Flowers to eat

Flowers to eat

The flowers are also eaten. So, if you like to try new gastronomic experiences, if you are attracted to exotic recipes or you are a vegan or a declared vegetarian who is looking to expand your list of cooking ingredients, this article will interest you, because we are going to show you a list of comestible flowers and some proposals so that you can prepare them with all the flavor, taking advantage of the nutrients that they will contribute to your diet. 

From basil to roses, violets, Nasturtium and calendula or borage. There is flowers to eat which, in addition to giving flavor and aroma to your dishes, will provide that decorative touch of color. Because flowers are elements that give a lot of play regardless of the use you give them. They brighten your favorite corners, fill spaces with energy, aromatize a place and add freshness and romanticism to a decoration. 

Furthermore, we cannot forget its healing properties, which are many, since all these species of flowers that we have named are beneficial for health, to the point that they are used as natural remedies to cure various ailments.  Do you want to know more about edible flowers? We tell you everything about them and, when you finish reading this post, you will want to go buy them for your pantry. Your mouth will water with our recipes.

Basil, aromatic par excellence

Flowers to eat

La basil is one of aromatic plants par excellence and one of the most used in the kitchen to flavor popular dishes such as pasta, sauces or some pizzas. In addition to its excellent gastronomic qualities, this plant is a good idea to have at home because it can serve as relief from problems such as gases, stomach heaviness and intestinal cramps. It can also help us when we suffer nausea and bad taste in mouth

These green leaves with such an intense aroma are also used to improve respiratory problems such as flu, colds or bronchitis and even with emotional effects, such as for calm nerves and anxiety and help us sleep better. And even for lower the tension.

As for cooking, basil is used to pasta, sauces and pizzas as we have said, but it is also added to soups, creams, Rice dishes, meats and vegetables cooked in all possible ways. 

A very famous recipe that is finger-licking good is that of the salsa pesto, which you can prepare to accompany pasta dishes. 

Cook roses to decorate and sweeten your presentations

Flowers to eat

If you have a rose bush on hand or you love roses and you like to have them at home to make a thousand inventions with them, the possibilities they offer you are multiple. On the one hand, you can prepare rose water, rose-scented bath salts, oil to cleanse and soothe your delicate skin, infusions to lose weight, relax the body and improve digestion, or use them in the kitchen. 

If what you are interested in are roses to eat, you can prepare jams, sauces, smoothies with them or use the frosty rose petals to decorate your homemade pastries. These petals are very easy to prepare, painting each petal with beaten egg white and coating them in sugar. Place them separately on a tray with baking paper and bake them at 30 degrees for 10 minutes. You can finish by painting the edges with melted chocolate.

For the sauce, you can add them to sweet sauces such as strawberry jam or macerate with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, cinnamon and rose water. 

If what you want is rose jam, let the petals marinate in lemon juice for at least an hour and, after this time, cook with sugar and water until the jam forms, stirring constantly. You can use this jam to accompany sweets, to spread on bread or with cheese boards to create a contrast of flavors.

Another option is to prepare a rose shake, known as Lassi, which is prepared with strawberries, yogurt, dates or coconut sugar, cardamom and rose water. 

More flowers to eat: violets

Flowers to eat

Due to its delicate flavor, violets are used for sweet recipes or for flavor infusions. You can also eat the leaf in salads and soups. If you love sweets with an exotic touch, add violet to ice creams, sorbets, compotes and preserves. There are also violet candies, which have their aroma and usually have the shape of the flower. 

All the Violets They help expel mucus, which is why it is highly recommended when you suffer from respiratory problems. In addition, it is antidepressant and helps reduce tension. They are also used to relieve headaches and heal sores or ulcers. 

Edible flowers in small bites: the Nasturtium

Flowers to eat

La Nasturtium you can eat it in salads and sauces. Do not abuse them because they have a very intense and spicy flavor. In cooking it can be used to replace watercress or capers. 

Those who are not afraid of its flavor prepare it in a tortilla, or with a filling, choosing in this case the largest specimens to introduce some soft filling such as cheese or guacamole. 

Alternatively add nasturtiums to salads. If the flavor of the plant attracts you but its spiciness puts you off, you can counteract it by adding sugar or honey, as this combination is exquisite, especially when eaten fried.

Like borage water and much more

Flowers to eat

La borage It is diuretic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant. The stem and leaves are eaten when they are very soft. The most complex thing is removing the hairs that cover it, because otherwise, it is very easy to prepare as edible flower. The leaves taste a little bitter, compared to the flowers that have a sweet flavor. 

Of great nutritional wealth, borage has a high calcium and fiber content. You can eat them in salads. It can also be prepared as part of a refried dish, incorporated into soups and legume stews, in tortillas, scrambled eggs and rice dishes. 

We are sure that, from now on, you will really enjoy these comestible flowers and you will start trying various recipes flowers to eat, given the great qualities that these foods have and contribute to our diet. 

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