllus, (Breadfruit). That I immediately put to germinate because if they dry out, they die. They have all germinated, now they are little trees, I was very excited. You think they will grow well for this community. Greetings. Thank you.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi miguel.
      Thank you very much for your words 🙂.
      I'll tell you: where I live the temperatures are between 38-39ºC in summer and -1ºC in winter. I have flamboyants that have already passed 3 winters, yes, a little sheltered. The leaves fall, but in spring they sprout again.
      In Valencia, the same thing will probably happen to your trees, that is, they behave like deciduous. However, in Alicante perhaps, and only perhaps, they behave like semi-pods, losing only a few leaves.
      It's all a matter of trying, and giving them a bit of Nitrofoska in winter 😉.
      A greeting.

  84.   Rebecca Loyo said

    Hello Monica! I feel very fortunate to have found your blog, because I have read all the comments you have given to your followers and you have clarified many doubts I had about my flamboyant. Thanks a lot.!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Thanks to you, Rebeca 🙂.
      I'm glad it's useful to you. Anyway, if you have any questions, ask.
      A greeting.

  85.   martha camacho cantu said

    hello monica good day !! Last year we sowed one of these after a few months the leaves began to turn yellow and so it went little by little until it dried up. Before this we consulted and they gave us some chemicals to save it but it was not like that they recommended us to remove it and also the earth What he had and they gave us other chemicals to kill the fungus and let the sun give the sediment and put new soil and we could plant another tree and we did so last year and we planted another framboyan for about 6 months and unfortunately right now it is setting the yellow leaves the amero down first I see the same as the other one saddens me a lot it was going very well in fact it grew a little more than the previous one it was very green the rest but if I know it has more and more yellow leaves that we do to this problem please help us, thanks in advance and greetings.

  86.   martha camacho cantu said

    It happened to me to tell you I'm from Monterrey and I water it 4 days a week

    And something else takes years in that same place a chemical task was put to dry a tree that raised the concrete greatly. We do not know if this has harmed the earth and are consequences even though years have passed ???
    thanks again greetings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Martha.
      I don't think that the chemical that was put on 4 years ago is affecting the tree, as the rain will have washed it down, and it is almost certain that, if there is anything left, it will be at a distance where the roots of the trees do not reach.
      In my opinion, I think you are having excess moisture. Does the land have good drainage, that is, how long does it take to absorb the water? Ideally, as you irrigate, the earth would quickly absorb the water. If not, watering 4 times a week could be excessive.
      By the way, do you pay it? In the warmer months it is highly advisable to pay, using liquid fertilizers, such as guano, following the instructions specified on the package.
      A greeting.

  87.   Alberto Siordia Torres said

    Hello, I have a 10-year-old flamboyan, you have a glass of almost 15 more in diameter, a few weeks ago I observed that thin branches fall and very vertical and very well made cuts are appreciated, I suppose it must be a po grab or animal that makes the cuts so precise, you know what it can be and how to control or eliminate it, greetings from oaxaca

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Alberto.
      It looks like some borer bug is attacking your tree.
      You can treat them with Diazinon, Deltamethrin, or Fenvalerate.
      A greeting.

  88.   Rolando said

    Hello Monica, I am very happy to find a specialist on the subject and as kind as you are. I have many doubts, I always wanted a framboyan now that I have it, I do not know if I can plant it in the garden since it is small besides that I water it continuously and in the comments I read that if we want to try that the root tends to grow downwards we must let it pass a little thirsty and doing that would dry out the grass, in addition to this, a few cm away is the fence of the house, a sidewalk in the shape of a path and a square of polished concrete of 2 x 2 meters. and I don't want the foundations to affect me.
    If you put it in a pot, what material and measurements should this be? At the moment it is in the black bags in which they sell it, I do not know if that affects me, I live in Monclova Coahuila the climate is hot over 30 ° C I really want to keep the framboyan I thank you for the time and advice in advance, greetings!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Rolando.
      Thanks for your words 🙂.
      The flamboyan is a tree that needs a lot of space, so the bigger the pot can be, the better. At a minimum, I would recommend it to be 1m x 1m. In it it would stay small, but it would look pretty 🙂.
      As a material you can use concrete with picadín, but put stones or iron rods to make it stronger.
      A greeting.

  89.   veronica said

    Hello Monica. I have been arriving from the Canary Islands, I went to visit a daughter, and I met the flamboyan ... it was love at first sight. What a wonderful tree, they were all in bloom and with the pods right there, the chances of entering the seeds to Chile were zero ... what you look for in stores sealed and certified seeds to be able to enter them into the country.
    I had never heard of this beautiful tree, it occurred to me to enter «gardening on» where I am subscribed and I enjoy all the songs and I found the history of the flamboyan.
    Now, after all your advice I will try to germinate my seeds, and if God wants I can get a copy.
    thank you for your great contribution ... always accurate, always ready.
    Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Thanks for your words, Veronica 🙂. You do what you can hehe
      If you have any questions, you know, ask.
      A greeting.

  90.   MOK said

    that tree I have it all planted I got seeds but aka in REYNOSA TAMPS. MEXICO does not bloom so much and I wonder if it would be porke aka nobody usually pays them, what do you think?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi MOK,
      Yes, it is probably due to lack of fertilizer, or water, since the warmer the climate, the more frequently it must be watered.
      A greeting.

  91.   LETICIA said


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi, Leticia.
      How often do you water them? In hot weather it is important that the soil is always humid (but not flooded), and that it is regularly fertilized either with liquid guano if they are in pots following the instructions specified on the package, or with worm humus or manure by pouring a layer about 2cm thick if they are on the ground.
      A greeting.

  92.   Rodrigo aldana said

    Hi Monica, nice to meet you.
    I transplanted a Flamboyant to an indoor garden 2 years ago. This was done by people who have done it multiple times.
    At first everything was fine.
    The branches turned out green and pretty again, however:
    1. I haven't managed to make it bloom, it's still very nice.
    2. I feel that some of the branches turn yellowish at times.
    3. I have grown a lot but it is under a pergola and is starting to bump up, so I need to prune it but I don't know how is the best way to do it.
    Can you help me with any ideas?
    I have photos but I don't know if I can send them to you by email?



    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Rodrigo.
      Sometimes they take a long time to flower, 5 to 7 years, maybe longer, depending on the crop and the climate.
      The yellowish branches are usually due to lack of watering. If it is very hot (more than 35ºC and for several days in a row), it may be necessary to water every two days.
      With regard to pruning, although it is not a species that is recommended to prune, it can be done trying to leave it the natural appearance it has; that is, the straight trunk with the parasolized crown. To do this, you can prune it by trimming all the branches.
      If you want, upload an image to the Tinypic or Imageshack website, and copy the link here so I can better tell you how to proceed.
      A greeting.

      1.    Rodrigo aldana said

        Hi Monica, Excuse me for being late.
        I attach the links with the current photos of my Flamboyant.
        It is to see if you guide me how to prune it to see if I can give it the correct shade shape and see if it helps it to get more leafy.

        Here are some photos of when I transplanted it:


        And these are from its current state:


        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello Rodrigo.
          For now I would recommend leaving it as it is, to see how it reacts.
          Fertilize it regularly with organic fertilizers (such as guano in liquid format, following the instructions specified on the package), and thus it will remove many branches.
          A greeting.

  93.   Caesar Li said

    Hello Monica.
    From Peru.
    I live on the coast, but at about 850 meters above sea level, the soil is very dry, and I don't know if that is the reason why my little tree from the base is only about two cm in diameter. I bought it with something 30 cm high about 5 or 6 months ago, now it is over 2 meters, I am worried that it is thin, since the wind makes it tilt, I am helping it to correct its posture with some supports, but From what time does the trunk begin to widen? I did not know that the roots were invasive like the eucalyptus and I planted it almost 2 meters away from the facade wall and water it approximately once a week. I do not know how much it will affect, but the neighbor has planted a tree called araucaria, I think it is a kind of pine at a distance of also 2 meters from my tree (which we know here as Ponciana). Of course, my garden is about 30 cm of unevenness from my wall, and the other tree, about 1 mt of elevation due to my ponciana. Waiting for your advice. Thanks.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Cesar.
      I think what happens to your flamboyant is that it lacks water. Watering once a week is little, especially in the hottest months.
      I would recommend watering 2 times / week. Fertilizing it would also be good, but since it has invasive roots and is about 2m away from the wall, it is not advisable 🙂.
      The Araucaria will not harm your tree, nor vice versa.
      A greeting.

  94.   Frederick Leitner said

    Hello Monica. I am from Paraná, Argentina. We have a temperate, subtropical climate. But sometimes winter temperatures reach 0 ° C. The first years I did not cover it in winter I have a sneak in the garden from 4 to 5 years. Last year it gave many leaves and new branches. We are in summer (30 ° C) and it has not yet produced leaves. It was not covered in winter. The main branches and the trunk look green, but not the old (finite) twigs. I think these twigs are turned over when it gains strength. For 2 or 3 months I have watered it almost every day. It is about 3 to 3,5 meters high. I've put a foliage activator on it once. I'm testing with Triple XV today. Would you be so kind as to suggest or point out what's wrong with him? Happy 2017.

    1.    Juan Carlos said

      What happens to him is that nothing good happens in Argentina. ?
      A compatriot.

    2.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Federico.
      Your tree may have been a bit colder than normal, and now it's struggling to sprout.
      Fertilizers will not work for you.
      My advice is to treat it with a systemic fungicide (you will find it in nurseries), because being so weak any fungus could infect you.
      Happy New Year.

      1.    Frederick Leitner said

        Hello Monica. Thanks for answering. I immediately applied the systemic fungicide. It doesn't say for Delonix, etc. But because of the size of mine: (about 3,5 meters. The trunk is already almost 20 cm in diameter at its base) I put about 5 cm3, already for the second time. Although it longs some small buds (very fetid), it realizes that the tree is alive. I water it every 2 days. About 15 lts. I think, it has frozen in winter. And it has affected the upper branches. I have also seen a type of spider that roam each branch. (Looking for aphids or something?) Should I stick with the fungicide? Temperatures are at this time higher than 30 ° C and a lot of sun. Thank you in advance.

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello Federico.
          If you have spiders it is better to treat it with an acaricide. The fungicide will not help.
          I'm glad the tree is alive 🙂. It sure gets better.
          A greeting.

  95.   natalia pierola said

    Hello, I am from Santiago del Estero, Argentina, in our province the weather is quite hot for this time of year ... it can exceed 50 degrees. A little over a year ago I planted a flamboyan of the orange variety .. it has been growing very well, but in recent days I have noticed that the leaves are turning yellow like the leaves of the trees in winter season .. A minimal black spot and from there they begin to yellow. I would like you to guide me on what to do because I fear losing my beautiful flamboyan tree

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Natalia.
      When the temperatures are so high for so many days in a row it is important to water more frequently, preventing the soil from drying out.
      If you do not pay it, you must also pay it, for example with liquid guano, following the instructions specified on the product packaging.
      A greeting.

  96.   Susana said

    Hello Monica, I am Susana, from Chaco, I have a tree that is more or less 10 years old and I am worried because its stem began to peel and open, also a slightly oily liquid oozes which various insects come to it. Thank you, I await your answer.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Susan.
      From what you count, it seems that a fungus is affecting him. You can treat it with systemic fungicides, following the instructions specified on the package.
      A greeting.

  97.   Jaime Meraz said

    I planted a flamboyan in Cd. Juarez, and I put a metal and plastic structure to protect it from the cold. The leaves dried up, my question is - is there hope that it sprouts? How will I know? Excellent your information?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Jamie.
      The flamboyant in temperate regions behaves like a deciduous tree, losing its leaves in autumn-winter.
      If the temperatures are not very cold, that is, if they do not drop below -2ºC, it will sprout in spring.

      However, if you see that the branches turn a dark brown almost black color, it is a bad sign.

      A greeting.

  98.   Bryan E. said

    Hello Monica, I have a 6-month-old flamboyan that I gave to my grandmother that I germinated from seed, I am proud of it haha, we already planted it in its final place, it is about 50cm and already put a second branch, you recommend cutting the second branch to leave a single trunk and extend it higher or do I leave it that way? I am looking for a good shade and have shape when I am an adult, I leave you a photo so you can see how it is.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Bryan.
      The tree is very beautiful 🙂
      It is better to leave it at that. Pruning and flamboyant do not get along very well.
      A greeting.

      1.    Juan Carlos said

        Why don't pruning and flamboyant get along?

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello Juan Carlos.
          The flamboyant is a tree that over time acquires its typical parasol crown. If it is pruned, there is a risk that it will take on a very unnatural shape for it. For example, with very long branches on one side and short on the other.
          A greeting.

          1.    Juan Carlos said

            Makes sense!
            Thank you very much!

          2.    Monica Sanchez said

            Greetings to you.

  99.   octavio said

    Thanks Monica for the explanations, I brought some pods with the seeds from Tenerife, I planted them a fortnight ago and now the cotyledons have started to come out, I'll tell you how I'm doing, I liked your blog.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Congratulations on those seeds, Octavio 🙂. We are glad that you like the blog. All the best.

  100.   Carlos Ramirez said

    How about, I have a flamboyan that has small leaves and has grown very little, I already loosened the soil and I have given it every 20 to 25 the blue balls with water, but it does not grow unlike the one I gave my mother who already measures I think about 3 meters and they are the same age, what can I do? I like it a lot ... greetings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi carlos.
      Do you have it in soil or in a pot? If you have it in a pot, you may need a slightly larger one, such as 35-40cm in diameter.
      In the event that it is on land, it is important to water it regularly, preventing the soil from drying out but without watering it.
      A greeting.

  101.   Carlos Ramirez said

    Thank you very much, I have it on the floor and I water it every day at night since it gets too much sun, I really like the tree but it does not grow I would like to know the alternatives to make it a tree?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi carlos.
      I recommend you fertilize it with guano, which is a very fast-effective natural fertilizer. All you have to do is follow the directions on the package as there may be a risk of overdose.
      Courage 🙂

  102.   Anna said

    Hello, we have just transplanted a small flamboyan about 15 cm 5 days ago but just yesterday the leaves began to fall, the pure trunk and its twigs were left, I would like to know why this happens and if it is going to recover and if there is something I can do, maybe it will be because of the change from the pot to the garden?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Anna.
      Sometimes small trees have a very hard time transplanting. As a survival measure, they drop the leaves to spend all the energy in the production of new roots, which will be the ones that will make the plant recover.
      Water it from time to time preventing the soil from drying out, and everything else is waiting 🙂.
      A greeting.

  103.   JORGE said


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Jorge.
      Thank you for your words.
      Yes, indeed: if the branches are cut back, the tree will not need to have more roots.
      Prune it six months before the hottest season, always leaving at least 4 buds.
      A greeting.

  104.   Marco said

    Good Morning. I have a flamboyant 18 years old, I noticed that the branches bent down and it lacks foliage, this very hairy, what could it be? And how can I leave it lush again

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Mark.
      Where you live? If it has become bald, it is likely that it lacks water and fertilizer. During the hottest season you may need daily waterings to prevent the soil from drying out. It is also important to fertilize it regularly with organic fertilizers, such as worm humus, laying a layer about 3cm thick around the trunk once a month.
      A greeting.

  105.   Patty said

    Good morning Monica! At what age do the raspberries bloom? I have had one for 3 years in my garden, on the ground, and I don't know how much more time it would have when I bought it and it has not blossomed. It is beautiful, very healthy, right now it is sprouting because in winter it loses its leaves.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Patty.
      It depends a lot on the crop and the climate. If the conditions are right it can take 4 years, but sometimes it takes longer.
      The important thing is that it grows. Sooner or later it will bloom.
      A greeting.

  106.   sheila said

    I had to plant a tabachcin outside my house. But now I'm not sure how deep the root hole must be. At most I think it was 50 cm. Do you recommend replanting it? Because I don't want the roots to throw me off the sidewalk. It is 2 meters from the foundations of the house. What I can do?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Sheila.
      I recommend you take it out and plant it somewhere else. Two meters is an interesting distance, but this tree has invasive roots, with a tendency to grow very horizontally.
      If you can plant it at a greater distance, at least three meters, it can grow without causing problems.
      A greeting.

  107.   Crystal said

    Hello, I have a 2-year-old flamboyant that started to flower, but all the leaves fell off and the new ones haven't quite grown. This happened after I cut off the lower branches. What happens and what can I do to develop the leaves? Thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Crystal.
      It could be that he was sick. Just in case, I would recommend treating it with a fungicide, which is a product that will kill fungus.
      By the way, it is very difficult for a flamboyan (Delonix regia) to flower after two years. There is a shrub that looks a lot like it and does bloom very young: Caesalpinia pulcherrima. This is also known as flamboyán.
      Being a Delonix, I can only say congratulations. He will surely recover 🙂.
      A greeting.

  108.   Lourdes ramos said

    Hello, I love my flamboyant tree, it has a height of about 3 meters and abundant beautiful light green leaves, but it is not flowering yet, what can I do to make it bloom, please.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Lourdes.
      Sometimes the plants take a little while to flower. To help you, you can fertilize it in spring and summer with organic compost, such as goat manure for example. You layer it about 3cm thick once a month or every two months, and I don't think it takes long for it to bloom.
      A greeting.

  109.   Lourdes ramos said

    Monica Zanchez, Thank you very much and blessings, I will do it soon, I already got sheep manure, and when it flowers I will send you photos, thank you very much.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      It sure will bloom soon 🙂
      A greeting.

  110.   Rodolfo Hernandez said

    Hi Monica, I have a problem with my tree. I send you a cordial greeting first and tell you that it is a very good page that helped me with information, my tree, has been dry for months, the reason was that my home was only several months and when I arrived it was completely dry in all ways, my question is if this can be reversed since it is a pretty pisteable plant hahaha, really, I want to know how to revive it and in what way I can do it and I thought about going to nurseries to see how I can solve this, my Grandmother planted it, she died and since she passed away peacefully, the plant has ceased to bear fruit, I am her grandson and she comes to live in her house indefinitely and I want you to please give me some advice, thank you, I await your answer.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Rodolfo.
      Thanks for your words.
      The first thing I recommend you do is scratch the trunk a bit: if it is green, there is hope 🙂.
      The next thing is to water conscientiously, soaking the whole soil well, with homemade rooting hormones (here! explains how to obtain them).
      And finally, you have to wait. Water it every two-three days, and see how it reacts.

      Do not fertilize it, since its roots are very weak and will not be able to absorb that amount of nutrients.

      Good luck.

  111.   Xenia said

    Hello, good morning, can you tell me when is the best time to transplant a flamboyant, I have a three-month-old in a pot. Thank you.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Xenia.
      If roots grow out of the drainage holes in the pot, you can easily do so now.
      A greeting.

  112.   Matthias apitz said

    Hello Monica,

    Searching the Internet for advice on how to take care of my Framboyan, I found your Blog. Thank you very much for all the rabbits.

    The little tree of mine in the photo is about 10 years old and I took it from seeds that I had brought from Havana. If you want, you can freely upload the photo to your Blog, since I have the rights. I live in Germany and I cannot plant the little tree outside the home. It is in my office in front of a very large window, yet it has never flourished until today. Yesterday he made some cuts because he was growing like crazy to the ceiling of the office. I put some wooden branches, with green branches, in a glass of water. See if they grow roots.


    Greetings from Munich


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Matthias.
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      Amazing tree that you have at home. He's very, very healthy.
      Congratulations, and good luck with the cuttings.
      A greeting.

      1.    Matthias apitz said

        Hello Monica,

        Thank you for your "flowers" regarding my tree. Do you know what I would have to do to make it flourish? He is almost 10 years old.

        Thank you


        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hi Matthias.
          Where are you from? I am telling you because the flamboyant needs a warm climate throughout the year. In addition, it is necessary that it be watered frequently and fertilized during spring and summer, with manure for example.
          A greeting.

  113.   Lupita Razo said

    Hello Monica
    I live in a temperate climate, Guanajuto
    1 year ago I planted my Framboyán, which was already 1.50 meters tall and had 2 small 10 cm shoots and its very thin trunk, at first it did not sprout, but with care and fertilizer, several new shoots have already emerged, it has not grown much but its trunk It is a little thicker and has several new shoots and 3 branches of approximately 50 centimeters ...
    I want that before it gets leafy it grows more, at least another meter
    So my question is if you recommend cutting the branches that you have on the sides and leaving only a few small ones that you have in the center?

    Greetings and thanks in advance

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Lupita.
      The flamboyant is a tree that is not recommended to prune. Over time, it will by itself thicken the trunk and take on a more or less parasolized shape.
      To accelerate its growth a bit, I recommend you pay it with guano, respecting the dose indicated on the package.
      A greeting.

  114.   Maria Pardo said

    Hello, I am María from Puebla México, I had written to you about five days ago about a cassia fistula, and I appreciate your reply.
    I also have a flamboyan, in Mexico they call it «tabachín». I have about 12 years with this tree; every winter, it is bald, and foliage grows again in spring: But the problem is that it has never flowered. It has always been in a terracotta pot, 60 cm high and 70 cm in diameter. I put a light layer of sheep compost on it, just as you recommended I do with the cassia. Do I keep paying it every month?
    Thanks in advance


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Maria, again 🙂
      Potted flamboyans have a lot of trouble blooming. They are very large trees that need a lot of space. If you can, I recommend planting it in soil where it is sure to flower soon.
      In case of not being able, yes, you must pay it monthly so that it does not run out of nutrients and that it can, one day, flourish.
      A greeting.

  115.   osvaldo said

    Hi and thanks; I have 7 flanboyans in their pots or pots all are beautiful and healthy and all are the same age 4 years but only one has given me flowers and in three weeks they fell off and their branches are not growing. They are all in the same area and I give them the same amount of water and compost that I can do so they do not wilt. I live in florida the seeds of Puerto Rico. What do I have to do?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Osvaldo.
      They may be experiencing a bit of heat now, or they may need a little more water. If the temperature is very high (25ºC or more), it may be necessary to water every two days, and even every day to prevent the soil from drying out.
      In any case, it is normal for one plant to flourish and the others not. It happens very often 🙂. Although they come from the same parents, there are always some who are lazier, or who do not quite like where they are.
      It is a matter of being patient and continuing to take care of them.
      Someday they will flourish.
      A greeting.

  116.   Matthias apitz said

    Hello Monica,

    Thank you for your "flowers" regarding my tree. Do you know what I would have to do to make it flourish?

    Thank you


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Matthias.
      For a flamboyan to flower it needs to have enough space so that the roots can develop as necessary (ideally it is planted in the ground), and that it be fertilized during the warm months, either with universal fertilizers for plants or with organic fertilizers such as guano, manure o humus.
      A greeting.

  117.   Laura González said

    Hi Monica, thank you very much for sharing your valuable gardening knowledge.
    About 10 days ago I transplanted a Flamboyan that I adopted since it was not a candidate to grow in the place where it was born, the tree measures 2 meters and has a foliage .75 meters in diameter, at the time of transplanting, I noticed the leaves and in general sad foliage, today the leaves are completely dry, with a still green trunk. Does this little tree have hope? And what can I do to help you adapt? I live in Guanajuato, Mexico, where it is warm.

    Thank you!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Laura.
      It is normal that it suffers after the transplant, but ... as long as the trunk is green there is hope 🙂.
      I recommend watering it with homemade rooting hormones (here! explains how to get them), and wait.
      A greeting.

  118.   Lupita Razo said

    HELLO Monica, again from Guanajuato, look at my Flamboyan, it is about a meter and a half maybe a little more, its trunk is still thin and to support it and grow as straight as possible, I put a stick on its side, tying it with ribbons, my question is if this does not affect your growth?
    It has 3 ties in different parts of its trunk so that it is right ...

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Lupita.
      No, do not worry. It won't affect, at least not negatively 🙂.
      With the help of the tutor you will be able to grow better.
      A greeting.

  119.   Veronica said

    Hello monica diskulpa kuantas flamboyan seeds should I put x pot?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Veronica.
      It depends on the pot size 🙂. If it is 10,5cm in diameter, I recommend putting no more than 3; if it is smaller 1 or 2.
      A greeting.

  120.   Simon said

    Hello, I have two flamboyans I live in Alicante and last year they were great they will be two meters high, in winter of last year they lost their leaves, and this year only one of them has now started to shoot buds, the other has not and the branches that It has they are turning a very dark color, I would not want it to die they have told me to put it in the brotomax irrigation to see if it sprouts if you could advise me I was very grateful I love this tree and I would not want it to die,
    Thank you very much greetings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Simon.
      Have you checked if it has any plagues? In summer, attacks of mealybugs y White fly, but they could also be affected by trips and Red spider.
      Watering has to be frequent now, preventing the soil from drying out. You can water with brotomax, it is rich in nutrients and will give you strength.
      A greeting.

      1.    Simon said

        Hello Monica, I leave you the links of some photos so that you understand it better for now what I want is to prune it and remove all the branches that are blackening before it reaches the stem, thank you very much, greetings




        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hi Simon.
          Poor tree 🙁 The holes look like some drill caterpillar has made them.
          I recommend treating it with 1% mineral summer oil + methyl paration 35% richness at 0,2%. You soak cotton well, insert it, and then seal the hole with putty or healing paste.
          A greeting.

  121.   Simon said

    Hello Monica, thank you for responding so quickly, if I have looked carefully and you do not have any of those pests, I did see a hole in the upper part of the trunk the other day about five millimeters wide and about five centimeters deep, it is a perfect hole as if it had been drilled with a drill and that before I was not sure, what worries me the most is that the branches are turning very black as if those branches were rotting since every time it is going to more, could you prune it now so that it does not go to more?

  122.   sergio said

    Hello Monica

    I planted the seeds of my flambollan and when they are 3 weeks old I see that one has already dried, it is in pots of about 10 by 15 in diameter with its substrate and watered them every 2 days and in principle I put them in semi-shade, then I changed to a place that gives them direct sun for most of the day, they were born on July 15, and it tells me that something is wrong because one has already dried and tried to water it more but does not react, it is as if it were Drying and the other one is half allergy I put them in the shade and not watered them, I would appreciate it if you could help me, I live in Spain specifically in Barcelona and well I love that tree, and I would appreciate if you could take care of me

    Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Sergio.
      They are probably being infected by fungi. As we are in summer, I recommend you treat them with spray fungicides, so you will avoid losing them.
      Regarding watering, due to the heat it is good to water them every 2 days. 🙂
      A greeting.

  123.   sergio said

    Thank you Monica, I will try to follow your advice, and I put more seeds to germinate to see how, what if I told you that I put copper sulfate and it seems that one is working, I thought about the fungicide, but now I will treat them,

    The specific question is once the seeds have germinated, and I transplant them to pots, should I put them in direct sun or in my shade? I think that at that stage the sun punishes them too much, being the leaves too young,

    I hope you guide me in this monica, a greeting

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Sergio.
      I'm glad it's working 🙂
      Yes, when they germinate put them in semi-shade. In spring, put them in the increasingly direct sun.
      A greeting.

  124.   ALEJANDRA said

    Hi Monica, I'm from Argentina, a frost caught my tree and the part of the trunk is very soft. What I can do?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Alejandra.
      I recommend scratching a bit: if it is green there is still hope and you simply have to protect it with greenhouse plastic until the winter is over. Otherwise, if it is brown or black, nothing can be done anymore 🙁
      A greeting.

  125.   David said

    Dear Monica:

    I would like to know if the flamboyant flourishes when it is cultivated as bonsai.

    Well, I have been in the world of bonsai for 15 years as a hobby and I would like to know if the flamboyant as bonsai flourishes, since because of its beautiful orange flowers I would love to have it as a bonsai, but to start working on it, first I would like to know if it flourishes as bonsai , because if they did not, it would not be the same, it would not be so much pleasure to work it as if they flourished.

    Thank you very much for the reply.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello david.
      Well, I'm just a Bonsai apprentice 🙂, but I have read many times from experienced people that flamboyan has a hard time flourishing if it is worked as bonsai. Perhaps by fertilizing it with fertilizers rich in potassium, it will be possible to get him to finish doing it soon.
      A greeting.

  126.   Lupita said

    Good afternoon:
    I am from Monterrey, Nuevo León and I have a 1-year-old flamboyan, in its first months it grew a lot and became green and beautiful, but in the last two months the branches have dried up and above the leaves it has a kind of brown and white spots, I don't know if it is plague or what it is 🙁 do I have to give it a more special treatment or do I give it up for dead? Normally I would water it every other day, but I read that it could be overwatering, now I water it twice a week, but nothing has changed.
    Thank you very much in advance, I await your response.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Lupita.
      Probably has mealybugs. I recommend treating it with Chlorpyrifos following the instructions specified on the package.
      By the way, if it is very hot where you live (30ºC or more), water it every other day. You will do better 🙂
      Anyway, if you want to share a photo in our telegram group.
      A greeting.

  127.   Itati said

    Hi there! I think that my sneak plant has termites, I would like to know if you could help me solve this problem, they are lifting all the bark and it is already drying, would this affect the plant in something? From already thank you very much!! I don't want him to die 🙁 I scraped the trunk a bit and it's still green but the branches are dry.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Itati.
      You can treat it with Permethrin, which is an insecticide that works by contact and ingestion. To be more effective, pour the recommended dose directly into the irrigation water.
      A greeting.

  128.   Enrique Covarrubias said

    I put the seeds straight to the plateau and I got six franboyan like in a week and they are already big

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello, Enrique.
      Congratulations. I recommend treating them with fungicide so that the fungi cannot harm them, since at this age the seedlings are very vulnerable.
      A greeting.

  129.   José Luis said

    Hello good night, I want to know what could have happened to my tree, I have been with it for about a year and a half, it measures more than 2 meters and from one day to the next the leaves turned yellow and began to fall through entire branches, I am from Monterrey and only the top tips began to sprout and the rest remained pure trunk, I see the trunk as scratched and I do not know whether to continue watering it or flat, nothing can be done, the few twigs are blooming but I do not know if they will endure the winter

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello José Luis
      How often do you water it? You may be thirsty. You have to water it very often during the hot season, about three to four times a week.
      Have you looked if it has any pests on its leaves? Maybe have Red spider, trips o aphids.
      A greeting.

  130.   Mario said

    Good morning, what time of year is the ideal time to plant my 60 cm Flamboyan in the garden that is in a 20-liter bucket that it occupies as a pot, I live in Monterrey NL in advance I appreciate your attention and time.
    Best regards.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Mario.
      You can plant it in spring.
      A greeting.

  131.   David M. said

    Hello they are from Monterrey NL I have 6 small Framboyans recently planted near a fence of a Country House They are 2 meters from the fence.

    How to make it so that when they grow up it does not damage the surrounding fence?

    They also tell me that the Framboyanes shed a lot of leaves and that they create a lot of "dirt" and their falling leaves drown the grass.

    Could you enlighten me about it?

    Thanks in advance.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello david.
      You can make trenches around 60cm deep, and put anti-rhizome mesh, or concrete.
      The leaves of the flamboyans fall throughout the year, as they come out of new ones. What you say about the lawn, no, it is not true. It is often planted near him, look:

      A greeting.

  132.   Peace said

    Hello Monica! First of all, I would like to thank you infinitely for your esteemed collaboration on this blog. I am in love with this tree wonder!
    I am writing to you from Cartagena (Murcia) in Spain. Temperature in winter can drop to -2 or around 2 degrees at dawn and highs from 13 to 15. Summers are hotter around 35. I have 2 flamboyants in the greenhouse and I have 2 questions:
    1- Is this a good time here to make cuttings? If not, what would be the best? I have read above that you put about 40cm, but should I cut the leaves so that they do not dehydrate, leaving the branch peeled? I would put them in the greenhouse until the heat came.
    2- Both are in large pots, they may already be 3 or 4 years old (I took them from seeds) and they will be just over a meter high. Can I risk planting them outside? When should I do it? I can try one and reserve the other. How could you protect them from cold winter nights? The land where I live is more alkaline than acidic, maybe a pH of 8 or more, will you like it? Or would I have to lower it and how?
    Thank you very much!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Paz.
      I answer you in parts:
      1.- In the case of flamboyant, being tropical, I recommend you do the cuttings in spring, just before that spring heat begins. You have to leave him two pairs of leaves, in case he has them.
      2.- I tell you the same. The climate you have is similar to the one I have here, with the difference that in summer we go to 38ºC. So that they can survive better, they must be planted right at the beginning of spring, so they will have 8-9 months of good weather to be able to strengthen themselves. But still, yes, reserve one just in case. Regarding the land, don't worry. But protect them for the first year with a greenhouse plastic.
      A greeting.

  133.   Ignacio said

    Hello Monica, I hope you are well, I tell you that I am still in the race with my framboyan, spring has arrived in Uruguay and they are all sprouting again, almost I do not need to cover them in winter since this winter here in these latitudes was very warm with various summers and unusual high temperatures. My query comes for the pruning, I wanted to cut some branches from below so that the little tree can be assembled, I can do it now that it is spring and by the way I use the cut branches to make cuttings, or I am already out of time, or there is no than prune it to the framboyan and the tree only arms? Thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Ignacio.
      No, the flamboyan as a garden tree is not recommended to prune. He only takes his shape over time.
      A greeting.

  134.   Silvia Alba said

    Hi there! I just adopted one of these trees, you are in a pot and it measures approximately one like 80 cm high, I have 2 probable grapes to plant it, one is the patio of my house but it is a small patio and we already have another tree there and the lowest temperatures They are -5 or in their parents' house but they live in a place where there are temperatures down to -10 degrees or more. Where would it be more convenient to plant it and is it better to wait for the winter to pass?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Silvia.
      The flamboyant does not resist such strong frosts 🙁
      I recommend more to have it in a large pot, where you can have it protected from the cold by wrapping it with plastic for example.
      You can make bonsai too, as explained in this article.
      A greeting.

  135.   Gabriela said

    Hello, I have a framboyan but lately we see that it has on the trunk like a honey that smells horrible and the branches were falling on their own. Sales that could be and if it has a solution. Is 3 years old

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Gabriela.
      Most likely it has an insect inside the trunk. I recommend treating it with borer insecticides that you will find in nurseries.
      A greeting.

  136.   Patricia brunello said

    Hi Monica, good afternoon, I'm writing to you because I just bought a flamboyan. In my area it is spring and almost entering summer (Patagonia Argentina). It is 1,20 meters high. In summer we usually have temperatures of 35 ° or more and in winter we can reach - 5 °. Although I have read that it is very sensitive to cold, I want to do everything possible to acclimatize and thrive. I am going to plant it in a garden that is 36 meters wide by 10 meters deep. I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice when planting it (what compost it needs and quality of soil ... also how many cm underground), and for its care, especially in winter. I have read that they cover them with plastic because beyond covering it from the cold, it retains humidity (I thought that anti-frost fabric was better). I await your comments so that you can help me to make my tree grow fast and strong ... thank you very much! Patricia greets you from the south.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Patricia.
      I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but flamboyan is very sensitive to cold 🙁 Frosts down to -5ºC would kill it, so every year you will have to protect it with plastic and anti-frost cloth.

      Don't worry about the soil: I put one in limestone soil (very compact and poor in nutrients) and it grew without problems until winter came. Of course, it is important to pay it from spring to autumn with organic fertilizers (you can add egg and banana shells, tea bags, herbivorous animal manure, guano,…).

      Greetings and good luck.

  137.   Roger said

    Hello, I am from Monterrey, Nuevo León.
    What would be "cold" for a framboyan?
    twenty??? 20 degrees? 15? 10 ??
    Thanks for the reply.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Rogelio.
      At 10ºC it begins to lose the leaves, and at 0º it is completely without them. At -1ºC your life is in danger.
      A greeting.

  138.   Hernan said

    Hello Monica, good morning, you are about to bring me a Flamboyan from Argentine missions, I live in Buenos Aires.
    Here the temperature ranges between 5 ° and 35 °, in principle I liked the tree for its crown and color, it would be the only one here in my neighborhood, I wanted to plant it in front of my house on the sidewalk.
    The place where it would be planted is between the walkway and the cordon of the street that is 2 x 3 meters.
    My question is if I have to make a concrete bed type perimeter, so that its roots do not extend more, and if it is necessary to prune it so that it does not go so much in height, the idea is that it does not exceed 4 to 5 meters High.
    and when is the right time to transfer it from the pot to the grass.

    thank you very much for your answer
    and I send you a greeting from the land of dulce de leche.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Hernan.
      The flamboyan is a tree that has very invasive roots. So that it can be in that space without causing problems, it will be necessary to dig a hole of 1m x 1m and cover the sides with concrete. Likewise, it will be important to trim the branches at the end of winter so that the crown has a rounded shape.
      The best time to plant it in the ground is in spring.
      Greetings from Spain 🙂

  139.   Mariano said

    Hello Monica, I appreciate the valuable information, two days ago my flamboyan seed germinated, yesterday I put it in a pot. My question is whether I should place it in full sun, taking into account how small the plant is? These days the temperature is 32 35 degrees here. Thank you very much a big hug!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Mariano
      No, for now I recommend more to have it in a very bright area, outside, but without direct sunlight. When the temperatures drop below 30ºC you will be able to get used to the sun little by little and gradually.
      A greeting.

  140.   Mariano said

    Thanks a million Monica!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      A million of nothing 🙂

  141.   Fabian said

    Hello. I have a Chivato as the flamboyan is called in these parts of Entre Rios, Argentina. It grows at a normal rate, I planted it last year with about 50 cm and today it is 2,50 m at a distance of 30 meters, I planted another of the same size that is 3,50 m. It seemed to me a very high growth rate but it did. The smallest in these moments before summer is having a yellow coloration in many of its leaves that appears from the center until finally reaching the youngest leaves. I am concerned because this autumn began its process of leaf fall but now we have not reached summer. What could be because the highest is splendid. Thank you.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Fabian.
      Have you checked if it has any plagues? It would be rare if it had, but do not rule out aphids, trips o Red spider.
      Have you paid it? It may be that a nutrient is missing. I recommend you take it herbivorous animal manure or a little bit of guano.
      A greeting.

  142.   sandra candle said

    my little flamboyan tree gave some balls that ended up being like a dandelion flower! ... is that normal? s
    later will give the flowers ????

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Sandra.
      It may not be a flamboyan. If you can, send us a photo to our Facebook profile to see.
      A greeting.

  143.   Rocio said

    Hello good afternoon, I have a tabachin, they tell me that it is the same as the flambyan but that it does not grow that much, I have been with it for a year, it measures almost 4 meters, but it has not produced a single flower, is this normal? Or how can I make it flourish? I have always loved these flowering trees and it is a bit frustrating a comment that they made me that some are male and that only the female flowers, is this true? Thank you.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Rocio.
      Common plant names sometimes create a lot of confusion.
      The only true flamboyan is the Delonix, which is discussed in the article. There is another that is also known as flamboyan, but it has nothing to do with it, and it is Caesalpinia pulcherrima.
      Both plants flower and fruit without problems. The Delonix can take several years, while the Caesalpinia usually flowers at 2 years or even earlier.
      I recommend you pay it with Organic fertilizers from spring to fall. And to wait.
      A greeting.

  144.   Daniel said

    Hi there! I would like you to guide me… I planted a framboyan tree a year and a half ago… it was barely 50 cm long… and I have always been in love with it, now it is almost 5 meters tall and this huge tree was always green and with all its leaves… about 2 weeks ago under the temperature to 0 degrees and now it is almost without leaves ... he lost them in a matter of days ... and they were still green, I am worried that the tree has not survived and is about to die, a neighbor has one the same but his is still green and with leaves ... that's why my doubt

    the temperature remained 2 weeks below 15 degrees ...

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Daniel.
      Do not worry. He will surely recover. There are trees that, even if they come from the same parents, can be more or less chilly. None is the same.
      Yours, it seems, must not like the fresco very much, but there is nothing to worry about. The 0 degrees hold it well, and more if they already have a certain size as is the case with your flamboyan.
      A greeting.

  145.   Veronica said

    Another trick to overcome the winter is to water the flamboyant with warm water. In winter the most important thing is to keep the substrate warm.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Yes, it is very effective. Greetings Veronica 🙂

      1.    LUPITA, GUANAJUATO said

        Hello, I don't know how I can attach the pictures,

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello Lupita.
          Flamboyan is a cold sensitive plant. When the temperature drops below 0 degrees it loses all the leaves.
          Anyway, you can send us a photo to our Facebook profile.
          A greeting.

  146.   LUPITA, GUANAJUATO said

    Hello Monica,
    I have a one and a half year old franboyan, I am very worried that this winter its leaves have changed color, they turned brown, what catches my attention is that at the top it has very green shoots, but all the Down is like dry, I would not want it to die, what can I do, is it normal for the winter? I consider that it has not been very cold, I am from GUANAJUATO MEXICO, I will try to attach some photographs!

  147.   Beatrice Perez said

    Good afternoon, I have a flamboyant that I planted in desert soil about 10 months ago it lost its leaves almost immediately and then it recovered, but now it lost all its leaves again, I live in Aruba (Caribbean island), the temperature is around 30 + / - All year round, I put fertilizer for bougainvillea, is it possible that this has damaged it?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Beatriz.
      I rather believe that what you need is water. With those temperatures it needs frequent waterings, daily.
      A greeting.

  148.   Nancy said

    Hello, good day, I am worried that my tabachin withstood the winter very well but right now it is losing its leaves and branches, what worries me is that the suckers are not growing well, they curl up, I don't know what I can do, please, I hope you can help me.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Nancy.
      It may be that this reaction is a consequence of the cold. I recommend you water it with homemade rooting agents in order to emit new roots, which will give it strength.
      A greeting.

  149.   Sebastian Quiroz said

    Hello Monica! First I want to congratulate you on the page, because it has been a great help to me to take care of our snitch (flamboyant). I live in Esperanza, Santa Fe, Argentina. Here the winters are increasingly mild, with few frosts. Climate change will have its influence. There are still days, few, of 0 degree, during this time. We have had a snitch for two and a half years, the first winter he spent in a pot, inside the garden greenhouse. We transplanted it to the ground, out of season, and everything adapted quickly and well. The second winter we made it a thermal cover and although it lost its leaves, it continued to grow at a good rate. In spring it recovered its foliage perfectly. This will be his third winter (fourth in his life, he comes from a greenhouse), he is 2,90 meters high. My question is whether or not it would be necessary to protect it again at that size. It is a healthy tree and we have been fertilizing it with earthworm humus every month since December (summer in this hemisphere). I will try to upload photos. Thanks and regards

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Sebastian.
      Just in case, I would recommend protecting it this year too… but no more.
      Let him get a little stronger, and then next year stop 'pampering' him so much.
      A greeting.

  150.   Raul Santiago said

    Hello Monica.
    Last year around August I planted a small 40cm flamboyant on the sidewalk of my house, it grew to 60cm in a month, the cold began and stopped its growth, now it has re-sprouted but the top part has completely dried up. I put triple 17 while it was cold, the heat has already started and it reappeared from the middle more or less and 3 new twigs came out, I cut the dry part of the top and also the two branches and I leave only one? Or what do you recommend?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Raul.
      I recommend you cut everything that is dry. Having suffered from the cold, every living branch counts, even if the tree looks ugly for a while. It is very likely that it will take out new branches this year, which will make it look better 🙂
      Next year he will "rebuild" the cup.
      A greeting.

  151.   Elida Tristan said

    Good day!
    I have a 5-year-old flamboyan, this winter the temperature dropped to about 1 ° in the city where I live and the branches dried up and I opted to prune it, I noticed that it had no buds and spring has already begun. I noticed that the log has small holes that are only visible up close. What could I do? Can I still put something on it so it doesn't die?
    I really like my tree a lot, can you help me please?
    Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Elida.
      You can treat it with an anti-boring insecticide that you can find for sale in nurseries.
      Everything else is patience 🙂
      Good luck.

      1.    Elida Tristan said

        Thanks for your prompt response!
        Yesterday I went once more to check my tree and I saw that a small insect was coming out of the holes.
        Today he bought the insecticide you recommended.

        Greetings from Monterrey, NL Mexico!

  152.   Soraya Mora said

    Hello, I have a tree of fire and it has some white animals like little balls, they are drying me, they are in different parts of the tree and as they accumulate in the branches it seems that the tree is covered with snow.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Soraya.
      They are mealybugs. To eliminate them, they must be treated with an anti-mealybug insecticide sold in nurseries, or with a brush soaked in pharmacy alcohol if the tree is small.
      A greeting.

  153.   Alicia Santoyo Lozano placeholder image said

    Hello, good day, I have a flamboyan, it was beautiful, about 5 meters. approximately, in December there was a strong low temperature and I thought that only the leaves had been burned, we could do it in February and a week after we had pruned it, its bark began to peel off and we realized that it was practically dry, it has a small bud to about 80 cm from the ground, is it convenient to cut all the dry branches before the bud? In advance thank you very much for your attention.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Alicia.
      No, better wait a little longer, until it has sprouted well. Then you can cut the dry.
      A greeting.

  154.   Anthony Hernandez said

    Good Morning.

    I have a 5 meter tall tabachin, it has always been filled with leaves and flowers in each spring looking very lush and beautiful but during the fall of last year, when it began to lose its leaves, I pruned the longest branches, which I have always done, but this time I remove even the small branches leaving only the large and main branches, which I had never done until it was completely hairless. Until now it only has very small shoots that have not grown and very few flowers remain without leaves, I am very concerned about my tree, what can I do about it so that it recovers? I have never had problems due to pests, the tree remains green with only some dry branches that are losing their cover. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Antonio.
      I recommend adding organic compost (herbivorous animal manure, guano, compost ...). A good layer - about 5cm - mixed with the most superficial layer of the soil.
      That way it may be good for you.
      A greeting.

  155.   Mirna Esther Lopez Hernandez said

    Hi how are things! Well, I found your page and you, look at my tree, it was about eight years old in the place where I planted it, but a few months ago it began to dry out, as I did not have the knowledge of each when it changed leaves, I thought it was your season of change, it turns out that all its branches dried up, so I cut them, now I only have the pure stem that is still alive, my question is why could it have dried up, in what way can I recover it? it is a very beautiful tree and I don't want to lose it

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Mirna.
      It's time to be patient 🙂
      In principle, if he is alive there is hope. But until about 3 months have passed, it will not be possible to know if he has recovered or not.
      Water it every 3-4 days, and wait.
      A greeting.

  156.   Cesar Diaz said

    Hi Monica, I'm new to gardening, but when I met these little trees they caught my attention and together with my wife we ​​undertook the task of investigating how to reproduce it, and from five seeds 4 germinated but one by one they dried up. and now we are only left with one, the little plant is a month old and since it germinated we have not exposed it directly to the sun. My question is, is that why in these last days the leaves fell as if he were sad? o Why do you think this condition is occurring. I thank you for your attention and I hope you can help me to achieve the tree.

    Greetings from Jalisco, Mexico.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Cesar.
      Trees in their earliest infancy (and still 1-2 years old) are highly vulnerable to fungal attack. To avoid problems, they should be treated regularly with fungicides, or sprinkled on the soil with copper or sulfur. In this way, they will be able to get ahead.
      A greeting.

  157.   Ibeth Wong said

    I have a framboyan that I planted last November, but I want to move it, will it be a good time to do it? Before it grows more it has to measure like 1.80 meters more or less.
    Dig about 80cm deep and I put a bottomless tub with a pvc tube so that water reaches the root ... a few days ago I saw that its leaves turn yellow ... is it because of the heatwave? I live in Monterrey

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Ibeth.
      Yes, heatwave can affect young trees a lot, and more if they have been planted for a short time.
      You can move it around at the end of winter.
      A greeting.

  158.   waldo said

    Hello… I live in Vieques, Puerto Rico. I have 3 healthy of this spice, all light red. Only one has appeared to him as a white veil on the trunk. I can't see any insects creating it.
    Do I spray it? with what?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Waldo.
      I recommend treating it with a fungicide, which is a product for fungi.
      I hope it gets better.
      A greeting.

  159.   IGNACIO said

    Good morning Monica, I never write comments, but I really like how you help those of us who have no idea.
    I live in a small town in Valencia (Spain), and in May I bought a Flamboyant in a nursery in France. It is planted in a large pot, but on a terrace facing northeast. In summer I have direct sun on the terrace and in winter I don't , only in the afternoon, in a corner.
    The temperature is Mediterranean, it never usually freezes, in fact this year we have not dropped below 5ºC, but it is true that I am quite windy.
    I tell you,…, the tree arrived with three branches and leaves and a height of approx. 1mt… ..it was a bit of pain. I transplanted it with substrate, perlite and humus and in three months I doubled the size in height and width. It was beautiful, incredible how beautiful and large it was made (always without flower). A month ago and I think that mainly due to the strong wind, it has lost all the leaves. It is completely peeled. I want to think that in spring it will sprout again. I water it with warm water. Is it advisable now to cut a branch for cutting? Do you think it is normal that it has lost all the leaves?
    Anyway, thank you very much in advance.
    Greetings and see you soon

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Ignacio.
      Yes it's normal. Do not worry. Anyway, look to protect it for example with a anti-frost mesh (They sell in amazon, but also in nurseries). It is light, inexpensive, good to put on and very practical, as it protects from the cold.

      I would also advise you to add two small tablespoons (of the coffee) of nitrofoska, every 15 days. This will help keep its roots warm, which will help the tree to thrive.

      And for the rest ... to wait.

      If you have any further questions, ask. 🙂

      A greeting.

  160.   IGNACIO said

    Monica, thanks for the speed, I'll cut off a branch and make a clone, to see if it takes for next spring.
    And I will do what you have told me.

    I'll tell you how it worked for me.

    See you soon

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Good luck 🙂

  161.   Naomi Drink said

    Hello Monica, I have two Flamboyan, 3 years old in a pot, this summer a feathery flower came out in both of them that I don't know if it is a flower, and then from there some beans came out that are growing in size and taking ocher color, they would be the seeds, The question is whether it is correct for the beans to come out first and then one day the expected red ones will bloom ??, or does it blend in with the plant that they have nearby, which is made of papyrus? I put the pots in the shelter of that plant in winter. (which gives a kind of flower with feathers). regards

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Noemi.
      Plants can only be crossed with others of the same family. For example, in the case of the flamboyan, its family is Fabaceae, so it could only be crossed with other Delonix, as well as Caesalpinia, Cassia, Robinia, and some more.

      Resolving your doubt, after pollination, the petals fall and the legume is formed with the seeds. If the petals have not fallen, or not all, it is very rare, but I do not think they take long to fall.

      a greeting

  162.   Jason said

    Greetings, could you recommend places in Puerto Rico where I can find Flamboyans in locations where greenery abounds and looks quite attractive, which I can take a few pictures of?

  163.   Valeria abigail said

    Hello Monica
    I have a large Flamboyan, about 10 meters, but it has never flowered. It does produce enough leaves, but never flowers, which seems very strange to me because I have seen that in my city these trees always bloom a lot. Do you know what could be causing that?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi valeria.
      You may need some compost, or your time has not yet come
      In any case, if you don't, I would recommend adding organic compost from time to time, such as cow manure for example.
      This way it will have much more strength and will bloom sooner or later.
      A greeting.

  164.   Jeremiah Perrone said

    Dear!. I am a Flamboyan lover ... I am ARGENTINE, but every year I bring seeds from my beloved Cuba. I managed to germinate several, and I continued with the growth of one, which is already 3 years old, changing pots !. It has approx. 1,5 meters high and it is beautiful… but I want to pass it to EARTH… and I don't know WHAT TIME TO DO IT.
    I live in the interior of Argentina (Córdoba) where I have winters of -1 or -2 degrees of minimum (in the middle of July) and hot summers of up to 40 °. The tree survived perfectly, but in the cold months of JUNE-JULY I have always had it in bright interiors!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Jeremias.
      The flamboyant is a tree that does not withstand frost, and must be planted on the ground in spring when the temperature is around 20ºC or so.
      Good luck 🙂

  165.   paul said

    Hello, I have some flamboyan seeds, but the climate of my city is somewhat hostile, in winter the minimum temperature reaches -1 "at night" (up to -3 in extreme nights) in the rest of the year it fluctuates 5 degrees (at night), and during the day it ranges between 14 - 16 degrees in winter, and in summer between 15 - 19 degrees …… ..my question goes in what things would I have to do to acclimatize to the surroundings of my city the flamboyan ???

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Paul.
      The flamboyan does not resist frost. From experience I can tell you that up to -1ºC, or -1,5ºC it can bear them as long as that temperature rises quickly above 0 degrees, but the ideal is that it is not so cold.

      To help it prosper you must pay it in spring and summer with fertilizers such as guano, which is rich in nutrients and very fast effective. And when it drops below 10ºC, protect it with anti-frost fabric or in a greenhouse.

      Good luck.


  166.   Adrian Velazquez said

    Hello, good morning, my framboyan is falling, the leaves are turning yellow and falling, what do you recommend to put on it, it already has a height of 2 meters in advance, thank you very much

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Adrian.

      Are you in the northern or southern hemisphere? I ask you because if you are in winter, or if it has already started to be cold in your area, it is normal for the leaves to fall if the temperature drops below 10ºC.

      If not, the irrigation may not be adequate. How often do you water it? In general, if the weather is very hot (temperatures of 30ºC or more) and dry, you have to water it about 3 or even 4 times a week.


  167.   Gustavo Couple said

    Hi Monica, your note about the Flamboyan is very interesting and illustrative, I just have one question. I have a seed sprout of about 3/4 months in a pot, I am not sure if it should go directly to the sun or should I take care that it is not like that?
    From already thank you very much.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Gustavo.

      Thank you, and I'll tell you: the flamboyan seedbed can be put directly in the sun, so that when the seeds germinate they grow from the beginning exposed to direct light.

      In your case, as it has already germinated, you have to gradually accustom it to the sun, to prevent it from burning.


  168.   Isabel Grino said

    Good morning,
    I have a flamboyant since about 10 years ago, it hasn't bloomed yet but it's ok.
    The only thing is that for about 6 months, it has like transparent and sticky drops. Is it from the tree itself or is it some kind of pest?
    I would appreciate your comments.
    Thank you very much and greetings
    Isabel Grino

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello isbael.

      Perhaps they are from the tree itself, the sap.
      But look at the leaves to see if they have any kind of plague.
      Or send us some photos to our Facebook if you want.


  169.   Daniela said

    . Jessica I've been around for a week now and I don't see that the root causes I have to wait any longer or what I can do, or how long it takes

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Daniela.

      It may take two to three weeks. Greetings!

  170.   Juliet Quiroz said

    Very interesting, I loved it a thousand thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Thank you very much, Julieta.

  171.   Claudia Rodriguez said

    Hello, I have a large franboyan, this year it has rained a lot and instead of being very green, every day it has more yellow leaves, what could it be?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Claudia.

      What is the soil in which it is planted like? I mean, do puddles form when it rains a lot? If this is the case, the roots have a hard time, whether it is in a pot or in the ground.

      So, my advice is to apply a fungicide that contains copper, because fungi appear when the soil is very wet and the roots are delicate.

      And wait to see. I hope he recovers.


  172.   manyabrocoli said

    In my case I had no problem growing from seed, and it is already 10 years old !!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Great, it sure must be a nice tree by now 🙂

  173.   sandy said

    hello!! I live in Argentina and I planted a flamboyant seed and it has been three years but it does not bloom, only a kind of white pompom comes out, could it be that there is no other tree nearby that pollinates it??? Why won't it bloom? I appreciate your response

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Sandy.
      Are you sure it's a flamboyant? If you want send us a picture through Facebook, it is very rare. Greetings.

  174.   Alice Mabel said

    Thanks for the info yesterday I googled because a friend sent me who knows that I like rare plants that are not seen in my country Argentina she ISO a visit to Mexico and I think she brought it from there I have only one seed because the other one is it tell my friend x if i have no luck in its germination

  175.   Bernard said

    Good afternoon Monica,
    I have 3 Flamboyán trees of about 40 cm. They are potted and great at the moment. In 2 or 3 years I plan to transplant them to land. I am in Malaga, about 30 km from the coast, but I see and have the influence of the sea. In winter at night it can go down, not every night and at most up to 5 ºC. I have 3 questions (I have read all your articles, thank you): 1) You say to treat them, preventively, with fungicide during the first 2 years: with what type of fungicide, quantity and frequency, please?
    2) You mention protecting them with plastic in winter: transparent plastic I suppose? I don't see how to place it without suffocating the tree... For a small tree of 60 cm, for example, up to what height? What distance is left between the tree and the plastic? Is it fixed to some stakes planted in the ground, 3 or 4 around? (I've never done it…) Does it take off during the day if it's sunny? ETC…
    2) Transplantation: With its "Superficial and invasive" root system I have thought of a "solution": When transplanting it in the middle of the ground, dig a deep hole, 2 meters and fill it with a mixture of compost/soil from the ground (removing the stones, it is a land of olive trees…) at 50%. This way the roots will go to look for the water in depth. You could even put a tube from the surface to almost the bottom, at 1,80 m., to "introduce" the irrigation water, the tree would "feel" the presence of the water in depth and go looking for it...?
    I hope I don't seem too uneducated in this domain and I thank you in advance for your responses.
    a greeting
    Will I receive a direct reply to my email?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Bernard.
      I tell you:

      1.- Systemic fungicide spray. You have to throw them all over the place, give them a »good bath«, from time to time. I throw them out once a month or so; it should not be abused. Of course, apply them in the afternoon, when the sun no longer gives them.
      2.- With these temperatures it is not necessary to put a plastic on them. With a anti-frost fabric it will be more than enough (they sell it on amazon, although you may find it in nurseries too). You have to wrap the plant as if it were candy. This fabric is breathable, so the plant can breathe without any problem.
      3.- Yes, I would feel it, as it grew, but... now that they are young, would you water them with a hose or something, right? I ask this more than anything because otherwise, today, they would dry up if they didn't receive water.

      A greeting!